Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wednesday Workout Update

Last week, my running got a little messed up because of stormy weather; I ran Monday and Tuesday, and then didn't get to run again until Sunday!  And while I can, and have, run in the rain many times, it's a no go when lightening and thunder are happening.  So I don't know if it's because I went so long between runs, or if it was just a rough run, but dang - that run was a challenge.  My calves were super tight the entire time; I should have been using my BFF Buffer during the week, but I spaced out and forgot about using it since I wasn't up and running.

We ended up running on Sunday because another storm was supposed to roll in during the early morning hours on Saturday; when I heard thunder booms around 5:45 am on Saturday morning, I was glad that we'd already made the decision to push the run back a day, when the weather was supposed to be clear.  It's a nice benefit of running with a small group - less people are impacted if you change up long run days.  I ran with Diane, which was good - we chatted as we chugged uphill for the first two miles (who designed this route?!  oh yeah, that would be me).  We set out to do 6 miles, but I guess we had a little bit of spring break fever (it had just started in our town) and we ended up only running 4.3 miles.  And we were fine with that.  Sometimes, you just have to know when to call it.  Of course, Diane will be running a half marathon this coming weekend, so she was in taper mode; I was simply in lazy mode.

Once everyone came in, we went to Blue Baker; we had a great time there but if you can believe this, not only did we not get any extra goodies from the bakers (mainly, I suspect, because our guys weren't there, this being Sunday, different staff were working), but I didn't buy a cinnamon twist either!  That was an accident; I plead runner's brain.  Amazingly, we survived a day without baked goods.


I had an early appointment on Monday morning, so I couldn't run - well, I could have, but with the time change, there was no way I was waking up at what my body thought was 3:45 am...I'm not that dedicated!  I ran yesterday with Jeff - he's off this week, so we went to a park for a 3.5 mile run that included enough elevation changes to challenge my still-tight calves.

Then we went to Blue Baker for breakfast, and split a cinnamon twist.  And all was right in my little world:


  1. I think it's fine to have a week like that every once in a while - your body probably appreciates the rest even if you feel restless. I hope you and Jeff have many good runs in good weather this week!

  2. I don't run in thunder and lightning either, can be very dangerous so smart decision.

    Our time changes next weekend but the time is going 1 hour forward (we go backwards in Autumn) and we will have longer daylight at night. But I never have to adjust to the time change. I have only been to the States once but I remember that I didn't have a jetlag back then either.

    That cinnamon twist looks so good!

  3. Times like that just happen. Especially if the schedule is a squidge off. Your body knows your schedule and doesn't always want to cooperate!

  4. Ahhh. Now all is right in my world too! I was getting worried when you skipped the cinnamon twist on Sunday. Oh, and 4.3 miles doesn't seem all that lazy in my world!

  5. That is a huge cinnamon twist. That was always my pick at the donut shop when I was a kid. I was caught out in horrific lightning once...never again. I wouldn't feel bad about missing runs last week. We have to be able to adapt, right?

  6. Oh I love a good thunderstorm! We don't get them often here. Sorry it messed up some of your running plans!

  7. I am back to Chicago weather - while it's 50 degrees with 25 mph winds it feels like 41, and tonight is down to 36 - miss the Texas weather for sure!

    But right now all I want is one of those cinnamon twists! :D


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