Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday Mishmash

My kids gave me a Keurig for my birthday, which was several months ago.  I don't use it every day, but I do use it often, and I love it.  On Tuesday morning, I went to make a cup of coffee and barely any water came out.  Ack!  I called their customer service, who couldn't have been nicer, but guess what?  You're supposed to clean it once a week, using an orange disc that was included in the packaging.  How did I miss that?  I'm pretty sure the box and all the packaging is still in our attic so I'll have to retrieve that magical cleaning disc, but in the meantime, the CSR walked me through cleaning it with a bobby pin and now it works perfectly once again.  I'm usually pretty good about taking care of my stuff, so the fact that I completely glossed over the cleaning part probably attests to how excited I was to get the machine up and running and COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE!


I'm suffering from a little bit of knitting distraction - not only do I have several projects going at the same time, but I have some knitting homework that I need to do by the beginning of November.  It's all good, but I keep flitting from one thing to the next...and with the knitting homework I needed, of all things, some "crochet string" which flummoxed me, until I remembered the giant tub of yarn goodies that my friend Erica had bestowed on me a couple of years ago.  There were a couple of items that I wasn't sure what to do with, but had stowed them away, and sure enough:
Crochet string!

I also need to knit up several swatches, and while I was looking for some suitable leftover yarn, I came across a couple of skeins of baby-colors yarn, which made me have to go searching for patterns for it.  I found a cute little baby vest, but then read that the yarn pills a lot, so maybe I won't bother using it.  Whatever the case, I don't need to go down that path right now...and yet, I can't help but be several projects ahead in my mind.
Yarn in I use it and risk a finished product that pills, or do I donate it?

Along with the crochet string, I also need to bring a pair of 14-inch straight knitting needles.  Now, I almost never knit on straights (I use circulars, even when I'm not knitting in the round), so I ordered a pair.  I swear, I could have a sword fight with these, they're so long:
Good thing I'll be checking a suitcase - I don't think the TSA would let me on an airplane with these in my bag!

So thanks to my distracted mind, I haven't finished any projects.  I have half a shawl, half a baby hat, and 3/4 of a sock done:
If I were a student, I'd be getting an "incomplete" grade right about now...

I wouldn't be surprised if I get both of these finished by the end of today.  And you shouldn't be surprised to hear that I have more socks planned...I mean, why not?  I have the yarn!


At the gift shop where I volunteer, we carry a lot of candy and snack food.  I sell that stuff all day long and am rarely tempted, which is a good thing, right?  Yesterday I worked my shift and came home for a late lunch, and wouldn't you know it, I suddenly wanted candy in the worst way.  I don't keep it at home for obvious reasons, but I was really kicking myself for not getting that craving earlier, when I could have bought a treat.  I'm sure it was for the best, but dang, that Baby Ruth was calling me big time!


We only (HAHAHAHA) have to run 9 miles tomorrow.  The temps won't be as nice as they were for last week's 10 miler, but the humidity has eased up a bit, so all in all, it shouldn't be too much of a swampy sweatfest.  And really, this is why I run:
It's what my friends do - and if I didn't run, I wouldn't get to see them!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Somehow I missed that you're going somewhere you need to check a suitcase but have fun lol!

    I don't have a Keurig at home because $$. Mr. Helen and I drink nearly a full pot of coffee every day - can you even imagine that cost with a Keurig? Still every time I have a get together I think it would be nice to have one to offer people an assortment of coffees.

    1. I'm going to a fiber fest in November! And in order to check that suitcase, I need to buy one...the airlines beat my old one up so badly over the last couple of years, and on our trip to NM, they tore off a wheel. It's a racket, I swear.

      When Jeff is home, we drink a pot of coffee, but when he travels, I brew one or two cups with the Keurig and I'm satisfied.

  2. You will have to tell us readers
    about this trip of yours that requires the crochet thread and straight needles.

    I use circular needles too now for everything my straight needles sit
    unused and unloved.I understand the jumping around with knitting projects and having a
    hard time finishing any one of them. Currently I am working on completing the finishing/seaming
    of my cardigan if it turns out well I will take a pic and post to my revelry
    acct. I will let you know since you asked in the past. I got tired of how
    my pink baby blanket was turning out so I frogged it which takes a while
    since it was made with a pound of yarn now I am working on a wee baby
    hat. I think I am sticking with quick projects for a while no promises though.

    Good luck on your 9 miles tomorrow hope it goes well no matter what
    the weather does.

    1. I'm with you on the quick projects! Looking forward to seeing your finished sweater.

  3. Love that last sentence!

    We have an espresso machine and I clean it every 2 weeks. It is not working properly: it takes too long to warm up. It might be cleaned on the inside but I can't get there. Hopefully it won't break down.

    Have fun tomorrow!

  4. I wonder if that is why our Keurig broke, too! I had not idea. Wow!

    What's the knitting homework for? It's funny you mention that about the straight needles and an airplane - I was surprised I could bring some to Mexico (in my backpack)! They were more concerned about my tiny scissors, though.

    Have a great run, and weekend!

    1. I'm taking some knitting workshops at a fiber fest in November - I guess coming to the workshops already prepared to dive right in to the lesson without having to knit up a working swatch saves time?

  5. I am with Helen - I must have missed a plane trip in your future too! Good luck on your run - I'll be watching the Chicago Marathon on t.v. - in my pajamas drinking coffee :D Sadly our high is going to be 75 on Sunday and I worry about the inexperienced runners running in that "heat" considering it's been in the low 50s every morning.

    1. Oh dang, too bad that the weather is going to be warm for the marathon! One of our former running club peeps (he moved) will be running that race!

  6. On the yarn that pills--its so pretty, and if its for a baby, aren't they going to outgrow it before it has a chance to pill?

    The baby hat with the cable is so cute!

    The candy craving. That's one of those times where you can see how your environment can play a big role in what you eat and don't eat. Did the craving go away, or did you have to "take care of it?"

    Hope your run tomorrow is as good as last week's!

    1. OK, see, that was my thinking on the baby item... :)

      Last night we ended up having to take care of that craving via a quick trip to the convenience store. Was tasty, but wasn't as good as I thought it should be.

  7. Fiber fest sounds fun! I bet you would like our fiber tour here. It is a weekend thing and you go to all the farms that create wool and yarn from their animals. I keep meaning to go on it just to see, but haven't yet.

    I wouldn't know anything about having mutiple unfinished projects going on....

  8. OMG, the tub of yarn! I'm glad it keeps on giving! LOL

  9. I just recently saw that you can now get SOUP in K cups now!!!
    I'm the same way with candy. I don't buy it for home but then when someone has it at work I try it then I am hooked. That is how I discovered my love of sour patch kids. Never had them before this summer, now I crave them once in a while!

  10. Just goes to show how I am not a knitter - you said fiber fest and I immediately thought *dietary fiber* - OMGosh - that would be and interesting weekend, now, wouldn't it? And an interesting flight home...

    Good luck on your 9-miler! I have my 8th half-marathon tomorrow and feel woefully under-prepared for it. Projected temps in the mid-50s and rain in the forecast, it could be ugly. But I'll earn enough calories for a nice breakfast, so there is that!


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