Wednesday, April 1, 2015

WWU, and What's Next

Thank you all so much for the sweet comments on Monday's post - I got to bask in my post-race goal accomplishment a little longer every time a new comment notification would pop up.  So happy you guys could come along for the ride with me on this one...or maybe it was more like a roller coaster...but either way, we did it!!

My legs were more tired after the race than I expected - I guess that extra 20ish seconds of speed per mile, compared to the three miler I did earlier in the week in preparation, took more out of me than I realized.  And there probably was a little adrenaline going on, as well.  I pretty much lazed around for most of the weekend, and by the time Monday rolled around, I was feeling good and ready to run again.

Now that Cary has recovered from her knee issues (not caused by running, weirdly enough), she wanted an accountabilibuddy to make sure she got back on track with a running schedule, so she came over to run with Jeff and I (Julia has school testing this week and her schedule didn't work for the run).  Color me surprised when both Cary and Brian hopped out of her car - I never get to run with Brian, ever.  He's too fast.  So this was just plain fun...Jeff and Brian had run six miles on Sunday, so they were both content to hang with Cary and I as we did 2:1 intervals.  Lots of talking and joking ensued as we zipped through three miles; at the end, I realized it was Brian's birthday and tried to get him to run his age (which would have kept him out there a wee bit longer...let's leave it at that), but he said he felt 30, so he was content to keep it at three miles.  Cary is still easing back into running, hence the intervals, but I will say that when we were running, we were running pretty fast.

We ran again on Tuesday (minus Brian)...Cary and I decided we were OK with going a little farther, so we ran 3.5 miles.  All three of us were a little less energetic during this run - I don't know if it's doing back-to-back runs like that or what, but we were a little slower for this one.  Still, we ran 6.5 miles in 24 hours, which was good, because of what's next on our race agenda.

What's next:  We have the Cap10K in Austin on April 12th - yikes!  A distance that I am underprepared for, to say the least.  And the first two and a half miles are mostly uphill...again, yikes!  But this looks like it will be a fun event, which is why we all decided to do it.  It's the largest 10K in Texas, and one of the oldest - this will be the 38th year for it.  Cary and I are going to run 2:1 intervals (when I'm not walking up those hills, haha).  It'll be a mini JFR Crew reunion and should be a fun weekend.

After that, we have two local 5K races - the first one is the Rock the Casa, which will mark Loretta's return to racing after hip surgery last fall - we'll be running it with her at whatever pace she sets.  The following week, we'll do the Run For Remembrance at the fire training field.  By then it will be the end of April and will likely be warm and muggy, so who knows what I'll end up doing for that one.

I'm going to try and keep up with running three miles without stopping, but I also want to get a little faster, so I think I'll do one run/week where I set the slow pace alert on my Garmin and run a mile, then take a few minutes break, then repeat the process.  Sort of a longer version of speedwork.  I still want to take it easy and not push it on the long distances - this is our off season, and I think my body could use a break from too much running. 


  1. If you can do 4 miles at a time you can do the 10K. Might not be able
    to run the whole distance but I have no doubt you can walk/run the 6+
    miles. You are a strong trained athlete after all!:) For now I have let go
    my jog/walk routine and regularly walk for exercise much easier on the
    ole bod. You'll do fine we are living vicariously through you thanks for sharing
    with us!

  2. Just prepare for a run/walk interval on the 12th and you will be fine. I wouldn't train extra since it's only in 2 weeks. Just go and see what happens and how you feel.

    The way I see it, this is your best running year yet because you have hardly issues with your legs, you listen to your body and just enjoy running. Keep it up for the rest of this year.

  3. I totally agree with what Susan said. Not to mention your half marathons. You'll be surprised that your body remembers 6.2 miles. Just bite it off a chunk at a time and you'll be good!!

    I'm happy for Cary and Loretta. I so understand be laid off from running and just wanting to get back to it. Lucky them that they have all of the JFR crew to help!

  4. Wow, that is a lot of races in a row. The social-ness of your running is such a big factor--in the best possible way! I am the exact opposite--gotta get in, get it done, get out. There are a group of ladies who walk and talk in the pool. I say "hi" to them and just keep on going. I don't feel lonely or unfriendly. I just don't want to talk while I'm exercising. Anyway, your upcoming races sound like fun events. Just enough to challenge you without being too much. Once the mugginess starts, that would be the end of racing for me! I know. that comment has a lot of validity, coming from a person who's never raced once in her life :)

  5. The Capitol 10K will be a blast! My dad and his running buddies ran it all the time back in the day!! Lots of costumes and craziness (I imagine it's a lot like Bay to Breakers!)! That's AWESOME!

  6. At least those hills are in the first part of the race and you can get them over with :D

  7. The weather has been too pretty to not run in! All too soon, it will feel like 110 degrees. Good luck on the Cap10...Dayna & I will be running the Blue Bell 10K. Keep up the awesome work, & you will be speeding through those miles like nothing!

  8. Here's a chance to bask again with my delinquent, but heartfelt congratulations on achieving your goal! How interesting that when you let it go, so to speak, your inner Shelley rose up to claim it. Good for you!

  9. Good luck on the Cap10. I have just stumbled on to your blog and it is very inspiring. I am starting (again) on my weight loss journey and hope to become a runner soon.

  10. You know I love Austin! Good luck in the 10k.

  11. Go get 'er in that Cap 10! You ARE a running ninja!!!!!

  12. I love how you have such a supportive group of runners who will alter their pace to fit the situation for someone else.


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