Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wednesday Workout Update

Ahhh, running has been so fun lately!  I'm really enjoying the shorter distances, the cold weather, the camaraderie of my running peeps, and the challenge of pushing myself for a few miles.  Even now, I sometimes have a hard time believing that I enjoy exercising - me, the person who wouldn't even go for a walk back when I first started losing weight!


I've had two weeks of my new running routine, and it's going well.  I'm not breaking any speed records, but I am running either without stopping, or with just one or two short walking breaks.  Right now, I'm focusing on endurance first, with pace a distant second.  With that in mind, I was surprised to discover after last Saturday's 3 mile run that my average pace was faster than the previous week, plus mile 3 was nearly an entire minute faster than mile 1 - check it out:
What was different from one week to the next?  Well, the first week I ran solo, but the second week, I ran with Julia.  Maybe she helped pace me faster?  Maybe I'm getting a little more used to running without stopping?  Although, I will say that I needed my one-minute walk breaks between each mile, and I had a side stitch going for the last quarter-mile of that run, so it's not exactly easy for me to do this...yet.  But I'm making progress, and I think I'll hit my first goal of running the Armadillo Dash 5K on March 1st with only a quick stop at the water station.  My second goal is finishing that race in under 40 minutes.  Will it happen?  Stay tuned!


  1. YES IT WILL HAPPEN! I know it will.

    Great progress but the best part: you are enjoying yourself and your having fun. For me: best part of this post and so motivating for me!

  2. Ha ha I am laughing at your chart. You the non-math, non-statistical person. Who knew all it would take is tracking running paces to get you going lol!!

  3. You sound so happy with running and having a great time! :D

  4. Great progress Shelley! I agree sometimes running others does make us pick up the pace a little.

  5. That is looking VERY good! And its so fun to hear you talk about enjoying exercise!

  6. I know it will happen!! Great job! :D

  7. Isn't it funny how change happens without us even knowing it sometimes? We just keep going and one day we realize we're faster, stronger, better, etc. than we were before. Love that.

    I have no doubt you'll break that 40-minute mark, if not this time, then the next. You're just accomplished that way. :)


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