Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Mishmash

If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, then you are probably aware that I really enjoy spending time with my kids - yes technically they're adults, but they'll always be kids to me, especially when we have adventures like this:
Much laughter ensued as we tried to fit the chair into the car - of all the times we'd like for something from Ikea to be in a flat box, this was one of them!

Eventually Sam made it fit into his little car (a Ford Fiesta), but someone had to stay behind at Ikea while they brought the chair home.  I volunteered - hey, more time to browse, plus I didn't have to haul it up the stairs.  And at least it was ready to go once we got it home...just attach the legs and voila!
Cute, right?  Plus, the chair was on clearance!  Right now we've all been fighting taking turns over who gets to sit in it.

Along with helping the kids get everything into place, I've been hanging pictures.  Only this time, I'm using a new toy that my dad recommended for Sam to help hang his entertainment center - a laser level.  WHERE HAS THIS THING BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!?  It's changed the way I hang pictures - no more "eyeball, pound nail, hang picture, stand back, adjust picture, stand back, remove nail and start over" - this thing is really, really cool.  I'm going to steal it from my kids buy one for myself - it's a game-changer!


Can you see Civi?
She loves my hair!  Such a sweet rat - I've had fun playing with her these last two weeks.


I think Sam might have a little addiction happening:
The kid likes variety, I'll give him that!


I heard back from my insurance company and got the settlement on my bathroom flood.  They are paying to replace the cabinets - if you look at that post, you can see pictures of them.  This is a pretty big area and at the moment feels really overwhelming - it's not as simple as choosing one and putting it in...right now I can't wrap my brain around how to do it.  Plus I need to pick out new carpeting for the master bedroom/closet/hall area, as they're taking care of that, too.  While the entire house needs new flooring, I'm not ready to ante up the rest of the money to do it, although I probably will replace the carpet in my office since it's so close to the bedroom and you would be able to see the difference if I didn't.  Oh, the tile floor in my bathroom has been cracked for quite a while, so I will change that out...ACK.  It's hard to know where to start - walls need repairing and repainting, too.  Lori - want to come to Texas and do a small reno?

It's Jeff's birthday today so we'll be celebrating tomorrow with a longish run and most likely, a strawberry tart - yum!  Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm with Darlene, there will be no rat playing peek-a-boo in my hair!

    Sorry to hear of the bathroom woes. It reminds me that we can not find the water turn off valve to the house. We know where the cut-off valve is at the end of our driveway, but I think you need a special tool for that. We've spoken to a neighbor and his house shut-off valve is in the garage. Darned if we can find ours. I think I will add this to my hubby's honey-do list for the summer...find the shut-off valve.

    Good luck with all the repairs and your run tomorrow.

  2. I've heard that rats make the best pets as far as the hamster/gerbil/rat debate goes. They're smart and playful and lovable (so I hear, I've never owned one). :)

    Was there someone holding on to the chair for the ride home? That would have been a major bummer if it had fallen out! Yikes!!

    Laser level = bday gift for my husband next month. Thanks for the idea!!

    1. Rats are great pets - I had several as a kid, and my kids had them, and now my adults have one...and Civi is really adorable.

      The chair actually fit all the way into the car! The back seats fold down - that little Fiesta is deceivingly roomy.

  3. If you give me your laser level, I will do some reno for you!! :D

  4. I feel your pain on the house stuff. Our siding project has turned up some structural issues resulting in an 8 foot addition. How does that happen?!?!

    Love the new chair!

  5. Happy Birthday Jeff! Yep, Hannah and I seem to laugh at lots of stuff when we hang out together - glad you had so much fun.

    I had no idea your hair was THAT long! If mine were thicker I'd grow it out. :(

    Happy Weekend!

  6. oh no! Missed the bathroom incident, but love the paint color you choose for that room when you re-did it!

    Cute rat. I hear they are adorable pets, but I can't get past the tail. ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  7. I thought the pic of the chair in the car was some new amusement park ride!

    Civi is cute!

    I'm a Mrs. Dash fan but I didn't know

  8. Stupid kindle! I didn't know there were so many varieties.

    The bathroom re -do --a nightmare. Do they pay for the labor to repair it? I say just call some bathroom guys to come and do the whole thing for you!

    1. I think that labor was included in the settlement - and yes, I'm considering having it done.

  9. A rat? Oh my...Im such a NON pet person!!
    Your hair is getting so long!!!

    AND I love that chair!!!

  10. I was just at Ikea yesterday, and I tried out that same chair. It's so cute and so comfortable! It would be very good to read in! I admire your willingness to have a rat in your hair--eek!

  11. So help me, if I have nightmares about rats in my hair....

    I think I'll try to focus on Ikea shopping while going to sleep. Maybe I'll dream about textiles. :)

  12. My son had two rats as pets. They were very sweet. But never again lol. I love Ikea, could spend hours in there, and I usually do.

  13. Happy belated birthday to Jeff. Hope he had a great day.

    You definitely need Lori to come over and help you :) I can understand that this is overwhelming. Personally I hate picking out things like that and think about planning. Thank goodness I have R. to do the planning and the work. I do all the cleaning, he does renovations.

    I have an Ikea a 5 minute drive away but I hardly ever go there. No good for the hole in my hand :) I get greedy when I am there, especially in the kitchen section.

    Looks like you had a great time with Sam.


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