Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Run for Remembrance 5K Recap!

On Saturday, Julia and I, along with about 1,000 other people, participated in the Run for Remembrance 5K.  This race was organized by the local firefighter's wives, to honor and benefit the families of four firemen - the Bryan fire department was called out on a big fire in February; two firemen died in that fire, and two others were severely burned.  We knew that this race would be an emotional one back when we registered for it, but then the explosion happened late last week in the town of West, Texas (which is only 90 miles north of us) - 10 of the many people killed there were firemen and first responders.  So this became even more of a time to appreciate and honor all that our firemen do for us. 

The race was held at the Brayton Fire Training Field - it's a center where firemen from all over the United States come to train; a couple times a year, the Bomberos (Mexican firemen) and their fire trucks even come in for training, which always adds some great character to our town.  Part of the training center is called Disaster City and that is where they have simulated disasters set up for the firemen to train on.  I knew this was out there, but this was the first time I've gotten a close-up look at it.  There were train cars all crashed, a collapsed parking garage with cars in it, mock stores, an airplane - it was definitely the most interesting race course I've ever run on!

The course started downhill, which made for a great first mile...sure, we knew that we'd be running back up toward the end, but it was fun to go fast at the beginning.  We had a great time running and finished with our hands over our hearts, as a gesture of solidarity for the people killed and injured in Boston.

A few pictures:
The crowd beforehand
Dos Amigos - Julia and I
Tres Amigos - Julia, Amy and I
This would have been a cooler shot had the sun not been right behind us - oh well...
The water stop was right across from this sign, so Julia took a quick picture while I got us cups of water.

The race photographer generously provided his pictures for free - here's a cool shot of us by the disaster train:
Woohoo, we're running!
A fireman did the race in full gear - it was very touching to see him do this.

Afterward, look what was waiting for us:
Hundreds and hundreds of homemade cupcakes!  I asked one of the women manning the table who made them, and she said that they did - a local bakery turned their kitchen over to them one night, and they churned out all these beauties!
Julia and her niece Heather, who ran her first mile without stopping on this race!  Way to go, Heather!
Julia demonstrating the "cupcake sandwich" - she split her cupcake in half and smashed the frosting in between, for maximum frosting efficiency, as she put it.
We had a lot of fun with the cupcakes, as you can tell!

The race shirt design is really nice, but the insignias of the fire departments?  Um, let's just say they accent, REALLY WELL, a certain part of a woman's anatomy.  So this shirt will be reserved for wearing at home only.  Ahem.
Looks awesome on the men!


  1. What a great cause to run for and how well organized. I like it too that it's on an unusual course. I did a race once where we had to run through the garage of a fire department, that was fun too.

    Great report as always Shelley.

  2. What a great race, and a great report. I LOL'd at Julia's cupcake invention. And at the shirt design.

  3. What an awesome cause - obviously a lot of love went into organizing this event.

    ...I'm still trying to figure out when/which race will be my first.

  4. What a great race! I wish someone would turn me loose in a bakery - I could create some MAGIC.

  5. OMG, the comment about the shirt made me laugh out loud! Great job for such a great race - I think being a fireman or policeman is the hardest job out there.

    But right now? I really want a cupcake!

  6. Sorry to hear of the deaths of the firemen - so tragic. But leave it to you and your friends to lend a hand. Cupcakes a deserving reward!

  7. Thanks for posting that Shelley - it seems with everything going on in Boston - the explosion in Texas wasn't really talked about that much! Such a great way to show how much firefighters do - and how many end up sacrificing their life.

  8. Awww....that is a lovely way to remember those who died. Kudos to the firefighter who ran the race in full gear. (though your skirt is MUCH cuter!!!)

  9. snort on the insignia's . What a great way to remember those who run into burning buildings as opposed to those of us who run away!

  10. Love the solidarity there.

    And the CUPCAKES!!!!

  11. Love the concept of this run! I would SOOO do it if I were close!

    Random points....
    **YAY Heather for the first complete mile!
    **LOVe the cupcake sandwich idea...I'm SOOO doing that next time I splurge on a cupcake!
    **I almost choked on my own spit about the shirt design....obviously this was organized by men! LOL

  12. What a fantastic cause for a 5K run. And cupcakes! :)

  13. theres your million dollar idea!!
    well, hers :-)
    a cupcakewich!!!

  14. I love a race for a great cause! You look great - so strong and happy!!

    I don't know how since I'm not eating sweets but I just recently learned of the "cupcakewich" technique and I remember thinking what a great idea that was. All those years of frosting face....

  15. I'm pretty sure your friend Julia would be my BFF if I lived there. Maximum frosting efficiency?? Brilliant!!!

  16. I don't really allow myself to eat cupcakes (I'm
    not a runner) but I can't eat one without a fork.
    Don't see how people do that. BUT, Julia's method
    has inspired me. I am willing to give that a try! Ha

    Interesting race; cute outfit. So sad so many lives
    lost. Wow, I didn't realize it was so many.

  17. Oh MAN those cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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