Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boston - We love you, we're with you, you're our people.

I will never qualify for Boston, but this is my sport, and what happened on Monday is shocking and sickening - a total gut punch.  Running is something almost everyone - young and old, fast and slow - can do.  It's mostly an individual thing, but the races are what brings everyone together.  Runners, spectators, race volunteers...everyone has the same goal, and that's to have a good race and enjoy the day. Why in the world some crazy person chose to bring death and destruction upon such a feel-good occasion is unfathomable to me.  My thoughts go out to everyone affected.

Many people wore race shirts yesterday in honor of Boston.  Jenny and I wore ours when we met for our run - which started with a mile-plus warm up walk as we talked out our anguish about the bombing, before we finally started our run.

Then this morning, Jeff, Erica and I met up with a bunch of other runners at our running store, where we participated in Run For Boston 4/17 - everyone wore either blue or yellow shirts (the Boston marathon's colors) and we all started our run together.  We chose to run 2.62 miles to show our solidarity for the people and runners of Boston.  Everyone who participates has been asked to take a picture while holding a "Run For Boston" sign, and upload it to the event's Facebook page.  The organizers will then turn the photos into a coffee table book and send it to the Boston Marathon officials, with a note saying "we love you, we're with you, you're our people."
 The 6:00 am group this morning
 Me, Erica, Jeff (and Paco, of course)

 We're with you, Boston.  And we won't let the bad guys ruin running.


  1. Love, love, love ... so great to get out there! Paco is the best!!

  2. This is so touching. Thank you for sharing your goodness.

  3. I couldn't have said it better: beautiful!

  4. Well said Shelly! Very touching. I got my three miles done today and I dedicated it to the Boston runners. Thanks for this post.

  5. Absolutely right, Mizfit! There are tons more good people than bad, we just spread our light. Hate the tragedies, but love how we band together.

  6. great post Shelley, great tribute.
    Our city is doing a run in support of Boston on Saturday and I plan to attend,but for the time being I'm heading out in about an hour. I haven't been in a while but feel compelled to do so.

  7. The bad guys will never ever win. Ever. We are too good for that.

  8. Good for you guys! What a great way to pay tribute to the runners.


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