Monday, February 11, 2013

LOVE RUN 5K Recap!

I'd appreciate it if, every time you read the words "Love Run" you read it in a Barry White voice...LOVE RUN.  That will make this recap all the more entertaining - really, it will - and also let you into my mind, as I can't get Barry's voice out of my head whenever I think LOVE RUN!

So this was the Junior League's annual race - I ran it in 2010 when they called it the Downtown Derby.  Don't know why they changed the name, but whatever.  Packet pickup was held at a local jewelry store, which was a little odd...they were one of the race sponsors, but their location is hard to get in and out of, and the store was jammed with all the race stuff - maybe they were hoping that we racers would do some shopping while we picked up our t-shirts and bibs, but honestly, I just wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible...and I love jewelry, so you know it was crazy!  The t-shirt was cute, though, and I got some good swag in my bag (Jeff and Julia only got a pen and lip balm, which was weird):
My favorite thing is the nifty measuring spoon, followed by the lip balm.  Jeff absconded with the pill dispenser, much like he did with some cool sunglasses I was sent for review a few years ago!

The temperature was about 50 degrees, but it was windy and we were chilly waiting for the race to start.  Luckily there was a building near the start line where we took shelter from the wind until it was time to go run.  Naturally, we took advantage of that time to take pictures:
 Come on, say it with me...the LOVE RUN!
Will, Amy, Julia, me and Jeff - love how the women are in pink and the men in red! 
Our traditional shoe picture - we were issued ankle timing chips, which I think make us look like we're under house arrest!
Ready to tackle the LOVE RUN.

The race went OK for me.  I didn't think I was nervous about it, because, HELLO - 3.1 miles?  I just ran 10 last week!  But my subconscious must have thought otherwise, because I was awake off and on, more than usual, all night beforehand.  The only thing different is that for shorter distances, I don't do intervals - I just run the entire thing.  For this one, I knew that I needed to have my first mile be my slowest one, around a 14:00 pace.  I seem to do best when I can ease into the run, get my breathing under control, and then pick up speed for the remaining miles.  However, we went too fast for me, and I was not having a comfortable run.  I finally took a short walking break during mile 2 to catch my breath.  The last mile was against the wind for most of it, and I took yet another short walking break.  I was able to push the last bit toward the finish, which was fun - just wish my mile paces were flip flopped (negative splits).  Here's the stats:

Final time - 39:20
Avg. pace - 12:47
Mile 1 - 12:13
Mile 2 - 13:03
Mile 3 - 13:14

Afterward, we hung around waiting to see if we won any doorprizes (skunked again, darn it!), and naturally, took more pictures.  Here's Will and Jeff with our local teen runner phenom, Gustavo Roman Jr.  He won this race with a finish time of 16:48 (that's a 5:22 average pace!).  Gus is such a nice young man - he's been great fun to watch race the last few years.  He's a senior in high school, and while the University of Oregon courted him, he's committed to Texas A&M.  In any case, I know we'll be seeing him at the Olympics in the near future!
Gus and his fans...

And naturally, Julia and I had to get our picture with Gus:
...and more fans!

Cupid was also at the race:
Gotta love a guy who will wear silky heart boxers and a headband with heart deely-boppers in public!

Couple more shots:
Julia and I - we've come a long way since we started running together in August of 2010!
LOVE RUN - done.  My first 5K of the year!


  1. What a fun report. Will was glad it was over wasn't he? Because on the before start photo he doesn't look that happy LOL.

    Shelley you did great, even with 2 walk breaks, you kept a nice and steady pace. Very well done.

    And I love it how happy you look in every photo, brightens my day.

  2. you crack me up....and had me at BAAARRRRY WHITE.

  3. ha ha! Sounds like a fun race! I'm not doing my first until May...can't wait!

  4. Great Job Little Lady (said in my Barry White voice!)

  5. LOL. I followed your Barry White instructions and it was quite amusing. Very fun race report, what with all the LOVE in it. That kid is amazing!

    1. Thank you for following my instructions! :) :) :)

      Oh, and that kid? Yesterday he ran the Rhythm and Blues half marathon in Houston...came in second place. Yep. Amazing!


  6. Ahhhhh first race mile adreneline... nothing like it and so freaking hard to stop and slow down! Still, it seems you had a very nice race.

    Don't you think they probably changed the name of it due to it being in February, near Valentine's Day? Since you've run it every year would you say you can't get enough of the Love Run babe?

    Love the Love Run!

  7. 50 degrees is a dream running temperature for me! And your overall time was great - its hard when other people start running faster than you want. Holy shizz, 5:22 pace for that high schooler??! Amazing!

  8. Yay!! Congrats!! You both look fantastic as always. Barry White voice cracked me up!!

  9. I love how everyone wore red or pink - yay!

  10. FUN! This gets me excited for our Girls Just Wanna Have Fun race!!

  11. Love your outfit Shelley! Great job!

  12. What run - running with your husband and some friends!
    Great pictures!
    Glad that kid is sticking with a TX school!!!

  13. Congrats Shelley. And I DID say "LOVE RUN" with you!!!! In Barry White voice. Sadly, that started an earworm with the theme to the Love BOAT going through my head. Good grief...make it stop!

  14. LOVE Barry White!!!!! Great run!! Isnt it amazing how, no matter what the distance, theres always a nervousness that gets us!!

  15. I LOVE your coordinated clothing for the LOVE RUN!. :-) And you are did make the post very entertaining...because I giggled every time I came to the words LOVE RUN! :-)

  16. Woohoo the LOVE RUN looks like it was SO FUN (rhyming intended, wokka wokka). First 5K of the year is down, many more to go! :)


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