Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Quick Reviews - Hunger Shield, Skinny Dippers, Breath Slim

Hunger Shield
Hunger Shield had a unique marketing gimmick of sending a crushed bag of potato chips along with their product, as an example of what not to eat to lose weight.  Interesting - it caught my eye, that's for sure.

Hunger Shield is a powder drink mix that is marketed as an appetite control product.  It comes in portable stick packs that make it easy to mix with water (anywhere from 12 - 16 oz is recommended).  It has 5 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber, and comes in at 40 calories. 

My thoughts:  I liked it.  I thought the citrus flavor was refreshing - not overly sweet like so many artificially-sweetened diet products tend to be.  I can't honestly say if it was the product that made me feel full, or it was due to the 16 oz. bottle of water that I mixed the product into, but I had this in the late afternoon and wasn't hungry for dinner as early as I was normally.  If you try this, my recommendation would be to use cold water, or pour over ice. 

Hunger Shield is offering My Journey to Fit readers a 20% discount if you'd like to place an order - click here to activate the discount.


Skinny Dippers
The flavors were refreshing...

Skinny Dippers are a zero calorie frozen treat sweetened with Splenda.  They are marketed as a low-glycemic product that is a good option for low carb dieters as well as diabetics.

My thoughts:  They taste fine, but the aftertaste of Splenda is a turnoff for me.  But then, I don't like artifically sweetened products, so this probably wasn't a good match for me from the start.  Also, a box of six is $5.99 plus shipping - and there is absolutely no way I'd ever pay that much money for what is basically a sugar-free Otter Pop (and you can get 100 of them for around the same price).  Thanks for the sample, Skinny Dippers, but at this price point, I'll be surprised if these stay on the market much longer.


Breath Slim
All the goods - product pictured in box and put together for use.

Breath Slim is a product that is marketed as a way to promote weight loss and healthy living while learning to breathe correctly. 

My thoughts:  I was extremely skeptical about this.  Really, you can BREATHE your way to weight loss?  I wasn't buying into that idea, and I told my contact that when she offered me the product to try.  I was, however, interested in trying it out to see if I could get my breathing a bit more controlled for running, and my contact encouraged me to give it a test.  So with a lot of trepidation, I tried out Breath Slim.

How it works:  Basically, you fill the container with water to a level marked with a line, attached the tube and mouthpiece, sit up straight, and inhale slowly through your nose for 5 seconds, hold that breath for 5 seconds, and exhale slowly through your mouth (into the mouthpiece) for 10 seconds.  You are breathing through water, and if you exhale too quickly, you will force the water out of the container (I did that a couple of times).  This takes concentration to do it consistently and correctly - or at least, it did for me.  They recommend that you do this for 20 minutes every evening, well after dinner. 

I've tried to control my breathing through yoga with limited success, and I do think I did a better job with controlled breathing using Breath Slim because exhaling too quickly almost always resulted in a bit of a water bath...that surprise would get me back into the slow breathing groove instantly!  So I'd say that I had success with it on that level, and the anxiety-breathing that I was experiencing while running has lessened quite a bit.  Did I lose weight while using Breath Slim?  I have no idea, since I don't weigh myself. Would I recommend it for weight-loss help?  Nah - I'm still skeptical.  Plus, it's not exactly cheap - Breath Slim costs $49.95.  However, if you are looking for help with controlled breathing, then you might be willing to spend the money on it.

Thank you to Hunger Shield, Skinny Dippers, and Breath Slim for sending me your products to try - it's always fun to see what new things are popping up!

FTC:  All the products mentioned in this review were sent to me for free.  Opinions, as always, are my own.


  1. I always find this new "stuff" so interesting.
    perhaps nothing Id purchase but DANG the creativity there....

  2. I'm always a big skeptic with products, but I do love the entrepreneurial spirit!!!

  3. Ok, I'm going to admit I'm a little curious about the hunger shield drink. Hmmmm.....

    Also I'm once again amazed at how many developers are trying to make new products to help with weight loss.

  4. I was readin along wondering abt the artificial sweeteners thinkin, "does Shelley EAT artificial sweeteners?" and then you answered for me. This is a weird lot for you-odd things to test. :)
    Not tempted. Ha

    1. I had a couple of days where I was bored and said yes to a bunch of emailed review requests...and afterward, I thought, "I know I wouldn't really use this, why did I say yes?" - oh well.

  5. The breath slim seems just like the contraption RT 's use post op to get patients to deep breath.

  6. I'm with Miz - but thanks for taking them for a test drive and letting us know your thoughts.

  7. Gimmicks to lose weight are just that - gimmicks. But the breathing thing seems like something that would work to control anxiety of any type. Learning to breathe slowly and evenly can really be helpful for people who get anxiety or panic attacks (me!)

  8. I have to admit, when I first read the title, I thought it said "Skinny Diapers." Skinny Diapers -- huh? Lol.

  9. Interesting stuff!!! The breath thing cup could go in the water holder of your fanny pack, the mouthpiece could go "up" and in combination would be a lovely adornment on your next run. sigh. I've lost it....

  10. Is the discount for hunger shield still valid?


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