Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Mishmash

(Our pretty new bedding flowers - Moss Rose)

Thanks for the ideas and suggestions regarding Wednesday's post - I think commenter Louise hit the nail on the head, with her description of the immediate increase in heart rate when you begin to run.  Glad to hear that I'm not the only one who experiences this.  I'm sure anxiety is also part of it, and I hope I can at least work on that aspect - anything to lessen the hyperventilating would be nice at this point.


My mom flew home to Oregon on Wednesday morning.  We had a great time and pretty much walked off (by shopping!) all of the frozen yogurt we managed to eat - let's just say that the apple didn't fall far from the tree when it comes to froyo.  Or shopping.  And in the matter of shopping, I just have to reiterate how nice it is to be able to shop in the normal-sized departments of stores - yes, I know it's been a couple years since I left Lane Bryant, but every once in a while I am still surprised to be fitting into regular sizes and that my mom and I can shop side-by-side for clothes.  Maybe it's because I don't get to go shopping with her very often (once a year if I'm lucky), so my mind reverts back to the larger-sized me, since that's where I was for so long.  Here's a Fashion Friday quickie:
New purple top (Willi Smith from TJ Maxx) paired with last year's white denim capris.  Also, I printed this picture to replace an older one that I've had hanging for about 8 years - it was definitely time for an update:
 Believe it or not, I was actually on the thinner side when this picture was taken!  Circa 2004.


Paco has not been represented on the blog lately, so here he is, in all his glory:

Pitiful, isn't he??? Poor dog has seasonal allergies, and this spring has been especially tough on him with all the rain and pollen. He's been chewing his feet so much that they are raw - he actually whines as he's chewing them because it hurts, but he can't seem to stop.  We put medicine on his paws, wrap them up, and then he has to wear the cone of shame so he won't immediately tear off the wrap.  It seems to be helping, but he's not very happy with the whole experience.  I probably wouldn't be, either!


Sit and Knit diet update:  I finished the body of the bulky baby blanket - now I have to figure out how to "pick up" the edges with a deep pink AND knit in the round to finish it off.  Needless to say, I'm sure I'll be spending time next week at the knitting shop.  I also finished my butterfly washcloth!  I used a lighter weight of yarn and while it was harder to knit, I like how it came out:
Remember when Terry and I went to Yarnorama?  Well, they were in the midst of an anniversary celebration, and we entered their prize drawing while there...long story short, I won a prize!  Yarn and a sweater pattern:
I'm not at the point of being able to knit this sweater yet, but hey - I may get there before next winter, and then?  How cool would it be to actually wear a sweater that I made?!?  The owner also, very nicely, included a different sweater pattern that I might be able to knit sooner - it's short-sleeved and super cute.  I'm both scared and excited to try it!

I have a knitting doppelganger, courtesy of my mom:
How did she know my hair is that wild?  Oh yeah, she's seen me first thing in the morning!
Tiny knitting needles made out of toothpicks and beads!  She knitted that piece, too!

Mom made the doll in a class she took - love the personal details like the jewelry, knitting, and the purple dress.  Now I just need to come up with a name for her...any suggestions?


I can't believe that tomorrow is the goal race for our 10 Week/10K program - and yes, nervous would be an understatement when it comes to that race, what with the hills and the distance.  But, I'm really going to try and just enjoy the day, and focus on running from point to point (mailbox, lightpost, cow - whatever keeps me moving forward).  And afterward?  Ice cream!   I can do this.

Here's last week's running outfit:
Pink!  And with this, I completed my challenge of wearing 10 different outfits for the long know, some people would challenge themselves with actual RUNNING, but not me...I'm in it for the clothes, baby!

 Have a great weekend!


  1. Poor Paco!

    Hmm, I'll have to ponder the name of the doll. Purl, maybe? Too cute -

    Good luck with the run - "just keep moving" -you have got this.

    May your weekend bring you joy and Paco some relief! Glad you got to spend such a great time with your mom.

  2. I just LOVE the love between you and your mom which emanates from every post you mention her in.
    I PRAY I have that with mine when she's grown.

  3. I still can't believe I can shop it the normal sized stores now. It does take some getting used to. Great pictures of you and your mom. Good luck on the 10k tomorrow. I love the running outfit and I really love the color of the runners! Mmmm ...maybe I will have to do some shopping.

  4. As usual, every paragraph of your post made me smile or laugh. Love the square with the butterfly - great color of green. Funny your going to learn to pick up stitches - the blanket I'm doing is all about that. I promise a picture today!

    You actually look like a different person since your weight loss - both pictures of you and your mom are beautiful, but it's remarkable how much younger and present you appear now. As much as anything, that makes me want to get this weight loss of my own body done! Thanks for the inspiration.

    I remember when Lou had to wear a lampshade - the vet brought him in the room with it and said Lou could pick up thousands of channels worldwide! Amazing they do get used to it after awhile. I hope Paco's time in the 'hood' is short. Have a great weekend, Shelley.

    1. LOL on the "lampshade" - never heard it called that!

  5. Ooops - sorry to double dip - but your doppleganger is a mini-you!

  6. was laughing by the end of your post :)

    nice cheerful one! good luck on the race :)

  7. I'll second Roxie's suggestion of Purl for your dolly's name, it was the first thing I thought of.

    When I saw the old photo I thought, "Who is in that photo with Judy and why is Shelley showing us that?" Then the lights came on... WOW how great to have visual evidence of just how far you've come!

    You'll do great tomorrow. It's going to be a blast no matter what. Can't wait for the report.

  8. The difference in that photo is amazing! It's hard to imagine you like that.

    Paco is your new fashion lamp. I like it, and I like how his foot wrap is purple :D

    You will do great in the race tomorrow. Think back to last year at this time and how you couldn't do it at all. Now you are back running again and enjoying it.

    1. When I was buying the tape, they had plain old tan, but he's much more jazzy than that! ;)

  9. Echoing everyone's sentiments - you look like a completely different person!

    And poor Paco... what a sweetie. I feel bad for his little paws : (

  10. Your mom is great. You guys are adorable.

    I think you should name your dolly Purl. (Knit one, purl two...)

    And, your 10k race outfit is perfect. Good luck, can't wait to hear all about it.

  11. Purl!!! You guys are great. Perfect name. :)

  12. Dammit - I was going to say Pearl too! Why does work have to get in the way of my blog reading?! :D

    It's so funny, with that picture of you and your Mom in the white shirts - I can barely recognize that its you! Glad you had fun getting froyo and shopping with your Momma.

    I love your idea of running to objects during your race - it breaks it into smaller subjects - just think "I'll get ice cream when I am done!"


  13. Wow, lots to comment on today! I love moss roses. I've never had any luck with them. But I am going to try again this year. They are SOOO pretty.

    That's interesting, and I've found it to be true too, how being with certain people, or in certain situations will take us back to 'the olden days' so clearly.

    Paco!!! Poor guy. I didn't let Sophie see the picture. I think she would find it deeply disturbing on so many levels (she is a closet foot licker herself.) I had an outdoor cat with terrible seasonal allergies. Fortunately just one or two medicated baths in the fall would take care of it.

    That doll that your mom made for you is SOOO CUTE!! Very clever.

    Run, Shelley, Run!! (but not too hard...) You still get ice cream even if you're not first, right?

  14. LOVE this! I love the pics of the doll from your Mom how cool!!

  15. Awww..poor little Paco!!!! Hope he feels better soon. You and your Mom have the BEST relationship. LOVE it!!! Have a great race Shelley!!!!!

  16. That doll is just so cool, I can't believe how tiny that knitting is!!

    Aw, hope Paco is back to normal soon!

  17. Can I say me too about the "before" photo - you do look like a different person. What an accomplishment, you are very inspiring! And your mom is adorable, it's so nice that you have such a great relationship with her.

  18. Ah poor Paco!

    Love the doll your Mom made for you. And I love the photo of the two of you (also your new top: fantastic choice). You've come a long way my friend if you compare both pictures.

    And the yarn with the sweater: you can totally do this. If it's an easy knitting stitch you will be fine. Just try it.
    Very cool you won that prize.

  19. Oops forgot: hope your race Saturday went great.

  20. Awww, so glad you had fun with your mom, and that you guys are able to shop at the same stores. I agree, it is a bit of a jolt even after you've been shopping in regular stores for a while.

  21. Just discovered your blog thanks to Fran. I love the outfits. I am curretnly injured and not running but have started knitting and biking. GL with your running and racing!


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