Monday, April 16, 2012

Blue Bell 10K Fun Run Recap!

Whew - I am so glad that this race is done!  Unfortunately, I knew going into it that it would not be a super-happy-fun-time for me, and yes, I know that having that kind of expectation does not help, but here's a list of why I was not thrilled to be doing this race:
  1. I have never liked running a 10K race
  2. I don't like hills
  3. I wasn't ready to run 6.2 miles yet
So with all of that, you may be wondering why in the world I did this race.  Well, it was the goal race for my running club's 10 Week/10K program.  I wouldn't have missed it for the world.  It's a really pretty race, out in the country, in a small town where it seems like everyone turns out to support it (the race benefits the local high school athletic programs).  And you get ice cream afterward!  I think the benefits outweighed the detriments, for sure.  By the way, those detriments included:
  1. Waking up at 4:00 am in order to be on the road by 5:00 am (parking was going to be crazy, so we'd rather be there early to avoid traffic hassles)
  2. WIND.  It was really, really windy - blowing close to 20 MPH, with gusts in the 30 MPH range.  That is not fun to run in
  3. Hot weather - it was near 80 degrees when we started the race
  4. Hills.  Yes, I've already mentioned that, but it bears repeating - I am a flatland runner, and I like it that way!
Anyway, enough complaining - time for the recap.  We arrived at the location just after 6:00 am and met up with our running club peeps - Coach Dale had set up our pop-up awning, and many of us brought lawn chairs.  We all sat around and chatted - we were so early, we'd even arrived before packet pickup started!  No matter - it was good company and a chance to catch up with everyone, as we're usually busy doing that running thing.  We also got to hang with another USAFit group out of Montgomery, which was nice.  We finally got our packets and found two fun items inside:
A technical shirt!  Unusual for a fun run, but very cute and much appreciated!
 And a packet of bluebonnet seeds!  Love the "Texas" touches on this race.

Once the sun came up, it was time for some group shots:
The finish line!!!  We were all looking in different directions because there were two cameras going.
At the ice cream truck, where we would later get our treats!
Coach Dale wanted us to show off our shirt backs, but I love how both Julia and I couldn't resist turning around toward the camera!
Jeff had to check out the truck - the difference between us is that I would have checked out the freezer section where all the ice cream was, not the cab!

Then we headed to the start line, where Coach Dale got this shot of us as we waited:
You couldn't miss us out on the race course - love our bright orange shirts!

At 8:30, the race began.  I didn't look at my Garmin for pace - just tried to run without going into that panic-breathing that I've been doing.  And I did pretty well at the start - was surprised afterward to see that my first mile's pace was 12:32.  Of course, it all went downhill - er, UPhill from there, and I ended up finishing in 1:28, for an average pace of 14:08.  Yes, there was walking.  A minor mental breakdown around mile 2.5.  Hills!  Wind gusts - one even blew off Jeff's hat!  Heat!  Jeff started pouring water on the back of my neck at the mile 3 water station, and that helped a lot.  Lots of great course support, from the water stations at every mile, to the spectators who were very encouraging, as well as many of the runners in our pack.  Heck, I even got compliments on my new hat and you know that made my day!
Image taken from here as I forgot to get a good shot while wearing it... 

Finally, the end was close - and thankfully, after a killer hill, the last two-tenths of the race were downhill.  Jeff and I caught up to Molly, who I ran intervals with during the first couple of weeks of running club, and the three of us crossed the finish line together - woohoo!!!  After that?  A visit to the ice cream truck was in order!
About 30 seconds after this picture was taken, most of my rainbow popsicle melted and broke off.  Awww!  That's OK, because there was a delicious Crunch bar waiting for me.  Yum.

So.  Not my best race, by far, but it was fun to be with my running club peeps and see everyone complete the race.  More thoughts on my running season coming on the WWU in a couple of days.


  1. ok so Im resisting saying IT WAS A GREAT RACE. AN AWESOME RACE AS YOU LAPPED THOSE OF US STILL ON THE COUCH :) and will just add how I adore the photo of you two at the end.

  2. I'm with Carla that you lapped anybody on the couch! Well done Shelley, I'm proud of you that you did go despite the fact that you didn't want to.

    I'm wondering: why don't you like 10K races? Can't remember you ever mentioned that before, that's why I ask.

    Great photo of you and Jeff at the end.

    1. For me, the 10K is usually a lonely race - most people pick the 5K around here (if they have the option). This wasn't true with the Blue Bell race, as there were a lot of 10K runners, but there is something about the length that just doesn't feel good to me. Makes no sense, but then, when do I make sense, lol!?!

    2. You don't LOL.

      I think 5K and 10K are equally popular here.
      If I can I prefer a 10K because I usually have to travel for it and for a 5K it sometimes isn't worth it. I signed up for a 10K next Sunday but decided I'm not that ready and switched to a 5K which was possible. This race is a 10 minute drive and then a 6 minute train ride so I don't mind doing it.

      And I think everybody has a favorite distance to run. I haven't figured out mine yet.

  3. Woohoo, you did it. And truly, that is all that matters. (Plus, ice cream. LOL!)

  4. It is great that you finished this 10k. One thing I am learning is that more than half the battle is being mentally ready. Some days going around the block is a big deal, and other days I can keep on running. I would also run for ice cream, coffee, chips (oh I better stop):-)

  5. I am so proud of you Shelley! Wow, heat and wind? But you did it. And I would have ditched the rainbow pop for a crunch bar any day of the week. :D

    Hey, did you see my post last night? I've been using Live Writer and thought I had saved my draft, but from the looks of your and Helen's blog roll, looks like you viewed it last night? Just wondering. :D

  6. I love that hat!

    So proud of you, Shelley, and so wonderful to have Jeff there taking care of you during the race, too. That is sweet.

  7. Racing in orange? Good choice for th weekend! You know I would run for ice cream. Nice 10k, I hate that distance too.

  8. See and I love the 10K distance! I think we've had this conversation before, right? I'll have you know, I DID NOT feel like running on Saturday morning. Unusual for me but I used YOU as inspiration to get out there. I, however, did not have ice cream waiting for me. I think I got ripped off LOL!

    Running is mental isn't it? (Take that any way you want to.)

  9. Glad you did the race! ANd loving the colors!!

  10. so proud of you Shelley!!!!! You looked great and love the orange shirt! And Icecream...that's a great reason to run ;-)

  11. Hills are SOOO HARD. Of course that's all I have around here. And I just walk. I get so tired of them that sometimes I will walk just a little farther (on the hills) to get to that nice flat place on the road. Maybe this summer me and Noah will go in search of flat places to walk!

    Also, WIND!!! Do you know its rarely windy where I live. But I sure do remember the wind in Texas. It was something else! Man, for that torturous of a race, I think Bluebell should have provided real ice cream in your choice of flavors!

  12. I might have wept over losing ice cream after such a killer run. Way to go!

  13. I love the hat, and the awesome recap. BRAVA, Shelley!


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