Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Mishmash - Goin' to the Big D (and I DO mean Dallas!)

This is the big weekend - the Dallas White Rock Marathon/Half Marathon.  Jeff has been training for it since June, and he's ready to tackle 13.1 miles!  Max will be joining him, and while he hasn't been training like Jeff, he has youth on his side and should do just fine (oh, to be young and fit!).  This is the goal race for most people in my running club (some will be doing our local marathon in another week), and we will be heading up to Dallas today, then doing packet pickup, expo, and group pasta dinner tomorrow...ooh, should be fun!  Oh yeah, and then they have to go run miles and miles and miles.  I get to spectate, with my nifty new camera, and hopefully, finally, get some decent running pictures of Jeff, Max and the gang.  Now, if we can just hold off the rain, that would be swelllllll...


No Candy November is officially over!  And I made it - an entire month without any candy.  Go me!  Actually, except for a couple evenings, I was fine without it, which amazed me, considering that I've been eating a couple of Dove dark chocolate Promises just about every night for a long time now - I thought I'd have some pretty strong cravings, but thankfully, none, for the most part.  I think the best thing that came out of this little challenge was that I broke the habit of randomly tossing back some candy.  And while I do plan on indulging occasionally (hey, our annual gingerbread house decorating throwdown is coming up), I think that I'll be a little more discerning on how often.  Besides, it's not like I have any wiggle room at the moment - my clothes are tight enough.  No need to make it any worse!  So, several of you mentioned that you would do this challenge too - how did you do?


OK, this was too strange not to share.  The other day in the locker room at my gym, I noticed a woman step on the scale.  Not too weird, right?  Wrong.  She was fully dressed, wearing shoes, carrying her jacket, and had her purse slung over her shoulder.  And.she.stepped.on.the.scale.  Who does that?!?  So odd.  Obviously she is not a dieter, that's for sure!


 This little guy was watching me while I was at my desk...
 Eating acorns that have fallen on the roof.  He was shopping from the gutter screen!
I am amazed at the detail (I used the full zoom (36x) on my camera) - I was sitting at my desk and the squirrel was outside on the roof when I took this picture. 


I finally have several outfits to choose from for Fashion Friday - benefit of working, lol!  I'm going to space them out, since come January, I'll be back to my standard outfit of jeans or sweats - scratch that, I should not wear sweats, even around the house.  Elastic waists tend to make me forget that I can't eat anything and everything!  Anyway, this is what I wore to work on Monday.  It looks a little plain, but that's because I planned on wearing a necklace from the store once I got there (we can "check out" necklaces and earrings to wear during our shifts).  This is the pendant I ended up wearing (I put it on a 26 inch long chunky chain - that alone is $145, which means I'll never own it, so this was a treat):
And this is what I wore - pretty standard work outfit for me:
Cowl neck sweater, new - but I swear, I had a similar one (although not in pink!) back when I was in high school.  Everything old cycles around (haha, see ponchos as evidence, but you will never see ME in a poncho now)
 I was having one helluva good hair day and tried to get a side shot - the chlorine must have made my hair extra thick that morning.  Hmmm, I just realized that this hairstyle is similar to the 70s feathered hair...guess this entire look was a throwback for me!

OK, I found this in my scanned pictures...I was right - cowl neck sweaters on both me and my friend, Shari:
Could my jeans have BEEN any more high-waisted?!?  Also, please note that I was thin enough to layer two sweaters and tuck them in...damn.


Come back Monday for a cool review/giveaway!  I'll have a race recap on Wednesday.  Have a great weekend!


  1. Have fun at Dallas Shelley and wish Jeff and Max a good race from me. Look forward to your pics because the squirrel pics are fantastic.

    The woman on the scale definitely isn't a dieter. But you know what: one day we will do that too! Step on it fully clothed without a worry in the world.

    Like your outfit and your hair looks fabulous.

    Have a great weekend my friend.

  2. HAVE FUN this weekend.

    And yes.
    I wasnt even your sugar free sister in any kind of solidarity and Im glad it's over :)

  3. Have a great weekend and good luck to Jeff and Max.
    Like the outfit. Isn't it fun to look back at old pictures....sometimes it makes me cringe though!!!

  4. Hey, I think I had those same eye glasses back in the day:) Have fun in Dallas!

  5. Hi, Shelley - I hope you have an awesome time in Dallas, and that Jeff runs a great race. I LOVE the new sweater, and the throwback photograph. Seeing both was the perfect start to my Friday.

    Julia xo

  6. Have a good weekend and I hope that the weather holds out for you. We are expecting stormy, windy weather here in Phoenix, so it's probably headed your way.

    Love the hair " Farrah!" No really, you were having a great hair day!!

  7. Good luck to Jeff and Max! They will do awesome!

    And those pants are so, so flattering on you. I love them!

    Have a great weekend :D

  8. Ponchos!

    Cowl Necks!

    High Waisted Jeans!

    Feathered Hair!

    Ahhhh the memories...

    Good luck and speedy running to Jeff and Max both. Tell Jeff I said don't go out too fast, run slower than he's capable of to start and he'll have the best race ever. Fingers and toes crossed for decent weather... maybe overcast instead of rain?

  9. I love that last picture Shelley! And why glasses had to be as big as your face back then is beyone me!

    Have a wonderful time in Dallas - I know it pains you that you aren't running, but you'll be the best cheerleader!

    Go Jeff! :D

  10. Love that color pink. Nice sweater and your hair looks great. I hope it's not as cold and rainy here as they say. Good luck to Jeff and Max!

  11. Oh you look gorgeous in your current pictures!! The high school one is just too funny.

    Very impressed on your whole month without candy.

    And, SUPER IMPRESSED. Both with your camera's capabilities, AND with how clean your windows must be to be able to get such a shot!

    Have fun in Dallas!

  12. Enjoy your trip to Dallas! I hope it won't rain! :)

    You've done so well in going a whole month without candy! I'm doing something similar right now and it's going great actually. We really can if we put our mind to it!

    You look STUNNING!

  13. I did notice your awesome hair in your picture. I get mine colored next week in the hopes it ends up as perfectly blonde as yours.

    Enjoy Dallas! Sounds like a blast, your family will do great.

  14. I love the cowl neck sweater and especially the color. I did notice your beautiful hair too.

    That lady weighing with all her "stuff" is not a Weight Watcher. We take off shoes, shed our jackets, wear our lightest clothing and hold our breath. I saw one lady get down to her slip (no men in that meeting) trying to show a loss. :)

  15. Enjoy the trip to Big D. We will be there the week before Christmas. No running - maybe shopping!

    You look wonderful in you work clothes. I'm a big fan of James Avery jewelry.

  16. I hope you have a great time in Dallas. If you have time, I would love to meet you for coffee! One of the top 10 coffee places in the country is right there near White Rock Lake. Called White Rock Lake Coffee!
    Try the "Lady of The Lake" Blend..... it's a local fave!

  17. I have squirrels that come that close to my office, too! The like to tease the cats :-)

    AND I too had that same exact cowl neck sweater in teal (I wore it with my gouchos)!

  18. Does chocolate taste different? I tried to eat chocolate yesterday... Couldn't finish it. Afterthe first taste, it tasted like I was eating wax that had had some artificial ingredients added.
    Mind you, this wasn't Good chocolate, just M&Ms out of a vending machine. But something has definitely changed

  19. Good luck to Jeff! Love the work outfit, and indeed you WERE having a hot hair day, thats a great photo!! Have a great trip!!!

  20. Cracking up about the high wasted jeans. My boobs would have rested on the zipper.
    Jeff is probably done running by now: I hope it was great and I hope it wasn't too hard for you.
    Looking forward to seeing the pix.
    Great job on no candy Nov. I need to do that for the YEAR!!

  21. You look great in the photo!

    Well done on going for the entire month without any candy. No way I could do it at the moment!


  22. You look great in the photo!

    Well done on going for the entire month without any candy. No way I could do it at the moment!


  23. Super props for your no candy is the strength you proved to yourself that is the greatest benefit since you now also know that nothing is beyond your reach.

  24. YAY Jeff and Max!!!! Can't wait to see the pictures!

    WOW! What a greawt hair day!

    And the first thing I noticed was the height of those jeans in the photo.LOL I had some like that.

    Sugar....if it's so bad for us why does it taste sooooo good?!

  25. LOVED this! Hahahahah! Helluva good hair day! Yes you were! It looked fab!!
    Tucked TWO sweaters in... oh ... the good ol days!
    GREAT post!
    Have a pretty day!

  26. Okay, I skimmed right to the photos first to see your outfit, and my first thoughts (besides, "Damn, Shelley, you look good") was that it would be perfect with a long pendant necklace to finish it off. Then I read what you wrote, LOL!

    Love the color and shape of the sweater on you, and my gosh did your hair turn out fabulous. Nice!

    LOL at the good old days photos. You do find some doozies!


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