Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday Workout Update - Hectic Week

Because of two very long days, I'm only swimming M/W/F this week...I planned this over the weekend, after I looked at my schedule.  Too much of everything can make me crazy, so I'm backing off when I can - it's my sanity saver.  Plus we are leaving on Friday for Dallas - ack!  A lot of details to take care of for the big race on Sunday, and it's pretty much all on me, since Jeff is traveling all over until just prior to the race.  The good news is that he's more than ready for the half marathon.  The bad news is that right now, rain is in the forecast, which won't be fun for runners or spectators.  But this is Texas, and our weather can change on a dime, so who knows what it will really be on Sunday.

Anyway.  Swimming.  It's dang cold in the mornings, and while the pool is heated, any wet body part that is out of the water is co-co-cold!  Actually, on Monday I was cold the entire hour I swam...but then, although (they said, not quite sure I believe them) the pool's temperature was 84 degrees, it was only 32 outside (and the building that housed the pool wasn't much warmer).  I'm thinking about getting a long-sleeved rash guard type of shirt and wearing that - maybe having an extra layer will help?  Kind of a wetsuit lite?  Anyone tried this?

When I do the backstroke swoosh (Shelley Swimming™ - remember, a version unlike most standard swim strokes), I've been using some rectangular Speedo swim paddles that my dad picked up for me at a rummage sale - let me tell you, these things WORK my arms, big time!  Way more than the triangular-shaped paddles that I bought a couple of months ago do...not only am I winded, but I'm moving through the water fast, and my upper arms are getting a great workout!  I'm almost as tired, using these, as I was when I was pumping iron with my trainer back in the day. 

Since it doesn't look like running will be happening anytime soon for me (boo, hiss), I'm going to try and walk, walk, walk my way to a smaller body.  Of course, my part-time job has me on my feet for five to six hours per shift, so walking will only take place on the days I'm not working.  But I have to do something to get rid of this "fat feeling" that I have.  It's not a ton of weight, per se, that's making me feel this way - it's moreso my general floppy flabby body tone (especially in my nemesis, the belly area).  I'll be honest here - some days, I just think I should quit eating altogether and that would solve my problem.  And then I remember that I'm not the anorexic teenager that I was, so long ago, and get back to reality...which for me, is having a body that spent twenty years being overweight, and is just having a hard time recovering from all the trauma that I inflicted on it.


  1. i have such respect for you (or anyone) who gets out there & swims & runs & bikes! are you potentially thinking tri-athalon or have you already climbed that mountain?

    as someone who is just now (at age 41) beginning to actually love exercise -- i am always curious what motivates others to do what they do!

  2. Those swim paddles are so cool! I've never seen anything like those and I can bet they work your arms out like crazy!

    Okay, so now for the "fat feeling"... I can totally relate. But you know what I'm learning? That fat feeling is originating from my head and not necessarily my body. If you think it, it will be. See yourself in the light that everyone else sees you, Shelley! You look GREAT and you are physically fit!!!

  3. I'm glad to see that you picked up your weekend routine after last week. As promised to you I did the same. Aren't we rockstars?

    I can't believe Jeff's half is this weekend already. Wish him luck.

    Great swimming workouts my friend.

  4. Swimming always makes me huff and puff like I haven't worked out in a year! Love the new swim paddles - and that they were a garage sale score! :D

    I know it bugs you not to run, but I had a friend who lost 75 pounds, has kept it off for over 10 years, and she did it all by walking. :D


  5. Good for you for getting back to your routine and I still know you'll be back running eventually!

  6. Walking was my first form of exercise the first time I ever dieted and it's the one I expect I'll go back to when I can't run any more. Even now once in a while I skip a run and just walk.

    You can do it Shelley, I know you can. And believe it or not, the walking will be great prep for your legs and their return to running!

    Did you think to measure your arms before you started swimming? I would be interested in knowing if you've lost inches. I bet you have!

  7. ...just quit eating all together? I've felt that way before too. Nice job swimming and working out your schedule with work. It sure is easier to find time to work out without a pesky job getting in the way.

  8. WALKING!!!!! LOL. Seriously, you can speed walk (or waddle, as Pubsgal says) and you can do that HITT when walking. I get seriously winded when I remember to do that stuff. And of course, if you had any hills in Texas that would help too. When I lived in Texas I dreamed about walking the hills in California. Now that I'm in the non-stop hills of California, I dream about the flat streets of Texas LOL.

    You are a swimming superstar! It was 61 yesterday and I couldn't make myself get in the pool. Yes, the woman at the gym explained to me about the swim shirts they had, that they needed to be tight to provide protection "kind of like a wetsuit." I don't know what those rashguards are--off to check them out.

  9. How great that you are back to swimming like a seal! When snorkeling in Hawaii in the winter (OK, not the same thing) I do get cold. Adding a long sleeve rash guard designed for water activities did help. With the water being 84, a wetsuit would be too much.

    I can so relate to the "fat feeling" that lurks. I'm realizing that only adding activity to my eating plan is going to get me (maybe) to drop those last 20 pounds. My lose skin will always be there but heaven knows it certainly could be firmer.

  10. Uh, Shelley, I'm sorry that you are feeling the way you are. I've found that walking is awesome, and it makes me feel really good. Apparently walking releases more endorphins to your brain than any other type of exercise! So not only will you be working on your middle, but you'll feel happier, too!

  11. Not a fan of swimming. Nearly downed once... and usually that would make me want to ... no... HAVE TO get back and try again...
    Sadly - the phobia is too deep. Deep like the ocean.
    But twice as yukky!
    Maybe in time....

  12. Atta girl Shelley. Way to go on the swimming and the walking!!! Hope you are feeling better and seeing yourself thought kinder eyes soon. I see an inspirational woman when I see you through my eyes! Big hug!!!!

  13. You make me want to swim so bad! I haven't been in a pool for over 12 years because I feel like a whale. Sad..

  14. I am back to walking a lot and finding it really makes my legs feel better, in a different way than biking does.

    Don't forget about the lifting! Or maybe even Pilates.

  15. I walked away 100 lbs! You can walk, walk, walk it away. I know all about that flabby/flobby feeling. Glad I'm not the only one.

    Just not eating is not an option, nope, not in my world either. Being sensible is the key, for sure. Now what the definition of sensible??

    Your swim sounds so DAMN cold. You should break your arm patting your own back :)

    Thanks for ALWAYS leaving me a comment. I know I can always count on it.

  16. Glad you aren't an anorexic teenager - I loved that last sentence. I get so angry with myself for ruining my body but what's done is done and all we can do is work with what we have :) It doesn't take long at all to feel tight again. You can do it!!!!

  17. I know what you mean about just not eating. Some days it seems like the easier option until I get too hungry and find myself on the road to binge city. I hate that place. A real ghetto. Anyhoo...the thought of getting in water right now makes me shiver. Lord bless you. I freeze just taking my shoes off for TKD class! I'd be getting that wet suit. Take care!

  18. Do you do a lot of regular freestyle swimming, with no paddles or boards, just arms and legs churning through the water? I found that basic laps of that trimmed down my waist and sides because of the constant twisting motion of my core while I went up and down the pool. Just a thought!


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