Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday Workout Update - Clothes and Crow

Swimming was a bit different last week, in that we had relatively cool mornings - I'm talking barely 60 degrees, people, which, after the hottest summer on record, was practically frigid.  Obviously it was only a tease, as we've gone back up to morning temps in the low 70s, but it was a good preview for what I'll be facing shortly, since I absolutely plan on keeping up with swimming year-round.  And until last week, I hadn't given a thought that one day I won't just be able to pull on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt over my suit and head to the pool.

So now I'm confronted with another mystery - swim warm ups.  Naturally, my in-town shopping selection is slim-to-none, so I'm trying to figure it out online.  I tell you, this is harder than when I was trying to decipher running clothes - and also, with the warm ups, I'll only need one set (and may not even do the jacket as I'm afraid of looking too much like a matchy-matchy newb), so there is no room for error.  I've already resigned my short-statured-self to the fact that I'll have to have the bottoms hemmed - yay, another $10 added to the price.  (The life of being a shrimp - it's not cheap!)  Anyway.  I was waffling between the pants with zippers on the bottom so I could take them off over shoes, but just answered that question with the hemming deal.  No zippers.  Shoes?  What do people wear to the pool?  I have a pair of Crocs (I know, I know - but they are purple!) - maybe I'll just wear them and socks?  (haha, Stacy and Clinton would LOVE this look...maybe my dream will come true and I'll get on their show finally!)  I am so used to just whipping off my top layer of clothes and jumping easing into the pool that the idea of having to stop and actually undress is throwing me. 

In the grand scheme of things this isn't a huge deal, except that it is - if I'm too cold, my nice warm bed might prove too enticing to leave.  So I need to prepare and make swimming continue to work for me, even in the middle of winter.


On the yoga front, I have to tell you that I'm feeling more and more muscle strength after every class.  I'm continually amazed at what I can do - ME, who does not have the typical lithe yoga body.  I guess yoga really can be for most people.  Who knew?!?  Anyway, I talked about doing the crow pose last week, and this week, I have pictures.  Of me.  DOING the crow pose.  If I still sound shocked, well, it's because I AM.  Seriously...this is one of those "I'm never going to get that" poses - and yet, I am getting it.

Here's me and Carmen, who is the Saturday morning instructor, practicing the crow pose.

I didn't even need to use my yoga-block-security-blanket!!! 

Practicing this pose is addicting - I kept trying over and over.  The next day?  I realized how much of an ab workout I when I went to wash my hair, I could barely raise my arms.  But it's all good.  Yoga makes me feel strong and powerful - so glad I found this class! 


  1. I love that you can do this without using that block! Makes me want to do yoga today!! Don't they have a changing room at the gym so you can just take a bag with you and not worry about special warmup clothes? Here in Germany we get these fancy little lockers etc. Makes it nice to warm up by taking a shower before heading outside.

    Maybe a trench coat.... but be careful someone might think you are a flasher.

  2. Love the yoga posts Shelley.

    I did yoga yesterday.

    Im not yet ready to blog about it---but I thought of you.

  3. Fantastic Shelley: the crow pose, one of the most difficult yoga moves and you just DO IT! You're so great my girl.

    If I go to the gym and need warm ups I usually wear my workout pants and a jacket over my swimming suit with my Crocs flipflops (yes I have them too, pink of course) or my sneakers in Winter.

  4. WOW! Color me impressed. Yoga kicked my butt. I haven't been aback since. Chicken, I know.

    Hope you find the right swim wear. Too bad you can't find an indoor pool, and heated.

  5. WOW! Color me impressed. Yoga kicked my butt. I haven't been aback since. Chicken, I know.

    Hope you find the right swim wear. Too bad you can't find an indoor pool, and heated.

  6. Amazing crow, Shelley!

    You could get the cheapie fake crocs with the sherpa lining at target/walmart. they are nice and toasty, and you don't have to put socks on.

    Do you wear the same pants when you leave the pool? If not, I would suggest getting some fleece sweatpants. They hold their shape better than regular sweatpants, and are super comfy and warm.

  7. You old crow! Hahahahaha. Helen cracking herself up.

    Great job. No kidding.

    Sweetie, you may be the only person I know who would fret over swim warmups and matching etc. I see myself in a pair of long running pants and maybe a sweatshirt or some such non-matching, non-swimming thing. But you go girl and I say who cares about zippers because you can always make sure your shoes are off when you put 'em on or take 'em off.

  8. Holy crow! Okay, couldn't help myself on that one!

    Great job Shelley - and I always have to chuckle about you and your workout outfits - if it were me, I'd just through my lounge pajama pants on and a sweatshirt - which probably is full of stains!

    Happy Wednesday my friend!

  9. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Crocs...mine are purple with a turquoise strap...and I have white ones for my wedding reception!

    I say Crocs with socks are fine...and fleece sweatpants are AWESOME! I stole Dave's pair from Old Navy...maybe check them out?

  10. I used to have bright yellow Crocs which I called my Big Bird shoes. I'd go with the fleece sweatpants too. If you get the ones with elastic at the bottom, no hemming. That's what I wear for Zumba. :)

  11. Okay, I'm glad to see from the comments that I'm not the only one who didn't get the swim warm up pants. But I'm thinking, maybe they're water absorbent so you can put them on after you swim? I'm pretty used to changing before and after I swim, although I have to admit I don't like it. And I will be watching to see if you can make it through the winter! Of course, our pool is outdoors, but I just can't make myself go after it gets a certain temperature. Lots of diehards who swim all winter though.

    Now the yoga! Darn it Shelley! You keep enticing me to try new things. Yesterday I called to find out if I could do the yoga class and adjust the exercises for my hands, and the manager sounded kind of horrified. So I said, okay I"ll wait another week. But I'm gonna do it!

  12. I know I say this ALL THE TIME, but I'm truly LOVING that you're doing yoga!

  13. usually swimmers leave the pool in dry clothes and underwear. do you have a locker room? and i wear fleece lined crocs in winter... on my 4th pair. I often go to the pool in jeans or whatever i was wearing beforehand for real life and change into and out of my suit there.

    real swimmers have like $$$$200 swim warm up jackets that look like fleece lined trench coats at the meets

  14. I'm impressed! You are a better woman than me......right now......when I get nearer to goal I'm taking up yoga!
    My daughter wears toe socks with flip flops to swim practice in the winter......some of them are really cute.....and she has a swim parker for getting out of the pool......they are quick drying not like a regular coat.

  15. Awesome job Shelley! We call that the "bird pose" and I still can't do it....yet!

  16. You are a yogini!

    You would be embarrassed to work out with me. I am so not matchy anything LOL! I do have a couple of cool bike jerseys, but that's about it.

  17. Hee, I had the same amused reaction as Helen. OF COURSE you would want swim warmups! I honestly had never even heard of them before you mentioned them; isn't that just sweats to wear over your suit? Actually, I usually change and shower at the pool...

    Get matching ones. Otherwise it wouldn't be Shelley. :)

    Go YOU on the yoga pose. I am so glad you are rocking it as I knew you would.

  18. Ow...I mean, WOW! LOL What I love so much about you is your complete unwillingness to give up. I love that you're doing yoga. I love that you swim. You really have no idea just how much you inspire me. In fact, I'm going to stop feeding my face right now and get on my recumbant bike and sweat off the fig newton/snapea crisps/jelly sandwich snack I had this morning at 7 a.m.

    How's your ankle?

  19. Shelley you are my hero, if I tried that I've fall flat on my face and probably break my nose!
    I did yoga when my dad passed away it really helped me heal, maybe it's something i should look into again, thanks for inspiring Shelley!

  20. WOW! So amazing to see people hold that pose. I'm afraid of cracking my scull but I'm going to try to work up to it. Hope you're enjoying the cooler temps. Have a great weekend!

  21. Awesome! Great job! I don't think I can do that.


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