Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Mishmash - All OVER the Place Today!

I'm trying to be more proactive (editor's note:  MORE?  How about at all???) with my computer and all the crap important files on it - every once in a while I get a little worried that if it dies, so do all my pictures.  So I started looking at those "cloud" things that you upload your stuff to.  Dropbox seems to be very popular - I downloaded it and then uploaded one document.  Easy-peasy.  Then I started to upload my pictures.  NOT so easy-peasy, at least as far as I can figure it out.  Took forever.  It seems I have to upload each file folder separately?  I have A LOT of pictures.  I need to look into this further, but so far, it seems like it would take forever to actually archive all of them.  Anyone have any better ideas/suggestions for this lazy bum?


Something is UP with Blogger, and several blogs are getting flagged with malware warnings, including two (Katie J and Tina (Fat Girl Dives In)) - I've temporarily removed them from my blog roll, but obviously, this is going around.  The first person to chime in with "that's why you should move to Wordpress" will get an unseen ::rolleyes:: from me - that won't help this situation.  Anyway, I just wanted to let y'all know, and if you get a warning about my blog, email me, por favor.


Quick ankle update:  I met with my THIRD orthopedist on Wednesday, who specializes in the foot and ankle.  I really should have brought someone with me as a second set of ears, because while he was very focused on my ankle, I was a little confused as to the timeline and what his actual recommendations are.  Long story short, he injected some pain medicine into my ankle to, I think, see how I felt after that.  I was under the impression that this would be relieving my general, daily pain.  I had a lunch date with a friend shortly after the appointment, but was told to ice the ankle, so I stopped at Starbucks for a drink and a cup of ice that they so nicely provided for free.  Iced it both there and at the restaurant, and then walked around for a while, like the doctor wanted me to (he didn't specifically say WHERE, so I chose Kohl's.  Hey, why not?)  Anyway, it was quite stiff and hurt A LOT.  If that is pain medicine, I say no thank you!
 Free ice - how nice!

Thankfully, it was almost back to normal the next morning.  I'm waiting to hear back from the doctor, but I think I'll end up having the bone chips removed surgically - he seemed to think (after pressing on certain spots (ouch ouch OUCH!) and checking the x-ray) that the chips are what is continuing to cause me to hurt all the time.  But we'll see.  While I'm hesitant to jump into surgery, I have to remember that I went looking for a specialist because I'm still hurting, I'm not healed, and this has been going on for nine months now.  Usually after nine months you get a cute baby.  Not me - I just have a bum ankle.  So hopefully I'll have a better idea of what will be happening next week, and I'll, of course, let you all know.


My left forearm was aching and bothering me all day on Tuesday - I was actually getting worried, as I couldn't think of anything I'd done to cause had been cancelled the night before (sadness!), I swam the usual routine Monday and Tuesday...seriously, I was thinking I'd unconsciously messed something up!  Then that evening, I took Paco into the front yard to throw his ball for him, which we started doing again over the weekend.  Oh.  That was it - heaving the Chuck It.  Jeff had been the thrower over the weekend, but he was out of town, so I got the honor on Monday...which lead to Tuesday's soreness.  I may be dumb but at least I know I'm not injured!
The guilty party...

I think it's pretty apparent that Paco is attached to me.  But really, does he have to be THIS close?
He is under my rolling desk chair.  Which I don't roll, for obvious reasons.  The dog bed in the corner?  Rarely used.  And yes, the spoiled dog has a food dish in my office as well as the kitchen. 

By the way, this was the scene a few minutes later:
Squirrel?  Where squirrel???

Tiny paw print is my awesome faux-photoshop skills at work, covering up a dead fly on the windowsill.  Which has since been vacuumed up.  Housekeeping?  What's that???


Instead of Fashion Friday, how about Flowers Friday?  Because sometimes?  It's just nice to buy yourself some flowers.  My favorites - mini carnations.  Yes, I'm a cheap date (even when I'm the one buying), but what can I say - I've always liked them. 
These are actually a week old - I got 'em at Sam's Club. 


Have a great weekend - I'm going to spend Saturday morning with my running club and one of the founders of USAFit, who is coming from Houston to speak to our group and then run with them!  Coach Joni and I will be setting up a breakfast taco feast for the runners, but they have to earn it - 8 miles for the halfs and 11 for the fulls.  Luckily I'm still on the DL, so I get to eat for free. :)


  1. AHHH I already laugh to husband I need a medical advocate to come to doctors appts with me too!!
    Im used to being the listener/advocate for my elderly relatives---who knew I too needed someone there taking notes.

    have a great weekend.

    happy TACOing!

  2. The bone chips sound painful, like big thorns on the inside of your ankle. Can they guarantee surgery will fix it? (I hope?)

    I wonder if it's worth it to back up your blog. I forget how to do it, but the info is on Blogger somewhere. That way, you can't lose too much if Malware finds its way in??? I'll let you know if you've been flagged.

    Your doggie is sweet - I love the look on the cat's face outside the window - he/she looks like they saw a ghost! Have a great weekend.
    xo Debbie

  3. There is no such thing as a "full" dog food dish in our house. Paco must have incredible self-restraint.

  4. Hi, Shelley!

    I have an external hard drive that I use to back up my stuff, and I think it works perfectly. I update up back up every 10 days, and it has EVERYTHING on it. It cost $100, but the peace of mind is priceless.

    Also, on your ankle, I'm glad you are looking at surgery as an option for healing. That's what you need!

  5. we have a backup hard drive for our pictures. There are just way, way too many of them to think about putting in a cloud.

    Good luck with finding the right doc to take care of that ankle. You need some relief and/or answers, soon!

  6. oh geez, I hope they fix that problem, what a pain. I haven't got any warning when coming here Shelley. I will not saying anything about wordpress because I don't want to get injured ;-).
    Love the pic of the camo adorable!
    I love flowers too, I usually get them ever second grocery shopping week I love how they brighten up a room!
    Hope you have a great weekend

  7. Everyone else is already saying what I was going to: buy an external hard drive. I need to do the same thing and I've actually been looking at them lately.

    I love that picture of Paco and Kip. Love it.

    I did Fashion and Fingers on my blog today. I think with your Flowers we've covered it all!

  8. Too bad it will take surgery to fix the ankle. Guess you got to do what you got to do.

    I like the camo pic too. I really had to look for Kip. Like Where's Waldo!

    Enjoy your weekend, and slow down on the throwing, Slugger.

  9. Your flowers are soo pretty...and I think your house is so nice!
    Wish there was something that the doc could do beside surgery :(

  10. My best friend (the prissiest woman I know who went from not being able to run to her mailbox to running several marathons a year) trained with the Houston USAFit to get into her running form.

    The selfish me wants you to come see my "ankle guy" for a 4th opinion just to meet up ;-) Seriously though, hoping you are seeing a sports medicine orthopod/ankle specialist in Houston, insurance allowing. We athletes (ahem) deserve the best care!

    For backing up, I use an external hard drive - not so sure I want my stuff in the clouds yet.

  11. Love the camo kitty!

    I've been told that I need some disks in my neck fused, but I'm waiting until it's absolutely unbearable, I don't want to take the risk when it's still dealable. If you are at your breaking point where the pain is worth the chance it will be better with surgery, then I say take the chance. I will when the nerve pain from the compressed disks gets to that point.

  12. I'm saying it too: buy an external hard drive. We have one too and we put all our photos at it.

    If surgery will get you pain free, I say: go for it! This is taking way too long to heal.

    Paco makes me smile as always. I love that dog (I say that every time, I know :) )

    Lovely flowers, I don't buy them enough for myself.

  13. Okay. Trying really hard not to say something VERY negative about blogger. But I left a long and very clever comment, and then they commenced to make me sign in, and because I wouldn't give them my phone number, they threw my comment out. Oh. Guess I didn't succeed at not saying anything negative...

    Anyway, I LOVED this post. So fun. Carnations are my favorite flower too! I love their fresh smell.

    External hard drive. That 's what those little thingies are. I need one for my pictures too, because I have so many on my computer, they are slowing it down.

    LOVE your photoshopping with a pawprint over a fly, and love camouflage kip. Paco is just a good doggie.

    Regarding surgery...I guess I have had such a good experience that I kind of wish I had done it sooner. Yes I got along okay, but there were some things and some times that I just couldn't do what I wanted to do. And you do want to run, right?

  14. I know, I can't go on Katie J.'s blog at all - it totally stops my computer cold. :(

    I have an external drive that I save all my pictures to - it was only like $30 bucks I want to say? I just plug it into my USB port and then drag my pictures to it - and I am happy to say that even me, technologically challenged, am able to do it!

    Sorry about your ankle - maybe surgery is the best option? LOVE tiny carnations - I am a cheap date too with flowers. :D

    Happy Friday!

  15. I was going to suggest an external hard drive as well. We *should* have one but ehh.

    While I am not a fan of surgery and would avoid if possible it's pretty obvious that should be your solution since the bone chips are not dissolving or leaving the area and not causing you pain.

    Have a good weekend!

  16. Here is my quick ankle update - CANKLES!

    I have a throwy thing for Bella too. I use it in the house at night and bang the crap out of walls, windows, doors. We have loads of fun.

    I can smell those mini-carnations all the way from here.

  17. I'll echo the external hard drive sentiment. The clouds haven't been hammered out enough to warrant using them for massive numbers of files like photos.

    Love your "housekeeping"...if only that worked in person.

    Kharma likes to sit under my desk chair as well...I'm always rolling over drives me bonkers!

  18. I have one of those little backup drives. It is about the size of a double A battery. It holds 8 gigabytes of info! I have everything backed up on there.

    That shot you got was probably a steroid injection. They should have warned you of the flare up reaction that happens over the next 24 hours after getting one of those. They are often used for diagnostic purposes as well. If the shot does work for pain relief - that also tells them a lot.

    I hope surgery doesn't end up having to be the outcome, but if so - get it done asap and you can move on from this.

  19. Oh yes - and one other thing:


  20. I love your life. Your so happy and sweet. Lol

    Can't wait to see you next weekend. Can you believe it's already here?!

  21. As strange as it sounds, I am glad that you are finding some answers to your bum ankle.
    And, as for the throwing thing, that is something I would do. I have a huge bruise on my arm, NO idea how I got it.

  22. Hi Shelly, your site is still coming across clean with no maleware warnings.

    As for backing up your files, the least expensive long-term is buying a good external drive, but you gotta remember to do the back-ups.

    The other options are using a service like Mozy of Carbonite. They cost about $5 a month, but back up automatically every day (if you want).

    BTW: Like Lori said...Wordpress! ;)

  23. Mac and External HD = yay!
    Ice = Yay!
    Love your mishmash.... you have a happy life!

  24. HI Shelley. OWCH...sorry 'bout the ankle appointment! REALLY hope no surgery is needed. I LOVE LOVE the Paco/Kip photo. Hilarious!!!! Glad I'm not alone in my malware/spamming stuff lately. But GRRR! Hope your Sunday is a good one!!!

  25. I know you don't want to have surgery, but 9 months of conservative treatment is a long time. The fact that you're still having pain may mean you have to bite the bullet, even if the bullet is yucky. I hope it all works out soon! Take care!


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