Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Max!!!

Today is my youngest son's birthday - my baby is 22 years old!  I still don't understand how this is possible - I mean, I remember when he was born, and I SWEAR it was not that long ago!

We went up to Denton for the weekend to see the boys.  Stopped first at Max's apartment to give him his birthday know you're an adult when you get art, or rather, "three art" as Max put it, for your birthday.
Max and his art - hey, he wanted real art for his apartment - no more posters for this, young man!

We had a fun weekend, both relaxing and whirlwind busy - don't ask me how we managed to do that!  For Max's official birthday dinner, he requested a Mexican restaurant in Frisco, which is near where Sam lives.  The boys were eyeing the margaritas on the menu, so Jeff and I encouraged them to order one.  Of course, we cracked up when they were carded by the waiter!  While they both thought the margaritas were pretty strong, they managed to finish them, no problem.

Sam has only had one sip and already, he's giggling!  Max is pondering the essence of the tequila...or maybe he had a brain freeze from the drink?

Here's some of my favorite pictures of Max through the years - he's a kid who's marched to the beat of his own drum - and in one case, created his own drum set.  I'm proud to have him for my son! :)
Lack of an actual drum set never stopped Max from making his own music!

This was taken during - yes, during - his 6th birthday party!  It had rained that day, and after the games and cake, Jeff took the boys up to the elementary school to burn off some energy.  They found mud puddles and were quite proud of their "war paint," those knuckleheads!
 (Austin, Tony, Zach and Max)

Max loves animals - these are some (not all, believe it or not) of our pets with him:
With Jackie - I don't think she lasted long in the tub, but she looks like she was enjoying her bath!
With his favorite, Bugs the rat.
Max and kitten Taz.
Vintage Max - old school computer and monitor, soda can AND bottle (banner day!), and Bart the kitten.  What more could a boy want?

Max had a terrible first football game in seventh grade - he was knocked down by a huge kid and badly broke both bones in his wrist.  He ended up having four surgeries and nearly lost his hand after compartment syndrome set in the evening after the bones were set (surgery #1).  Here he is recovering after one of the operations, with now adult cat Bart and my favorite, Pumpkin, keeping him company:
And after all of that trauma, he actually went back and played football AGAIN the next year (broken foot) and the year after that (broken arm).  Then he finally decided enough was enough!

Here's my now 22-year-old son, with happy (I'm with my boy, I'm with my boy) Paco (and mega-desk behind him):
Have a great birthday, Max!!!  We love you. :)


  1. Happy birthday Max.

    I love this Shelley.

    We love our kids :)

  2. Wow, Paco really does look happy! And is that a gun I spy in the top, left-hand corner of the 6th birthday pic? Happy Birthday to Max!

  3. Happy birthday Max!

    And congratulations to you too Shelley with your beautiful boy. Loved to see pics of him growing up.

  4. Awwwww, Happy Birthday Max! Love the shots of him with your pets through the years. :)

  5. This is an awesome birthday tribute to Max. And fo sho' we are not letting our son play football!

  6. Happy Birthday to Max! Time does fly by - Hannah will be 20 on her next birthday and I still don't know how that happened!

    Glad you had a great weekend!

  7. I just realized when you said Denton - that's where University of North Texas is, right? My brother Charlie's daughter is going there - she just got dropped off for her freshman year!

  8. Happy Birthday Max! Hope your day and upcoming 'new' year are filled with great things!

  9. Fun post! Glad he had a good birthday! Love the last picture...Paco looks so happy :)

  10. Haha, Paco IS smiling I think!

    Loved the pic of the boys in the mud at a bday party. I'm sure those mothers were thrilled. But memories!

    And my goodness the broken bones from fb! How freaky! I'm sure you were very leery of him playing in 8th grade, after the horrible wrist situation. I'm rather surprised he was allowed. Wow.

    Fun post. Chrissy

  11. Happy birthday to Max. Paco looks soooooo happy. He's hilarious!

  12. How fun to see pictures of your boys growing up, especially of him with all the animals through the years! Of course I LOVED the picture of Jackie.

    And how unbelievably scary that he got that compartment syndrome. Wow. Its hard being a parent.

    So what kind of froyo do they have in Frisco/Denton LOL?

  13. I can totally identify after just sending 2 off to college and one starting high school.....hardly seems possible.
    Happy birthday Max!

  14. Happy Birthday to Max! :)

  15. Happy Birthday Max!!

    Loved the photos over the years. Glad you guys got to get together for it!

  16. Happy Birthday Max!!!! Really like the photos through the years! Paco is certainly posting beautifully for the last picture! So fun! Have a great week Shelley!

  17. Totally adore this post. Sweetest thing ever. Why do they grow up so fast.
    Happy Birthday!

  18. Sweety fricandeau is pork meat. Wasn't sure if this was an international word for this, apparently not :)

  19. Hope your day is great - what happy pics.
    Happy Birthday!

  20. Happy Belated Birthday to Max! It's crazy how fast they grow up. Love all the pictures and really love how he learned to march to the beat of his own drums at an early age. It took me much longer to learn that lesson ;)

  21. Fantastic pix. I can't believe a. he kept playing football after b. all those injuries.
    He must have his mother's blood in him :)


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