Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Mishmash

Paco is 5 years old now and still just as insane as he was when we first got him as a young puppy in 2006.  I guess that's the terrier in him.  This week he really let the man delivering the new phone book on our doorstep have it - well, from the other side of the door, that is.  Guess he never saw the movie The Jerk - doesn't he know we CELEBRATE the new phone book?
Dat movie rated R - I too young to see it.


I saw the movie The Help a few days ago - I was in a rush to get to the 11:45 am showing, and knew that I would be hungry for lunch during the movie, so I threw some yogurt, granola and pretzel sticks into my purse, along with some water...that worked great, as I wasn't tempted to buy the ridiculously-priced popcorn or any other snacks.  The movie was pretty good, btw - I loved the book, and usually I don't like the movie if I've loved the book, but not true in this case.  Of course, the book had way more story to it, but the movie is definitely worth seeing.
 Dramatic reenactment of my movie lunch (I didn't have time to take a picture beforehand)


You meet the nicest people in Blogland!  One of them is Katie J, who lives in my hometown - it's always fun when she writes about her area, because I can picture the places where she goes (for the most part - I haven't lived there since 1983 and it's changed a little).  Anyway, she sent me a present to celebrate my "new" office - painted wine glasses!
They have my blog flower painted on them - how perfect!  I love the colors, too.  Thank you, Katie!!!
Paco approves!


Just when I thought I was imagining our really hot temperatures, comes this list...with my town as the fourth hottest place to live in the U.S.  Egads.  But really - it's been over 100 degrees here for more than a month.  That IS hot, even for Texas!

In this week's Fashion Friday, I have two new skirts to show you!  Backstory on this is that about a month ago, I was waiting for my drink (iced nonfat latte) at Starbucks and I noticed a woman there, wearing the cutest khaki skirt.  Naturally I had to compliment her on it, and find out where she got it.  Would you believe Athleta?  Well, I would - I get their catalogs and drool over their clothes, but I've never actually purchased anything - they are kinda spendy, and you know how I like my bargains!  But this skirt was so cute...and it was on sale, so I decided to buy one.  However, I couldn't decide which size to get, so I bought a purple one in one size and a light khaki (called dolphin) one in another size.  Guess what?  They both fit.  The bigger one is a little longer, but I can't see much difference otherwise.  I was going to return whichever one didn't fit, but I really loved them, so I ended up keeping them both.  Also?  I thought it was interesting that my ego wasn't bothered by keeping the bigger size - while, when I first lost my weight, I was thrilled beyond belief to fit into small sizes (and rightly so, after spending years and years in the plus sizes), I've relaxed on the whole "numbers" thing, from the scale to the clothes.  I'm wearing what fits, regardless of what it says on the tag.  I know, what a concept!!!

Anyway, onto the skirt - here's the purple:
And here's the dolphin:
But wait - there's more!  These are not just skirts - they are skorts!  I love that they have shorts, made out of the same fabric as the skirt, underneath.  And guess what?  I can't seem to stop myself from showing anyone and everyone who compliments me on the skirt (and there have been quite a few people who've done that - it's a really cute, skort).

Flashing the purple:
Annnd flashing the dolphin color:

What I like about these skorts?
  1. Great fabric - similar to the shorts I've been living in all summer;
  2. They dress me up just a bit - I feel more confident running errands, not showing quite so much thigh (well, unless I happen to be showing someone the shorts underneath, lol);
  3. They wash and dry like a champ - no wrinkles, super-easy to care for.
What I'm not thrilled about?
  1. The shorts tend to roll up a bit every time I sit down (no matter which size), so I have to adjust them whenever I, say, get out of the car;
  2. The cost - even on sale, they are expensive, and I'd love to own a few more colors, but my budget won't allow for it. 
Ah well.  The skorts are fun, and in the few weeks that I've had them,  they've quickly become my go-to choice when I'm out and about.  Perfect for our hot Texas summers!

Have a great weekend - it's gonna be another scorcher here...hope y'all stay cool!


  1. Love the skorts and love even more that you paired that lovely purple with a bright turquoise! Yay for new clothes!

  2. Cute skorts! I love Athleta, just got their new fall catalog in the mail and am drooling over lots of items. I have to pay off my last Athleta order first though.

    And I love those wine glasses! Can you actually use them or are they just for show?

  3. The glasses are really cute!

    I like the stuff in the Athleta catalogs as well but the prices keep me away :(

  4. Paco is my number 2 favorite dog in the world, he's so cute and I love that he sneaks into every photo.

    I love the skirts, they look very good on you. Good choice.

    And what a lovely gift from Katie.

    I don't envy you living in that heat :) Aren't you getting bored with it?

  5. Happy Birthday to Paco!

    I love Athleta too but I don't think I've ever seen a thing on sale. I just normally gaze longingly at the catalog...

    And your heat? STOOOPID. Even my local news keeps talking about the heat and drought in Texas!

  6. Awww...Paco is 35 in dog years now? Is that right? Happy birthday, Paco. Maybe he was upset his name wasn't in the phone book. ;-)

    Those skirts are da bomb. I want one now.

    You made #4 on the hot list! Wow. It has been crazy this summer. Hoping for rain soon. And FALL!!

    Have a great weekend.

  7. Happy Birthday Paco! I love how he always tries to steal the scene!

    Love the skorts - I might actually wear one of those!

    My brother Charlie said they had something like 30+ days of 100+ degree weather - so crazy! It was a gorgeous 68 degrees when I left my house this morning.

    Happy Friday Shelley - and have a great weekend!

  8. That is a very attractive skirt. I had some skorts once and loved them. Might have to check this out!

    Paco and the phone book man--chuckling again.

    A month over 100 degrees??? Time to move back to sunny dusty California! That's just crazy. When I lived in Texas I remember a couple of times where it was over 100 for 13 days in a row, and that was miserable. It never cools down once it gets that hot.

  9. Thanks for the tip on the skort, Athleta. Will check out website and hope within my budget.

  10. Woo Hoo - she is showing legs!! Those are cute. I have never worn a skort before, although I am thinking of getting a biking skort.

    Happy birthday Paco!

    I brought my own snacks to my movie, too. It's bad enough to pay $10 for a matinee movie, let alone overpriced snacks.

  11. Ooh, la la. Someone flashed me a little thigh today! :) I'm gonna tell my hubby that, lol.

    Love the skorts, very cute. And thanks for making me smile today. I'm going through my google reader, and for some reason, everyone else has decided to write super serious, personal posts today. Not that I don't enjoy those as well. But yours was a breath of fresh air today!

    I noticed you talking about clothing sizes and feeling comfortable ignoring the numbers...At my blog (shameless self-promotion ahead), I posted a series of articles on having your close fitted to your figure. I talk a lot about "standard American clothing sizes" and how they vary across manufacturers.

    Anyway, I noticed you say that you were pleased not to care too much about the size on your label. You might like my post as much as I liked yours. It's at:

    Let me know what you think too, if you don't mind. I'm a new blogger and appreciate feedback. :)

  12. Cute skort! I may need to get some of those! Do they fit true size

  13. damn, just realized i cant bc they dont have size 18

  14. Those wine glasses are awesome. That is cool that someone sent them to you. I love the skirt skort. I am not a skirt person, but I would wear that for sure. Very cute.

  15. Shelley,

    I love the skorts and am going to buy one. Do u mind me asking....did you buy petite? I am 5'4 and I don't want the skirt to be too long.

    Thanks for responding

  16. Happy Birthday Little Paco!!! Love the skorts Shelley! I have a couple of pairs myself. Hope the week ahead is a good one! And may cooler temperatures come your way VERY soon!!!

  17. Heehee, love the skorts! I can totally see you in Athleta clothes; they have lots of great non-workout clothes, but still in that sporty style that is so very you.

  18. Love the skorts! I was looking at them in that very catalog, but was afraid to order them. Maybe I'll take another look. They would be great for this heat! I love the purple. That's the one I wanted!


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