Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday Workout Update

 My pink pool bag with all my workout goodies - aqua gloves, water shoes so I can "run" up and down the pool without hurting my tender toes, goggles, swimcap - all that is missing is a kick board, and that's because I just borrow one at the gym.  Oh, and please note the giant purple towel to match my swim suit!  Not as entertaining as coordinating running outfits, but it's all I have for now.

So this is my life:  Wake up and roll out of bed.  Drink a few sips of coffee.  Brush teeth.  Shimmy into swimsuit - not easy when you're only half awake.  Throw on shorts and t-shirt over suit, slip feet into flip flops.  Grab swim bag and hop in car for 15 minute drive to gym.  (and no, you didn't miss the part where I brush my hair or wash my need, as I'll be jumping into the pool soon!) 

Get to pool, find an open lane (whew - I've never had to share a lane with a stranger so far), dump all of my workout accessories on side.  Grab yellow kick board from the locker - never the blue or pale pink one, always the yellow.  No idea why, but it must be that color.  Pull hair into ponytail; jam swimcap on.  Slip into water - it's usually around 83 degrees; not always easy to get right in...however, I'd rather be in the water quickly so as to not flash my pale jiggly thighs to the world.  Begin Shelley Swimming™ routine.

One hour later, haul self from pool (still can't perform the graceful lift-and-twist move to get out).  Rinse off in warm pool shower.  Dry off, brush hair (see, now it's important as this is it for the day).  Pull shorts and t-shirt back on; squeak in flip flops out to car.  Drive home, trying not to gnaw right arm off from extreme hunger.  Arrive home, have breakfast.  Next day?  Do it all again.

The one interesting thing about swimming is that while I do feel I'm getting a pretty decent workout (keep in mind I'm mixing it up quite a bit, not just doing the crawl up and down the lane ever lap after lap), I'm not painfully sore afterward, like I was almost all the time when I did my group workouts.  And, I'm able to swim as often as I want should can - I don't have to rest my muscles in between workouts.  Now, I am tired from swimming, but I'm not hurting.  I can feel my muscles toning up; however, it's weird to see that without having the T-Rex arms or dreading the act of sitting down (and standing back up) - is it really possible to get into shape without painfully sore muscles?  This is uncharted territory for me...but I have to admit, I like not being so sore after a workout.  Maybe I'm just being a lazy baby, but this is a nice change.  And it's enough that when I'm able to resume running (please, soon?), I'll be able to keep swimming.  Who knew???


  1. Love a swimming workout recap this week. And you wouldn't be you if your swimming things didn't match. You would disappoint me if they didn't :)

    I've often read advice that if one is injured swimming is one of the best things to do because you still work your muscles but without the muscle pain.

    You know I was thinking about you this morning (watch out: this has nothing to do with swimming LOL )

    You're a matching girl, I am too. My shoes have to match with my clothes, so does my make-up and jewelry. And ... here it comes: even my lingerie has to match with my outfit of the day (I've got a lot of lingerie). Now I was wondering: do you match your underwear too with your outfits?

  2. Haha! I like your schedule, Shelley!

    I can understand the questioning of whether it is a good workout when you're not sore. It's the same feeling with yoga. However, my friend has the most slammin' body you have ever seen and it's totally attributed to yoga! So, I think it can happen :) It just takes the mind getting used to it.

  3. Ha! the Shelley Swimming TM totally cracked me up this morning! And I am SO SO SOOO impressed that you get up and go straight to the pool. I just have no excuses left. My gym is about 15 minutes away too...

    And yes, regarding getting in shape with the swimming, I think all you have to do is look at some of the hardcore swimmers bodies out there. I mean the ones where that seems to be their ONLY workout. They look absolutely amazing. Never mind that they've been doing it for 40 years.

    The most amazing thing is how you've adapted to different types of exercises over the years. Swim, Shelley, swim!

  4. OMG, only you Shelley would color coordinate your towel to match your swimsuit!

    I agree about the not being sore after swimming, but I can definitely feel it in my upper body the most - I think because I haven't been doing any strength training other than 30 day shred, my legs have more muscle than my upper body.

    Okay, I may need to buy some aqua gloves! :D Have a great day!

  5. Just keep Swimming. My fave quote from Finding Nemo!

    I have been swimming (outside, unheated pool) twice. Think I will switch things up this summer and swim more. You're right.....who knew!

  6. Nice job! You are lucky to have access to a big pool! I agree with will be telling us soon that you signed up for a tri or mini-tri! YOU GO GIRL!!

  7. Great job and great routine! I'm jealous! I wish I had access to a pool!

  8. Look at you with all your gear. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who uses the "stuff" to make it all a little more fun. Sharing a lane gives me anxiety attacks and I hear you on the hunger. Even when I was a kid, swimming made me need to eat IMMEDIATELY!! I'm so proud you're keeping going and happy blogiversary!!

  9. I don't want you to get bored and yes you can go back and do it day after day usually. I tend to get sore because I push my intervals so hard. I mix aqua exercise and swimming more quarters at school than not.

    here are 25 non swimming exercises to do in a pool.

  10. Sounds like things are going swimmingly!

  11. swimming is something that I have always feared and I really don't know why.
    Sounds like a great workout Shelley and i am proud of you for finding something that you enjoy while you are waiting to resume your running!
    Great work!

  12. I am thinking like Helen - triathlon in your future!

    You don't have to feel sore to get a good workout. Even when I lift heavy now, I rarely feel sore. Pain does not really = gain.

  13. "squeak in flip flops out to car"
    Ha! I do that too. :)

    Makes me want to go for a swim. never worn a swimcap before. I wonder if my locks would fit under one.

    Yep, triathlon. Think of the medals! :D

  14. Swimming on an empty stomach - childhood lessons die hard. LOL! Woman, get some light protein in you before you head in.

    Sharing a lane isn't so bad. No one is a stranger in a pool, just think of all that fluid we are sharing - er, or not...

    So impressed that you are continuing to swim! Keep it up.

  15. So cute! Water shoes and aqua gloves. I don't swim, so I didn't even know those two things existed.

  16. Hiya. Back from a long absence and enjoying your blog again.

    I love swimming as part of a health routine. Except for the driving to and from part, it's easy, cheap, doesn't hurt my bod very much, and fun.

    Too bad I live so far away from a pool. I miss it.

    Vee at

  17. Totally proud of you for all the swimming - that's awesome! I need to get back into it, but ... well... haven't. Oops.

  18. Loving the cute and colorful swim gear!

  19. I commend you for finding an exercise that's every bit as challenging as running while you're waiting to get running again. You're no "lazy baby."

  20. I am so happy that you are enjoying your swimming and thanks you for showing your equipment! I have a waterproof ipod holder and also bought water proof headset. I love listening to music while swimming and keeps the boredom away.

    Are you going to try the warm yoga? Do they offer that where you live?

  21. Love the swimming post Shelley!!!! And I smiled when I read your kickboard is always yellow!! Have a great day!!!!

  22. I LOVE that you are swimming. LOVE IT.


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