Monday, May 16, 2011

My College Graduate!

I can't believe it's over - Sam has graduated from college!  I remember walking him into his classroom on the first day of kindergarten back in September of 1992...he's been in school ever since, until Saturday.  WOW.  We are all so very proud of Sam, and yes, I have to take a moment to brag, because he worked really hard at UNT - he was in a very demanding program and put tons of hours into his projects, and it paid off - Sam graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, and a minor in mathematics.  He was published in a technical magazine earlier in the year, got a great internship that led to a wonderful job offer, and is starting off his life as an adult on the right foot.  The sky's the limit, Sam! :)

Reading the card from Jeff and I - it was a talking card that said "blah blah blah blah" - it gave me the giggles every time I opened it, and cracked Sam up, too.
Sam and Other Sam, his roommate from Freshman and Sophomore years in the dorms.  We walked from the boy's apartment to the graduation ceremony.
At the coliseum, waiting for the ceremony to begin.  From left:  Me, my mom, my dad, Max, Jeff, my Uncle Phil.
The graduate!!! 
 Proud family, happy graduate!
I like how relaxed and happy we look in this picture.
At the on-campus reception right after the ceremony.
Max and Other Sam - two cheese balls!
Family picture - anyone notice how Jeff has appropriated my "hand on hip" signature pose???
Thumbs up!  It's all good. :)
Officially a UNT alumni now!
We had Rudy's BBQ for the party afterward - holy yum this was good!
Even the beer got fancy for the party!
Sam and his amazingly delicious carrot cake he requested...
That's my boy! :)


  1. congratulations, Shelley!!!

    As we get ready to start kindergarten here I wonder, some days, if I will make it to college graduation :)

    congrats to you and your boy :)

  2. Here's one proud Mom!

    Congrats to Sam for graduating and congrats for you and Jeff and Max too.

    Great report and it was lovely to read it.

  3. Congratulations to you, Mom! I know you are proud of Sam - that program is demanding. He's one smart cookie, that one.

  4. Congrats on your son's graduation, enjoy his achievement.

    I have one child graduated and six more to go. The youngest only starting kindergarten this year.

    I've been stalking your blog for a bit. I've enjoyed reading your posts.

    From another 40 something.

  5. Yep, one smart cookie! Good for all of you. The sky really is the limit.


  6. Congratulations on your sons graduation! You raised him well!

  7. What great pictures! You all look so happy. Congratulations again to Sam--the sky indeed is the limit.

  8. What great pictures! You all look so happy. Congratulations again to Sam--the sky indeed is the limit.

  9. Congratulations! What a defining moment!!

  10. Congratulations to your family Shelley! What a great achievement and here is to Sam have a great and fulfilling career!

  11. Shelley, you look so proud and so you should be!

    I look at my boys everyday and wonder what they will become.

    congrats to you and your family and your son, you can tell he has made you proud!

  12. What a wonderful day. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Carrot cake is my favorite kind of regular cake. Please send emergency piece to Connecticut.

    Congratulations Sam! The sky's the limit!

  13. Congratulations, Shelley! Aren't you proud?

    Love your shoes, and that carrot cake definitely looks 'worthy!'

  14. Congratulations to your son and to the proud parents! Now I am drooling for Rudy's. It's always our first stop when I visit my oldest son in San Antonio. Sometimes I even bring a little back to Georgia to share with my friends. Actually, I usually eat it on the plane.

  15. I read a lot of blogs, and never comment. But I just wanted to tell you that I really love your attitude and way of looking at life - you're so down to earth and practical and I know if we met in real life we'd be friends. Congrats to your family on your son's achievement - it's a big deal! He'll go far.

  16. You have a lot to be proud of!! I can't believe it went by so fast - I think I've been reading your blog since 2008?? So crazy!

    Congrats to the grad!!! (and Happy Monday to you my dear!)

  17. Congrats! So happy for you and your son. Good luck to him! You were in my neck of the woods this weekend. Wasn't the weather grand? That cake looks FAB! Have a great week!

  18. BIG congratulations to Sam!!!! Thank you for sharing this special family day, you have EVERY reason to be proud!!!!!!

  19. Congrats to Sam!!! You must be so proud, Shelley!

  20. WHooP!!! Way to go Sam!! You deserve to be beaming with pride for him...WOW! Engineering/Math...he'll make a great daddy in that he can help his kids in math past the 4th grade level... :)

  21. A BIG congratulations to Sam. You did good, mom. I'm proud of him but also of you and Jeff too. Raised him right. :)

    Oh, wow. *sigh* They really grow up fast, don't they? But it's neat to waatch the new chapter begin in their lives. (I'm reflecting on my own kids right now too :D )

  22. Congratulations! It goes so fast, doesn't it?

  23. Congratulations :)
    Wow, what an achievement!! I am trying to get my 2 thru middle and high school and oh boy!

  24. Congrats. Sam looks so "decorated" in all his pomp.
    It looks like it was such a great day! I am so impressed with his job and all his accomplishments, it must be because he has such an awesome mom.

  25. This is great news and congratulations to you and to the whole family (mom looks great in the photos too).
    I hope he can go on to a career where he can support you in the manner to which you've become accustom. Did you warn him?

  26. Congrats to your son!! What a great accomplishment, good luck to him! Love the pictures.

  27. Congrats to all of you, especially Sam! I'm feelin' really proud, and I've never met him! Next spring it will be my son..after a 5 year Mechanical Engineering program.

    Your Mom looks great; what a blessing that your parents could come.

    I love the pic of Max & other Sam. (I'm wondering what the friends of Sam2 called them to differentiate between the roomies in Fresh & Soph year. Maybe it isn't something that can be mentioned in a 40 something blog.) Ha.

    Congratulations! Chrissy


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