Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Mishmash

So remember when I couldn't find the router code and I discovered that I had misplaced last year's desk calendar? Well really, how could you forget - it was only five days ago. Anyway, I had to get a new router on Wednesday, along with a new code. I made sure to write that code down in my 2011 desk calendar. We shall not speak of my 2010 desk calendar, except to say it will be appearing on a milk carton soon.


Paco got his new collar that is sized correctly. Also, he is wearing a cute new dog tag with our updated info (e.g. no home phone anymore). In the continuing saga of "where is my brain?" I received the one that I ordered, online, a couple of weeks ago. Then, the next day? Another dog tag showed up. Similar design, different company (first one came from Australia, second one came from Seattle), correct info. Weird thing #1? I only paid for the first one. Weird thing #2? I thought I ordered one with a peace sign on it, to match his new collar. And I'm sorry to say that this is all done without the benefit of alcohol or Ambien - it's just how my brain (or what is left of it) operates.

A tag and a spare, apparently...

Posing in his new bling.

I discovered how to make Paco sit still for a picture...hold a cookie right next to the camera. He'll wait until kingdom come for a cookie!


Problem? It's only a problem if you admit it. And I'm not...
Doesn't everyone have four packs of gum in their desk drawer???

What can I say - they help me chomp away the sweet attacks that I get in the afternoon (and evenings...). By the way, the mint chocolate chip ice cream flavor is my favorite. Key lime pie? Not so much. Oh, and this isn't a paid review or anything - I just like this gum.


I have a customized Favicon!  Woohoo, I am finally somebody!!!  Check out my pink flower next to my website cute is that?!?  Dion over at Favicon Fixer is doing this for free - he's on a mission to rid the internet of that boring Blogger orange B.  Thanks, Dion!


Someone is *not* spoiled. Nope, not at all...
Paco begged me (which means he hopped up and down incessantly in front of the pantry where his treats are stored) for a rawhide one morning. I gave him one, and was surprised to see him with THREE of them a minute later. Geez, issues much? ;)


And now, it's time for Fashion Friday! Today I'm featuring an embroidered top I bought while shopping with my mom in February. You know those peasant blouses that show up in the stores every spring? I love them. I want one, and every year I try one or two on, only to be dismayed at how awful I look in them...something about the fullness combined with an elastic waist just does not look good on me. But still, I long for one. Well, I happened upon this top at Ross, and thought "hey, that looks like a peasant blouse minus the elastic waist!" Long story short, I liked it, it satisfied my cravings, and it was only $9.99!
I'm wearing sandals (my favorite bronze BOC from last year) because it's warm enough, and also I'm carrying my adorable new (to me) Coach backpack purse, sent to me from Biz because she is a resale-shopper-extraordinaire who not only finds great bargains, but shares them with her friends! Thanks, Biz - I love it! :)

Close up of the top - now that I have it, I also want a three-tiered white skirt to go I living back in the 80s or what?!?


Well. Tomorrow is the big day - the Blue Bell 10K Relay, where Jeff and I will team with Kelly and Chuck and run for ice cream! This should be a blast and I can't wait - we always enjoy our time spent with them. Look for the recap on Monday.

Have a great weekend!


  1. have a great race tomorrow!!
    and I snickered at the gum photo as well.
    my child was NOT allowed to have gum until she turned 5 and since then? HOG WILD.
    she gets one piece a day and her drawer is filled with every variety under the sun so that when it's time to choose----she has myriad options.

    she makes your four look paltry!!


  2. Have fun tomorrow! But I bet you will. Been meaning to ask you: did Jeff join the running group that you joined last week, too?

    I love Paco, always touches my heart when he's in the pics.

    And I love the top, it looks good on you. I've wore my flipflops 3 times this week (not at work, at home) and to me that's really early in the season :) but I love them.

  3. The favicon looks great! Have fun at your relay!

  4. If you have Old Navy near you go look there for your skirt. My sister just got a white tiered skirt there last week for $12!

    Have fun at the race and most importantly, eat lots of ice cream!

  5. It was Fashion Friday Paco Edition! Love the new color and tags. Doesn't hurt to have a spare tag or two.

    Love the outfit. So cute.

    Can't wait until tomorrow. I have butterflies I'm so nervous. But I keep thinking "it's not that far, it's not that far." One thing is for sure: we're going to look goooood. Picture time! Fashion Monday coming up.

  6. You just got me all distracted. I had to peek at Kelly's blog b/c you shouted out to her and then I forgot to comment here on what a nut Paco is. I wonder where he gets it? I am so glad he got to be portrayed on fashion Friday w/ his new bling, stunning like yours.
    Good luck tomorrow!

  7. Love the top and so glad that you love the Coach back pack! :D

    Thanks too for your continued support the last few days - I needed it! :D

    Hugs - have a great weekend Shelley! Looking forward to the race recap on Monday! :D

  8. I feel the same about those blouses and just went through that same mental exercise... I did not try one on though

    Have fun tomorrow and I look forward to hearing the recap :)

  9. Okay - I love 80s music, but the fashions? I heard shoulder pads might make a return (OMG!).

    Enjoy tomorrow - I know you will :D

    Paco's picture says "Check me out ladies!"

  10. Blue Bell - did you just say Blue Bell? OMG, it is the best ice cream in the country. And, my ultimate trigger food.

    Fun to see someone else enjoys putting bling on their puppy.

  11. Hi Shelley, good luck in tomorrow's race! Look forward to hearing how it goes!!! Love the blouse, and LOVE Paco's jaunty new collar and tags!!! Lucky Paco!!!! Have a good weekend!!

  12. you look great! I saw some really cute, lightweight tiered skirts at Old Navy just a few hours ago! Love the brick wall too. Very magazine fashion spread-ish :) have a BLAST at the race!

  13. I swear I wrote something but it didn't publish. Maybe I am mental. That was not a question.
    Bella has that same leash (not collar). She hates the leash because it's scratchy. She even growls at me when I try to take it off of her. Either leave it on forever, she growls, or take it off and send it to Paco, the little peace lover from TX.

    You look great in your peasant blouse. Very peasanty. You are bringing back the 70s. knock it off.

  14. Have a great race tomorrow and a fabulous time - I know you will!

    I am the self-same way with the peasant blouses. I love them. I try them on. I leave them at the store. I think you found the perfect one - it is adorable, as is the bag.

  15. Have a great race tomorrow!

    I'm jealous of all your gum flavors - I don't think I've seen ANY of those flavors - I'll have to keep my eyes open for them :)

  16. I was just going to ask about the mint chocolate chip flavored gum. That's my favorite flavor of ice cream. My kids always point it out at the check out line and I always say No, it probably tastes horrible.

    Now I am going to try it!

  17. Dog bling and ice cream.
    What could be better than that -
    Oh - meeting up with Kelly...that's what!

  18. Love the blue peasant top; I bought one (surprise, surprise) in yellow from Kohls, and am looking forward to wearing it soon.

    Hope the run was great yesterday!

  19. FYI- atop my microwave sit 2 cases of the Extra Dessert Delights gum, over 300 sticks of the delightful stuff! I buy it by the case at Sams Club, and always also have at least a couple packs in my desk drawer.


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