Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday Workout Update

I have turned into a walking fool and it feels good! I logged nearly 12 miles last week, with my longest walk on Sunday being 4.25 miles. Couple of things that I've noticed:
  1. My muscles were sore - almost as sore as when I was a new runner! I guess that makes sense, and it also made me feel good, like I am getting myself conditioned for when I start running again. This week, though, most of the soreness is gone - woohoo!
  2. Walking, no matter how fast I make my short legs go, is slow. It was a bit disconcerting when Ricky Bobby chimed at 3 miles and I saw 48 minutes showing - had I been running, I would have had 4 miles, easily, in that time.
  3. I thought I was walking pretty fast (trying to get my cardio on) by myself, but when Jenny and I walked together on Thursday, we zipped along, which is pretty incredible considering we were also talking about 90 miles an hour! And the fact that we were going to have Red Mango when we were finished had nothing to do with our speed...nothing at all! ;)
  4. No matter how much peppy music I have on my iPod, I still like walking with another person best. Although on Sunday? After Jeff ran for 30 minutes (no that didn't kill me to watch, not one bit) and then joined me for the rest of my walk, we both had our music playing and were singing along to different songs at the same time (the park was deserted - no one but the squirrels and deer to hear us) became a little like battle of the bands. I don't think either of us was the winner, though - let's just say that American Idol will not be knocking down our door for us to audition anytime soon.
  5. I nearly kicked my ankle on Sunday. When I caught myself, I glanced at Ricky Bobby to see how far I was into the walk - 3.68 miles - so that confirms what I form gets sloppy when I get a little tired.
  6. Speaking of my ankle, I am a little aware of it. Not that walking hurts it; more like it's acting all cranky-like...similar to a small child being woken up from a nap. Fussy, but then it gets over it, if that makes sense. Not hurting enough to stop walking - I'm of the mindset that I'm strengthening it. Yep. That's what I'm doing...and don't let that toddler of an ankle tell you anything else.
I guess that was more than a couple of things. I really am enjoying getting out in our lovely Texas spring weather - I know that might be hard to read for those of you who are still dealing with cold winter weather, but just remember - this is our reward for living through Texas summer weather. Which should be arriving, oh, in about three weeks. Yay?


  1. ok
    Im totally going to pretend I didnt leave yer blog open and keep hitting REFRESH till my post appeared :)
    Im with you as well. My Pennsylvania-bound parents are so envious of our TX weather but notsomuch come june july or august.

    I have a note to myself to email you.
    If I forget will you email me?
    I have an idea :)

  2. I am pumped that you are walking and finding all the things I have been finding. My muscles were sore, in different places, but now are so much better. I do wish you could join us on our long walks, they are so so crazy. Keep walking, toddler.

  3. I'm so happy that you started walking Shelley. When I read your post about it, I can read through the lines that it does you good.

    I was laughing out loud that you and Jeff had your own battle of the bands. I had an image LOL

    Enjoy the Spring weather my friend, I'm doing that too as we have such perfect days right now. I love Spring!

  4. I really like walking because I'm never injured. I try to beat my pace each walk. Enjoy your walks!

  5. Good for you! You are going to be in great shape when you return to running. Just in time for your Texas heat, right?

  6. Hurray for exercise!

    Walking is what I started with and it's still my "go to" exercise. Even this morning, I got up sore from last night's Muay Thai and cranky from the time change and it was raining, which means the TM and I didn't want to run. So I bargained with myself and said that I had to get on the dumb TM and at least WALK for 3 miles and then if I wanted to get off I could. I started out walking, ended up running and got in the 5 miles I wanted to do.

    Walking. It does a body good :-)

  7. Wow, Shelley AND Helen walking. I walk amidst elite athletes!

    And yeah, I hear ya on the 'its slow.' That's why I wanted to run so badly. I'm all about the time-saving exercise.

  8. My friend and I are walking outside today - total blue skies and around 50 degrees - woot! It makes my work in the afternoon go by so much faster.

    Great job on getting the mileage in - even though its walking :D

  9. It is perfect weather for walking and you are really getting in the mileage! I'm sure it's strengthening that ankle. But do be careful. Are you wearing your Newtons? It seemed that the ankle kicking problem started after you got them. Maybe I'm wrong. :)

    Proud of you for getting out there. And I think it's hilarious that you and Jeff were singing in the park while walking. You two are cute.

  10. Hi Shelley, YAY for getting back to your walking routine!!!!

  11. Walking seems to slow to me as well. Whenever John and I go window shopping, he has to pull on my arm and say "Take a stroll". Ooops.

    There is nothing wrong with walking. It is something you can do forever and ever at any age, when you get to that point where running isn't feasible.

    So I still can't convince you to bike?

  12. Walking is my salvation. I like Walking Buddies the best too. Good thing I have a couple of them.

    It always surprises me how fast I am not That's another reason to walk with a buddy.

    I totally get your toddler ankle. I have a fussy knee.

    I aam loving the great weather here. I walked and biked today. Love it!!

  13. I did some walking yesterday after a 5km run, as you read, and although I can relate to feeling "slow" it really was a very refreshing way of still being out there and still doing something.
    So happy that you have taken up some walking Shelley. I think we are all waiting for spring, if it would just hurry up already ;-).

  14. Don't rush yourself. You'll be back to running before you know. For now, enjoy the fact that you can walk and go quite a ways before you get sore. Hang in there. I'm hoping it is better soon.

  15. I myself am not a walking fan, because it's so slow, but I need to remember it's a good workout too!

  16. Just this morning I was thinking, "Oh, how lovely, high of 82. I guess that means two, maybe three weeks till we're back in the 90s. Hello-Spring, Goodbye-Spring"

  17. Walking, I miss that. I don't know if I am up for running, but I sure do miss walking. You might inspire me yet, Miss Shelley!


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