Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday Workout Update - Weird Weather Edition

Oh Texas, our Texas, what strange weather you bring. Just before midnight on Thursday, snow started falling - keep in mind that we are pretty far south (three hours south of Dallas, where they were hit hard by the snow), so we don't normally get "weather events" like this:

Love how you can see the snow falling with the flash!

Got my requisite snow pictures, then went to bed. Woke up Friday morning and sent Paco out to get the paper:

Hey! You guys coming or what?!?
Neither rain nor sleet nor snow will stop me from retrieving the paper!

Wasn't I just saying that I won't leave my house in sweats for fear of getting caught on camera? Dang those paparazzi!

I was wearing my purple puffy vest under that jackets - it's a good look, I know. ;) The only cute thing about this outfit was my pink Helen hat!

Anyway, we enjoyed staying inside and watching the snow all morning - it's the perfect amount for us...enough to have to stay home from work, but not too much to make us housebound for long.

By Saturday, it had pretty much melted away. The sun came out and it was warm! I was going to go to the gym, but copped a f-it attitude and went shopping instead. Hey, sometimes you just have to go with what you are feeling.

Sunday was positively warm. And sunny. And I felt like going for a bike ride - a REAL bike ride, not the one at the gym. So I dusted off Ipoholo, my pretty pink bike, got some air put in her tires thanks to Jeff and the air compressor in our garage, we leashed up Paco, and took off!

We even stopped by the horses to let Paco say hello - funny, he really didn't take much notice of them this time. Used to, he'd get his hackles up and growl. Maybe he's growing up!

After one loop around the neighborhood we dropped Paco back at home because he's not the easiest thing to ride with. Then we ambled up and down our streets, riding the route that we used to, back when I first started losing weight and exercising. Interesting thing...while it was fun, it was not hard at all. I didn't feel like I'd exerted myself, and that certainly was not the case a couple of years ago when I started bike riding! Guess I am in pretty decent shape, even with not running for ::sigh:: three weeks now. Still, it was a fun thing to do:

I'm off to the ortho this afternoon for a recheck on my dang ankle. I ran a mile on the treadmill on Monday and it hurt like a mofo. Something ain't right, still. And Austin? Not going to happen this year. But in the grand scheme of life, there are a lot worse things going on, so this has become pretty small potatoes.


  1. visualizing a GOOOD CHECK UP TODAY!

    hugs and weird weather from TX too.


  2. Ok I have to say that i read the last paragraph as a REDNECK on my dang ankle.

    A few times.

    and now it's making me giggle.

    so I had to share :)

  3. My work was called off today, so I'm having another weather day up here. Don't know about Denton.

    Of course you are way fit - you just ran a mile on a bum ankle! Remember how awesome you felt when you ran your first mile? You are leaps and bounds ahead of that now. I am sorry about Austin, I know that was important to you, but it sounds like you've put it into perspective.

  4. What a difference between Friday and Saturday where you wear a tshirt. Must have felt good for you to ride your bike outside again.

    Really? You don't go to work with that small amount of snow?

    I hope the ortho has some good news for you this afternoon.

  5. I can't wait til the stinkin' snow melts around here and I can dust off my new bike!!!

    Good luck at the ortho today, Shelley!

  6. Yes, the hat is cute, if I do say so myself but you're pretty cute too.

    You know what struck me about this post? The difference in the two photos only a couple days apart. Because I can guarantee you that if I'm in a coat today, I'll still be in one on Saturday. Sigh.

    Sending positive thoughts for that ankle and also for the doctor that he can figure out what the heck is going on!

  7. Can I just say how jealous I am of you biking outside?!!

    So we need to get Hannah's heat fixed in her car, and since I have only 7 miles to get to work, I took her car today. Um, when I left the house it was 2 degrees and a windchill of -25. Really?! I am hoping for a great thaw this weekend!

  8. So lucky that you can bike outside in February! I live in Canada so we won't be biking outside until April or May (although some do it all winter - the crazies!!). With all my ankle history I really feel for you. I wonder if you might need an MRI? That is what finally diagnosed the tendon damage in mine. Good luck with your appointment, hope it goes well.

    PS: did you really have a snow day with that small amount? hehehe they NEVER close anything here and we get TONS of snow! I guess we are more prepared though :-)


  9. Paco looks so cute in the snow! The bike ride looks so fun!

  10. Hope your ankle does better, but maybe the universe is telling you to get serious with biking. Maybe even cupcake biking! ;)

  11. Sending good healing thoughts for your ankle. Hope they sort things out soon. Holy smokes, those are two MAJOR weather extremes!!! Mother Nature is one confused woman this winter!! :) And Paco is adorable (but you know that! have a great day Shelley!

  12. You are so cute on your bike.
    Yeh, sorry about Austin, but you have your head in perspective.

  13. That snow is headed our way right now. You look so cute on your bike. Sorry about Austin but there are many more races in your future!!!

  14. I am so jealous--you have a dog that can actually DO something practical!

    And really, do you not LOVE that picture of you on your bike? You look like a kid, and you look like an athlete!

    And LOL at Lori's suggestion that you need to go cupcake biking!

    Anxious to hear the result of ortho consult.

  15. Love the photos!

    I was in Tucson last week when my hometown in Ohio got blasted with ice and snow. I found myself explaining the concept of freezing rain and sleet to a young woman who thought it was quite strange. Oh, how I would love not to understand. :-) I hope it warms up soon.

  16. Hope the doc appointment went well...what's on tap? An MRI or something similar?

    SO INCREDIBLY JEALOUS that you got to ride your bike. Outside. In the sun. Without 20-gajillion layers.

    Green. Greengreengreen with envy.

  17. I can't wait to ride my bike to work again. LOVE that you were able to get out with your pink bike and a short sleeve shirt!

    Hope your appointment goes good today

  18. your winter gear is adorable on you Shelley!
    I'm so done with the snow and cold, bring on spring ;-)

    I also wanted to say I recieved my envelope the other day - THANK YOU so much. I was going to do a post and post a picture with it, but given the circumstances lately I'm a big puffy eyed mess and I don't think it's a good thing right now....but thank you so much non the less, it's hanging on my fridge right now and I'm trying to convience my hubby that it should go on our truck ;-)

  19. Cocococolde! That is nuts! Love the pink hat. I doubt my princess dog would venture out into any snow. Thanks for sharing the great pictures!

  20. Just catching up. You got snow?! We just got cold nasty weather. No snow. It's really pretty.

    Isn't it great to ride a bike? It feels like...freedom is the only way I know how to describe it. LOVE the bike. Still need to go on a cupcake ride. :) Or ice cream crawl. I know there are pub crawls but we could do an ice cream crawl. LOL

  21. Paco is very talented..i am really amazed of the snow..
    good thing your place didn't hit hard
    of snow storm..
    i like your bike it's pretty cool.


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