Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Mishmash - Ice, Ice Baby Edition

When we first moved to Texas, back in 1992, and got a "wintery weather event" every few years, it was fun. Everything shut down, we enjoyed our bonus days off from work and school, and then life went back to normal within a couple of days. We all laughed at how Texans can't handle driving in snow or ice, and how our cities aren't set up to deal with it beyond throwing down some sand/gravel/deicer mix on the freeway onramps and bridges. Haha, we are so southern and charming. Well guess what? It isn't charming anymore. For the last few years, we've gotten ice and snow and freezing rain and this whole "winter interruption" is just getting to be annoying. Artic air masses, I'm putting you on notice. This will not be tolerated anymore. Stop when you get to the Oklahoma border. Thank you in advance.

Wednesday turned out to be extremely cold (24 degrees with a wind chill of 10 degree...10, people!) and, thanks to a bit of rain and wintery mix, it was icy. So, since cars were sliding off the roads, I decided to reschedule my ortho appointment - hated to delay it, but I would have felt like a moron getting out in those conditions and wrecking the car. My new appointment is on Monday - hopefully I'll have some answers on my ankle by the next WWU.


Comment Catch Up:

Regarding the huge cardinal in last Friday's post? I did not know that birds fluffed themselves up in the winter, but that makes sense, as it was really cold the day I took that picture. Thank you Lori and Kelly for the info. :)

And several of you wondered if we really do shut down with that little bit of snow. Yes. To be fair, though, there was ice and that is really what messes Texas up. Apparently winter weather has not heard of the "Don't Mess With Texas" slogan that we have going here.


Don't forget that Lori's Healthy Heart Challenge starts today and goes through the weekend. I pledged to get in 15 miles on the recumbent bike - not my first choice, but it's all I've got for now.


Speaking of working out, since I couldn't get out to the gym on Wednesday (ice, remember?), I made up my own routine at home. First I did crunches on the stability ball - I wish I had someone here to take a picture, because as soon as I laid back on it, Paco jumped up on my stomach. I think he's been watching too much Biggest he got it wrong - Jillian jumps on the contestant's backs, not their stomachs! Then I did 100 calf raises, and a bunch of upper body work with my 10 pound dumbbells, and finished it with another 100 calf raises. They burned, but in a good way. Of course, when I woke up Thursday morning I was slightly crippled - ouch! Felt like old times when I worked out with Brad and Linda! A little stretching and I was good to go.


There was trouble in River City in my office the other day...Henry, meek, mild, hide-under-the-bed Henry, took over Paco's chair (and pillow!):
Paco is giving Henry the stinkeye - "Yer in my spot!"
Just so you know, Henry is not kissing Paco here...there was biting going on!
Ooh! Now Henry is giving Paco the stinkeye right back - "I not moving, buddy!"
An epic battle for the chair begins!
Henners did not back down...
But Paco did - "You can have chair today, Hen. Today only."
Henry: "Dis MY chair, dog!"
Not only did Paco back down, he backed AWAY from mean old Henry - "I fine right over here wif my bone."

Later on I noticed Paco still hadn't gone back to his favorite chair - in fact, he never did get in it the entire day!
"I just lay here in sun. Don't need no chair. Or pillow."

Hope you all have a good weekend!


  1. DONT MESS WITH TEXAS...or MizFit's PLANS!!!
    and mess it did :)


  2. The epic furkid fight over your chair was priceless and an excellent start to my day!

  3. That "dog/cat" fight was hysterical. And, the fact that you were able to capture it all in photos is just even better.

  4. lol cute cat and dog picture board!

    My sister lives in GA and being originally from Chicago it drives her nuts when stuff shuts down. But my niece has never been in snow like ever so that's strange to me!

  5. StinkEye wins every time.
    That, and claws.
    Have a great weekend-
    Stay warm!

  6. Love, love, love the cat/dog pictures! Too cute.

    I hereby second Shelley's motion that Winter Weather be Kept AWAY!

    Still crossing my fingers for good news from the ortho.

    (Ssshhhh - I think it's supposed to be in the mid-60's on Sunday - I cannot wait)

  7. I remember when my Connecticut-raised hubs first moved to ATX and we had our ice day. He and his Jersey-boy coworkers thought it was ridiculous to shut the city down for a little bit of ice, so they went into work anyway. I remember getting the call from hubs while he was on the side of the road on I35 saying, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU PEOPLE DON'T USE DEICER?!?" And Texas-born-and-raised me got to explain that's not exactly an efficient use of the city/state/county treasury. :) This year, he was much smarter - got on a teleconfernce and worked from home in his PJs.

  8. I lived in Virginia for a year. I worked at a bank and as I was getting ready, I heard the radio talking about school closings and my bank was closed.

    I looked out the window and there was an inch of snow! I was like, really?? There were times I walked to school when the snow was up to my thighs and they didn't close!

    Ice is another story - I hate it because people still drive like a-holes!

    Poor Paco - I hope he gets his chair back today! Have a great weekend Shelley!

  9. Way to go Henry! (I gotta root for the undercat.)

    I hope the weather holds up for you and you get your chance at the doc. Be very proud of yourself for dealing with this for the last month and hanging on by the thread of the bike and your home workouts. I'm pretty sure I would have been throwing myself a big old pity party instead of trying to do something else.

  10. I love the Paco and Henry soap, it made me laugh.

    Also at Paco's "attempt" to help you with your workout. I remember once lying on a mat on the floor for crunches, everytime my head came down Bella was hanging in my hair. It hurted I can tell you :lol:

    I already did Lori's Healthy Heart event this morning, she said I was the first to report back, guess that's the advantage of a time difference :) I ran 8 miles today.

  11. GU gels can't be bought here in Holland but I think there will be a brand that's sold here that has chocolate taste. I'll look for it.

  12. Fun fun! Paco the Wonder Dog just trying to live up to his reputation (helping with the exercises.)

    Paco and the chair--was going to designate him an honorary dachshund (is that an oxymoron) again with the stinkeye... Does he try Sophie's diversionary tactics, where she runs around like a mad woman, looking out the window and barking at 'something?' Then as soon as the dog moves away from whatever it is she wants, she races over and takes it. Not sure that would work with a cat.

    Oh. And go you! on the home workout. You are inspiring me to get my butt in gear at home on the days I don't go to the gym!

  13. And that's when you shove the cat off and tell them both, "MY chair!" :D

    Not happy with this weather. At all. Come on spring!!

  14. Great picture story :)!!!!!!!
    ITs been bitter cold here too with lots of mist, no rain or ice though and the sun is eerily shining in the gray sky. Chill up you back kinda weather.

    we have a cat that about once every few months walks up to our big huge dog and grabs her face with its cat paws and rubs on the big dogs snout with her face... holding the dog there. It was a stray and has done that since it adopted us.

  15. Hahaha I loved the chair fight! Thanks for taking the time to share it with us. I did truly laugh out loud.

    And poor, pitiful, Paco has to lie in a sunbeam like a CAT in the end......

    Have a nice weekend.

  16. Go Henry Go! I love the Paco pics and nice to get a bonus Henry shot (or 3)

    Have a great weekend Shelley!

    P.S. I mentioned you in my post today xoxo

  17. Hi Shelley. The Henry/Paco fight is hilarious!! You could put it on pay per view like the other big league boxing matches! :) (poor little Paco!!)
    Have a great day!

  18. Sorry you are getting crap weather!

    If it makes you feel better, it was -15 (without a windchill) here when I woke up at 8 - gross. :) Hope the ankle is doing okay!

  19. The "battle" for the chair makes me giggle, because both my cats (Frank and George) do the same thing for a chair.

    Hoping (and thinking) good thoughts for your ortho appt!


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