Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Workout Update - Aw, Who am I Kidding?

Well, really. Who has TIME to workout when there is so much to DO?!? We have been busy here, taking care of important business like:


and Prada...
Can you believe these sunglasses were ONLY $245? LOL. I managed to restrain myself from purchasing them. ;)

Still enjoying the fruits of our labors (haha, so punny!)

and Pampering...
Decided to get my hair cut on Friday after watching my mom get hers cut - I am loving all the curls that popped out after my mom's hairdresser layered it!This side of my head has never been so curly - there is no product in my hair; I just hit it with the blow dryer for a few minutes (no diffuser, either).
Just call me curly-top! Thanks for springing for the haircut, Mom!

Combined with dual blogging...
We were working on a website to give updates on my mom for after her surgery. Had to write an intro, and as she wanted to set the tone fairly light, we were coming up with all kinds of funny things to write, which had us laughing our heads off!

And general hijinks!
There's always a troublemaker in the midst!

Ok, one person has been working out:
Now you see where I get my headband affinity from!

We have tickets for Lunafest tonight (a film festival by, for and about women) - stay tuned for Friday's post, which should include a picture of our matching Mother/Daughter outfits. What?!? You've met me! Would you expect any less? LOL. Have a great day, everyone!


  1. Love it!!! So glad you and your Mom are enjoying some time together :)

  2. I like this week's workout update :) As a runner you deserve a pedicure because our feet have to suffer a lot from all the running.

    I'm happy that you and your Mom are enjoying your time together and have so much fun!

    And I would have been disappointed if your outfits didn't match :)

  3. oh, it's been SO long since I've had a pedicure. Awesome.

  4. Hurray for photos!

    I love your hair and it looks like it must be so easy to style.

    Hope the film fest is fantastic.

  5. Love your hair! I am so jealous of those with natural curls. So glad you are having a blast with your mom.

  6. Great, now in addition to wanting curly hair (always), I also want a pedicure and some pineapple. This is making it very hard to focus on working.

  7. LOVE your hair, and LOVE that you are having fun together!

  8. Seriously, you are a riot! Such cute curls and girls.
    Love the toes and the Prada and the dad in the background.
    You do look like you are enjoying your time.
    Will be thinking about you on Fri.

  9. How fun!!! Loving the curls. Oh my gosh, I didn't know you had natural curls.

    Can't believe you didn't get those cheap glasses. :P

  10. Reading this post just put a smile on my face - love it!

    Love your curly hair and can't wait to see the matching outfits.

    I always tell Tony that someday we should get matching jackets, and he says the only way that will happen is if he's had a stroke and I dress us alike! :D

    Continue having so much fun!

  11. You look so happy and pretty and full of joy. When I get frustrated or bummed with my own program, I go right to your page and I look at your very first picture, and then your most recent one. You continue to inspire me, in my early early days of blogging about this deep life change that is happening to me.

    Thank you!

  12. LOVE your new hair! Love it!! So glad to see you spending such quality time with your mom. Looks like you're having a great time. Enjoy your visit! And what a cool idea to get a blog going for her. I love that idea!

  13. Sounds like a STELLAR mom/daughter visit. YAY!!! LOVE the idea of the recovery blog!!! It'll be great. (are those oranges in with the pineapple??? :) ) PS: Hair looks GORGEOUS!!!

  14. You and your mom are so cute together!

    And $245 sunglasses? That is almost half a mortgage payment for us. WTF??

  15. love the mom and me time.
    and YEP Im here to nag you to be sure to get as much you and you time as you can.
    something JUST for you to refill your ability to give.

    and yes.
    I initially thought the last pic was RYAN of NoMoreBacon!!

  16. Glad you are enjoy some fun & light time :) Lunafest should be very fun, I've heard good things!

  17. What a WONDERFUL post! You and your mom are too cute! So glad you are enjoying each other!

    And, your hair is FAB-U-LOUS!

    Winks & Smiles,

  18. Love your new do! Curls become you Miss Shelley!

    Hi Mom! *Waving from California*

    Looking forward to seeing your post tomorrow!

  19. Aww, look at you guys! Big hugs to you and your Mom. I'm sending positive vibes to you both.

    Your hair is freaking gorgeous.

  20. Wait, dual blogging doesn't start with a P! haha.

    Ohhhhh.. I miss my Mom sooo bad..this really made me miss her! We were buddies like this! [I'm an only daughter as well.] Moms are the best.. Glad you are enjoying YOURS, and that you girls have so much fun together.

    The spa looks pretty divine.

    I am disappointed you didn't get the really cool sunnies. :( I think Jeff would want you to have them..haha

    Love the hair! Wow!

    The pic of your Mom alone (with bunny ears..ahem) is adorable. What a beautiful smile. Did this tiny woman ever struggle to keep her weight in check?

    So...those matching gonna wear a hospital gown too? For moral support? jk.

    Prayers for tomorrow...I'm gonna get right to that.

    Love to all!! Chrissy


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