Monday, February 21, 2011

Pineapple and Silliness

Fun times continue in Oregon! My mom learned a new way to slice up a whole pineapple when she was in Hawaii (after we left Maui and they went onto the big island), and for months now she has been telling me how easy it is. Since I am constantly buying cut up fresh pineapple, I not only wanted to see how she did it, but document it as well, as we all know my C.R.S.* strikes at will and I'm likely to forget a crucial step.

Pictures to start, and then a silly video at the end.

Step one - Cut the top and bottom off of the pineapple:
Notice how fast my mom was slicing - I had to put my camera onto "sport" mode to capture her speedy movements!

Step two - Slice the pineapple in half, and then slice those halves in half:
Step three - Slice the "core" off of each quarter:
Step four - Make horizontal slices across each quarter (about 3/4 of an inch thick), following the inside contour of the pineapple skin:
Step 5 - Carve under the slices and pop the pineapple out!
Step 6 - Enjoy!
Getting every last bit of juicy goodness!

And now, my mom's first attempt at a video using her camera, and my first (and last) attempt at pretending to be Julia Child. I have to give the television cooks mad props, as this is harder than they make it look!

*Can't Remember Sh*t


  1. Oh Shelley I love all of my post.
    err the post.

    The pics of your mom (mine would NEVER join in! :)) and the video and the familytime.



  2. You looked so cute. Pineapple makes my mouth hurt.
    We learned how to cut it in Hawaii on our honeymoon, this is a little different.
    More videos please!

  3. How fun to hear your voice! And bravo for keeping all your fingers intact :)

  4. I can see whom you've got your looks from.

    I loved hearing your voice, first time for me :)

    And I've learned something today: how to cut a pineapple, going to remember that because I buy them already sliced too.

  5. Thanks for the excellent lesson - nothing better than fresh pineapple. I think you have a career on food tv, my friend!

    So glad you're having a great time with your mom - she sure looks good, and that has to count for A LOT.

  6. I love that you are making videos! Keep doing it, you will eventually get more comfortable in front of the camera :-)

    I will have to try slicing a pineapple, I am usually just shoving it in my juicer!

  7. Ask me how much I love your mom!

    "Oooooh, there's blood everywhere... drink some wine, drink some wine!"

    My kind of lady. LOLOLOL!!

  8. I was watching the video and thinking "How can she not pop a piece of that fresh goodness in her mouth?" and then you did that LOL!

    Can I just say what a lovely kitchen that is, too?

  9. That is basically exactly how I cut a pinapple, glad to know I have been doing it right all along :)

    It is so nice to have pictures to document everyday type things in life. Usually it doesn't occur to us to do this little thing until it's too late.

    Kudos :)

  10. Your Momma is so cute! Tell her thanks for the tip - Hannah loves fresh pineapple and I've been PEELING the outside which is a pain in the ass!

    Keep having fun and laughing! :D

  11. Oh, and tell your Mom I want her kitchen - thanks! :D

  12. Your mother is as adorable as you. Hope she's doing well! I love pineapple but am really bad with knives. Luckily our farmers market has a machine that cores them!!

  13. Awesome cute! Fun times in the kitchen!

  14. That's funny that people commented on hearing your voice. I hear your voice every time I read your post. Gotta love the blogger meet-ups!

    That's pretty much how I slice pineapple, except at the quarter-piece stage, I cut off the outside 'shell' and then leave it in big spears. I might try your way next time. A little less messy.

    And yes, you should keep doing videos. We love the amusement. I am also amused by the you tube after your video that says 'up next--How to Cut a Mango, Part 1' and part 1 is THREE MINUTES. You showed us how to do a pineapple in 54 seconds!!

  15. Thanks for the pineapple tips! We are off to the the Big Island later this week, and I plan to indulge in that particular fruit as much as possible.

    The video was grand! And, how cool to have your Mom join in on your blog.

  16. love love love Pineapple!

    We had the best pineapple on our cruise, I had it for every meal ;-).

    Cute video Shelley!

  17. when are you flying home? Maybe we could meet for coffee, I am 20 min from the airport.

  18. It's so nice to hear your voice! I love the video. all the best to you, your Mom and your pineapples!!!

  19. Shelley, your mom is so cute! Love the video!!

    I just started buying fresh pineapples too last summer. It's so much easier to cut than I thought. I never would buy a whole pineapple because I was too intimidated to cut it.

    You should do more videos!

  20. Good to see everyone is in such good spirits. I'm really glad you didn't drool too much over the pineapple on the cutting-board when you sucked down that last piece of pineapple.
    I had one small bite of pineapple in O'ahu. Last morning meal. wah.

  21. I'm with Jenn; I think I overpaid bc I didn't know how to handle a pineapple. I'm thinkin' if Shelley can cut a pineapple, I can too. ha. [this thinking probably does not apply to ziplines though. Not sure. Maybe it does, since MOM & Shelley did a zipline...]

    And Ma, you have a beautiful kitchen!

    Thanks for sharing, Shelley. The men in your life might think you are now armed and dangerous since you now can make VIDEOS. haha.

    Hugs, Ladies. Chrissy

  22. Makes me want to go buy a pineapple and try that. You and your mom are so cute! Looks like you are having a good time.

  23. Love this post. Your mom is adorable.

  24. I must try that out.

    Hi to your mom!!! *waving hand like crazy* And hugs to you. Glad you ladies are having fun. Stay out of trouble. ;-)

  25. I freaking love pineapple. I don't think the pre-cut stuff tastes as good & at my store, the containers are always sticky. I hate to get my hands sticky (twss?), so I never buy 'em. I always cut one up!

  26. Too funny - did she bring back some pineapple with her from Hawaii?? Because THAT is some seriously good pineapple!! :)

  27. This cracked me up, because my parents went to Hawaii for their 50th anniversary, and when they got back my dad had to tell me the "right" way to cut pineapple. You know, like they do in Hawaii. lol


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