Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Mishmash

We have been tending to our poor cat, Kip - he broke his pelvis over a week ago. No idea how - both the vet and I don't think he was hit by a car (no other scrapes or injuries)...possibly a garage door came down on him? Any case, the remedy for a broken cat pelvis is rest and confinement. So he's been living in a large pet carrier in my office. He has gone from this on the first day:
We took the top off the crate so he could have some sun for a few hours

To this, a week later:
Sam was petting him - Kip halfway sat up and acted interested in his surroundings for a change

But mostly it's been a lot of this:
Lots of laying around with that one leg extended. Poor kitty!

A few more days in the crate and the vet says he'll be ready for "house arrest" for a couple of weeks. I've been amazed at how well he's adapted to his confinement - with very few meows of complaint...think I could take a lesson from him!


I woke up hungry on Tuesday. That is significant because when I was actively dieting, waking up hungry meant that I was losing weight. I've been eating much more sanely since last Friday, and I feel better for it. That said, why, no matter if I eat breakfast at 7:00 am or 9:00 am, do I still get hungry for lunch at the same time every day?


Also, I'm not doing Weight Watchers, but I am subscribing to their new "fruit is free" thing - coming off all of the sugar I've been eating hasn't been easy (this is why you shouldn't get started, Shelley), so I'm eating fruit. Lots of it - apples, clementines, bananas, cantaloupe - it helps. I'd almost say more fruit than usual, but I have to clarify that - I eat a ton of fresh fruit in the spring and summertime, less in the winter. But this year appears to be different. Hey, it's real food (as opposed to M&Ms), so I'm not going to stress over it.


Comment Catch Up (a randomly occurring *new* feature):

YES, Barry Manilow! You guys cracked me up with the dissing on him (example: Kelly and her Glen Miller comment, lol). The song I run to is Bandstand Boogie. Watch it here (also interesting because Bette Midler is one of the background singers). And try to not move - you can't! I will admit to sometimes doing a kick and quite possibly jazz hands on occasion...admit it, you want to run with me, dontcha? ;)

Also, responding to Laurie: blue, blue, black, lime green, purple, black, pink, black. :)


You want Billy Blanks? You think you can handle Billy Blanks? Go to Helen's blog and enter her giveaway now...just don't come crying to me if you when and Billy kicks your booty nine ways to Sunday.

*Did anybody catch that last sentence? Apparently I cannot write both a blog post and an email at the same time...I was proofing this entry and laughed so hard at the nonsense I wrote that I decided to leave it in!


So now my Friday Mishmash secret is out - I start this entry early in the week and add to it as things occur to me. OOH, it's like a VH1 Behind the Scenes documentary here!


Monday was the last day of my seasonal job at James Avery. The other employees there, both the regulars and the seasonals, were fun to work with which I think is saying A LOT considering we were working during the holiday buying frenzy season - the potential for stress was there every day, but really, thanks to the overall calmness of all employees, it turned out to be a very positive experience.

Most of the people I worked with are college students - hey, it comes with the territory in this college town. Several are even younger than my youngest son! Again, they've all been fun and very accepting of this *ahem* slightly older person in their midst. I have to say that it has been interesting to hear their conversations (when we weren't busy with customers, of course) - one guy who always has a big smile on his face was recounting a Saturday Night Live episode he just saw, with my future second husband Will Ferrell in a Jeopardy skit...of course, my co-worker was cracking up recounting the skit and I was laughing, remembering it as well. When I got home, I realized that while he had just seen it for the first time, these skits started airing in 1996 - gah!


Alright, have a great weekend - I have 10 miles on tap for tomorrow, and after that? Panqueques at IHOP! Um, what was I just saying about eating right? Oh, that doesn't count after a 10 mile run. ;)


  1. OMG you make me giggle.
    first your poor cat!! next the behind the scenes like VH1. then the new feature? love. the fact that you make it 'randomly occurring' instead of uber highly planned? also love!

    Ive always love the future second husband piece.

    and the hop of the I?
    we tend to get there weekly.
    sundays :)

    xo xo


  2. Oh, your poor Kip! A broken pelvis must be so painful for him!

    I hear ya on the sugar! It really wreaks havoc on my body and is so hard to get away from once I start. "Fruit is free" is a good way to go :)

    I woke up STARVING today! Hope that means I'm losing!!!!

    Have a great weekend, Shelley and good luck with your 10 miler!

  3. I don't know how you could stand not picking Kip up and holding him all day! Poor baby. Hope the next pic we get of him shows him on all fours.

    Let me plant a little thought in your head... panqueques ARE the right way to eat after a 10 mile run. Perfect in fact.

  4. Poor kitty - I guess I never realized that pets could break their bones! I've only had one dog, so I don't have much experience with them - other than our Ed is getting old. :(

    Tony and I just watched the Best of Will Farrell on Saturday night live last night - when he was on it was the best season - we don't watch SNL anymore - nothing is funny!

    Good luck on your run tomorrow - um, panqueques (love your spelling!) are definitely deserved after that! Have a great weekend!

  5. I'm glad that Kip is doing better. I have two kitties myself, and I know they mean a lot to me.
    I have wondered too why it is that I get hungry for lunch time. I have a friend that is NEVER on a schedule with eating. She eats at different times during the day all the time. I don't think I could do that. I'm such a creature of habit that I need to eat at the same time all the time!

  6. poor kip! yikes! but you know I was looking at that crate and thinking oh I would so love to be on house arrest just resting ;-).
    I love fruit, starting weight watchers again I was very happy to not have to count it,but having said that I try not to over due it ;-).

  7. Ahhhh poor Kip! Hope he's feeling better soon.

    Do you have plans to look for a new job or just enjoy your renewed freedom?

    Have fun at the run tomorrow, will be thinking of you when I'm doing mine.

  8. Oh, poor kitty. I rely upon Kip and Lori's Pixie for my kitty fix. I hope he is doing better soon.

    I'm sorry, but equating Barry Manilow to workout music is like putting lipstick on a pig. Bette Midler or no, it's still Barry MANILOW! ;-)

    Enjoy your fruit and your panquaques! And your 10 mile run!

  9. Love the behind the scenes look at your life!

  10. Poor Kip! I hope he's better soon. He looks snug as a bug though and well loved :)

    Have a great run

  11. I can always count on you for a good laugh. Hope your kitty is pouncing on things again soon.

  12. Wow, poor Kip! I have never heard of a cat breaking a pelvis. Hope he is back to "normal" soon.

    Happy running and pancakes :)

  13. Barry Malinow - wow
    Who knew?
    lol at Roxie, though!

  14. ummm...Nutella crepes at IHOP. mmmmmmm

  15. ummm...Nutella crepes at IHOP. mmmmmmm

  16. Shelley,

    Barry Manilow, lol! While never much of a Barry Manilow fan, I have to admit I was impressed when I recently caught him on the BBC2's Graham Norton talk show. (I'm an American expat living in the Netherlands.)

    GN's show is wacky, very camp and off-the-wall, and Barry really got into the spirit of it. He was amusing, a good sport and funny with the later guests.

    Here's a link of part of the show:

  17. Poor kitty. I bet it was that squirrel that had been watching you through the window. He's getting to you through Kip. Beware the squirrel!! He's bad and will kick your butt all the way to Sunday.

    Your future husband was hilarious in Old School which I saw for the first time last weekend.

    Enjoy your run and especially those pancakes. 10 miles....ugh. That's rough. But I know you can do it. Have a wonderful weekend.

  18. Oh, your sweet kitty did look a little pathetic.
    Uhm, if I only I could remember what I asked, your response would be informative.

  19. Shelley,

    Our cat broke his hip several years ago and had to do the same thing. He was doped up on kitty valium for several months. He did manage to recover, but he still gimps a bit if he "over does it." I suppose the same can be said about me.

    I can totally relate about the breakfast thing. For me, I want a snack at 10 a.m. - whether I ate at 5:30 or 8:45. I couldn't get past it. Lately, I've had some Greek yogurt with a little drizzle of honey and a butt-load of raw veggies. Seems to have done the trick.

    Have a good run.

  20. I have to tell you that your names of your cats: Kip and Henry, are the names of my husband (Kip) and only son (Henry). I think this is some kind of cosmic connection! xo

  21. Hi Shelley, I visit your blog regularly, but rarely comment (not sure why not, I love it - and I'm not shy!). Had to say a big "awwww" for your kitty! Seems he's on the mend and is lucky to have such great caring owners! All the best for the week ahead!


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