Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wednesday Workout Update - Running WITH Earphones!

I'm trying to keep up with my running club training schedule, but it's not been easy, between my work schedule, the holidays, my kids (and uncle!) coming home, and of course my general laziness. The weekly runs have dropped down to once or so (from the scheduled three - ouch), but I've been determined to make my long runs on the weekend. So, since Christmas fell on a Saturday and the running club didn't meet, my half buddy Julia and I made plans to get together for our scheduled 9 mile run on Sunday. And we did - I am really proud of us for getting out there, considering:
  1. It was 28 degrees, with a wind chill of 21 when we started at 8:00 am;
  2. Being the day after Christmas, we both had *ahem* eaten all sorts of sweets and heavy foods the previous day, which lead to us feeling a bit bogged down;
  3. It was windy and cold and our noses were running like crazy; and
  4. It was the day after Christmas. Who in their right mind gets up the day after Christmas to go for a 9 mile run?!? Us, apparently.
Funny thing - when we run, we are facing traffic. There wasn't a lot that morning, but we generally wave at any oncoming cars as an acknowledgment, especially when they move over a bit. Most drivers wave back, but one man laughed and gave us the loopy "you're crazy" motion - hah! He was right.

Anyway, it wasn't easy to run in that extreme cold, and we did end up with a few walking breaks, but we did it - actually ended up running 9.14 miles thanks to my (not so) superb mapping skills. And afterward? I'd like to say that I got to rest, but nooooo...I had to work from 12 - 6, standing on my feet all day long. Now that was tiring! I definitely missed my post-run nap.

Oh! I wanted to tell you about my Christmas present from Jeff. You may or may not remember that I don't run with headphones - they don't stay in my ears, and although I've never tried Yurbuds, which apparently do, I really don't like the idea of not being able to hear traffic (or the bogey man coming up behind me). Luckily for me, my iPod has a speaker, so I've just been wearing that strapped around my arm - I can still hear my music AND everything around me. Win-win, right?

Well. Apparently Jeff was horrified a couple of weeks ago when he helped out on our benchmark 8 miler run - he thought my music was too loud (he sounds like an old fogey, right?) and that I was imposing on anyone who happened to be near me. Hey - who doesn't want to hear Barry Manilow, the Glee Cast and Earth, Wind and Fire? Geez, some people! Anywayyyy, he did some research and on Christmas morning, I opened up a package containing Fit Airdrives - they are earphones that fit around your ears, so you don't have to deal with them falling out OR blocking other sounds. He got me the kids version because "they were pink, the same size as the adult version, and $20 cheaper." I was skeptical. Then I opened up a cute little iPod Shuffle - also in pink! I admit, I was getting less skeptical - he knows how to sell me on something! After my technical crew (my sons, naturally) got me set up and schooled in how to work it, I clipped that tiny iPod to the back of my hat and tested it and the Airdrives out on Sunday's run.

My new tiny sound system!

My verdict? It worked - the Airdrives stayed on my ears (they have a wire that loops around your ears), I heard both my music AND Julia as we ran, and she did not have to hear my music! I had a couple of fidgety moments getting the earphones adjusted, but considering I'm not used to wearing them at all, I thought that they felt great. Plus I loved not having to have that gigantic iTouch strapped to my arm - woohoo, one less place to chafe!


    I have to add here that I used to run/walk/whatever with my touch tucked in my sportsbra.

    I read last week where a number of women have developed breast cancer tumors RIGHT THERE where they placed their phones (not touches but still).

    Im getting an armband for the touch :)
    even if it chafes!

    (am I supposed to email the road id people? SO EXCITED :))

  2. You are braver than me being out in that cold weather and running too!! We have miserable weather here in Florida too but it is supposed to warm up soon:)
    Your new sound system looks cute! Hopefully by now your feet have quite aching from the run and all the standing on them.
    Good job!

  3. I have one question: How on earth do you run to Barry Manilow?? :-)

  4. What a Christmas haul! And in pink! Awesome. As was the 9 miler in the brr-brr cold post Christmas.

    I've re-introduced myself to my iPod now that I've got a mag trainer for my bike. I don't listen to music when riding outdoors, but when I'm using my training wheels? Total lip-synching and saddle dancing! It's like Glee on a Schwinn! Woo hoo!

  5. I didn't know you had got a little Ipod too for Christmas: cool!

    Tell me about the laziness: I'm so lazy last week and this week. I've only run once on Monday this week but I will run on the last day of the year and next week when life's back to normal I pick up my usual routine.

    Great job on the 9 miler!

  6. Ooo that pink soundsystem looks fab! I might be getting myself some of those Fit Airdrives if they're available over here. My ipod headphones are forever falling out of my ears.

  7. So, once we get past New Year, we ARE going to get back on track with our weekday runs, correct?

    Because we don't want to be undertrained, correct?

    Your Long Distance Running Coach

  8. I've never seen those before, but I agree - I don't like not hearing outside noises when I walk/run/bike outside.

    Who knew that they knew you liked pink?! :D

  9. Barry Manilow? LOL You're so cute. Of course, I enjoy running to Glen Miller from time to time. :)

    You deserve a medal for your triathlon!! Christmas event followed by 9 mile run followed by working all day. That's a triathlon. Love the guy laughing at y'all.

    Cute shuffle. Hmmm...i have one the exact same color on my amazon wish list.

    Happy running.

  10. Okay - Barry Manilow? I would be running from that, too...

    I have loop over earphones as well and they do stay in place. I don't have the music so loud that I can't hear what is going on around me, but it sure is nice to have something going.

  11. I think it is cool that Jeff researched and found exactly what you needed. Who knew?
    I ran on Sat., I got that crazy feeling also.
    But, I haven't moved since....ugh.

  12. Since it's a gift, I guess you'll just have to learn to tolerate that color. :-)
    Glad you have a new fave find. Anything that makes it more appealing to haul yourself out there day after day is a good thing.

  13. Hope the family know you need a sound system to match each outfit :)
    Great going on the running in the cold.

  14. I got the pink shuffle too - I love it as it is so small, clips on tight and doesn't get in the way. But those earphones are cool. I'm going to have to look for them for when I'm out on the roads walking/running.

  15. Oh my, your pink sound system is adorable. I also ran the day after Christmas, so you aren't the only crazy one out there. Just 7 miles though. Cold and wind aren't fun, I agree.

  16. I've had the same problem with earphones and running and them constantly falling out! I never would have thought to get a kids size! Love it!

    And Kudo's to you for getting up and running the day after Christmas! Wahoo!

  17. I like these! I'll have to check them out!

  18. I am envious of your new sound system though I totally get it about the boogieman. I wear mine around the house and then when someone knocks on the door, I can't hear them and that makes life perfect.

  19. Haha, you are taking the dirt for your playlist from your readers, AND apparently from Jeff, who probably did not wish to hear your choices either. haha. But what a super remedy! Aww so sweet.

    My tech crew gave me a Roku for Christmas and got me all set up. The getting us forty somethings all set up is a gift in itself, huh. Hurray for movies!

    I had to laugh at your "half buddy". My brain went to half sister, only a partial friend, not such a great pal...then finally realized it meant half marathon buddy. ! haha


  20. I aspire to be able to run like you! Love your blog for the constant reminder of where I am running to :)

  21. Hey, y'all, no dissin' the Manilow :) LOL

    Yur pretty in pink, just sayin'. Barry, I'm sure, would think so, too, I'm sure.

  22. Kudos to you for your run on Sunday; and kudos to Jeff for the FAB present!

    I'm not touching the Barry Manilow thing. Ahem.

    Winks & Smiles,

  23. Congrats on a great run!

    I love your earphones-I want a pair. Thank you for posting this. (I'm more afraid of the boogyman than traffic--but I'm a walker not a runner, if that makes a difference.)

  24. Ohhh, I wonder if those would work with my hearing aids? My husband got me a pair of "cans" as we teasingly call them, but even those can't be worn with my HA. But I do love my cans! :)


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