Monday, December 6, 2010

Maui Flashback - Zipline Adventure!

OK, first off, standard Shelley disclaimer that this post has a ton of pictures in it...fair warning - I don't want to blow up your internet connection if you aren't running on high speed!


So. When we went to Maui in 2009, I entertained the thought of going ziplining. I had lost probably around 90 pounds at the time, and the idea that I COULD do it - my weight wasn't a deterrent - was enough for me...let's face it - I'm a bit of a scaredy-cat, plus it is expensive, so we didn't do it. Fast forward to a year later - when my parents were planning our big trip, they wanted to know what we were interested in doing...the word "zipline" came out of my mouth, everyone else agreed to it, and the next thing I knew, we were booked on a zipline adventure on Haleakala, near the volcano crater! I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story:

All geared up and ready - note my white knuckles as I try to look calm.
When did we become the family that ziplines?!? From left, my dad, mom, me, husband Jeff behind me, brother Jeff next to me, SIL Cindy.
This picture cracks me up because the look on my Mom's face is "am I really going to do this?" LOL
She did it!
And landed like a pro!
Happy, relieved smile!There goes my Dad!
Landed on the platform - no problem!

Jeff was the most relaxed out of all of us...
He's a rock climber so this was sort of familiar to him.
Although it's still a thrill when you come screaming up onto the platform!
Fun times!
High fives after the longest ride!
We all walked across this bridge - surprisingly, I wasn't bothered by it.
They start you off on a short zipline, to get you used to the idea.
It still felt like I was up there for a while, though!
Coming in for a landing!
Oh yeah, I'm like a pro at this!
So fun!
As soon as I landed, I wanted to do it again!
The last, and longest, zip. Too fun!
YES!!! I am a ziplining fool!!!

So grateful that I had the option of doing something crazy like this - glad that my weight isn't a hindrance anymore, and that I can really get out there and enjoy life! Thanks again, Mom and Dad, for an awesome adventure!


  1. Ziplining looks like soooo much fun! I'm glad you tried it and had a great time. What a great way to get out of your comfort zone and try new things!

  2. You're my hero. What fun and how wonderful that you did it with your entire family.

  3. Oh my GAWD Shelley, I just have to say that we were entertaining the thought of zipline in Costa Rica. I chickened out and we did a tram ride through the rain forest instead...YOU ARE MY HERO!!!!

    Great work!

  4. ohhhh we are going to Hawaii this summer... I want to zip line now!!!

  5. The one thing I noticed immediately is all the happy faces. You can see you all had so much fun, I love, love, love it. I love happy faces.

    Great that you were able to do this Shelley! Thanks for sharing, it made me smile.

  6. Wow, that looks so much fun & I love all your happy faces. It is so fantastic when you can do stuff like that without worrying about being too heavy/unfit - fabulous!

  7. SO COOL!!!

    if I had a bucket list this would SO be on it :)

  8. Ha, the adreline-fueled grins on everyone's faces is the BEST. You look like kids who just rode their first roller-coaster, every last one of you. What a great photo essay -- thank you for sharing it with us!

  9. This looks like so much fun. Good job getting out of your comfort zone.

  10. I want all of us bloggers to sign up for that Texas Zip Line.... somewhere in the East Texas Trees... I got the idea from Living Social.... that would be another fun was for us all to meet up!
    You cute zipping along thing, you!

  11. That looks fantastic! What a great memory, and to think it was YOUR idea! When I went to Hawaii, I felt held back by my weight, so this is truly inspirational. Look at how much MORE life you're living now!

  12. Your smile kind of says it all. There's a light in your eyes that says, "Exhilarating!"

  13. That is just tooooooo cool!!!! How awesome is it that your weight isn't a hindrance for fun stuff like this?? You've come so far and this is just another fabulous reminder of the freedom you've found! Good for you girl! :)

  14. While I think it's really cool that you did this, I think it's AWESOME that your Mom did! I now know where your amazingness comes from! Good job....

  15. Oh how fun! I think my heart was racing a little just looking at the photos. And that bridge! You're a brave lady. :)

    Glad you got to have the fun adventure.

  16. This post brought tears to my eyes. So happy that you are LIVING OUT LOUD!

  17. I have always wanted to zip line!!!! Wow, now you make me REALLY want to! What a great experience, Shelley!

  18. How fun Shelley! Seems like something a blogger group should do, doesn't it? Hmmm... maybe a future plan...

  19. Oh you all look so happy! What a wonderful time.

  20. Your smile says it all! I've done it on a smaller course here, I bet you heard me as I sailed through screaming my bloody head off.

  21. It is on my list. I am a thrill seeker so it is just a matter of time :)

    Thanks for sharing the pics! Your smile speaks volumes.

  22. Some great photos of fun times. Thanks for sharing them. I loved the one of your mom.
    Jeff thinks he's hot stuff. You can just tell. ;-)

    I'm thinking of jumping out of a plane next.
    Do you think that is too extreme?

  23. That is just awesome!!!!!And what great pics. Thanks so much for sharing and for your sweet comments over on my blog.


  24. We call it "Tree Gliding" where I'm from and I so want to try this in the new year.

  25. It's great when you can overcome your fears and actually have fun doing it! :-)

  26. Good for you! And what a story your parents have to tell when they returned, about what THEY did on their anniversary trip! No, didn't just relax on the beach... haha

    The zipline ppl (and u) got some great photos.

    I'm glad you blurted it out & they acted on it so there was no turning back..prearranged..haha Not just a, "maybe we will do that...if we feel like it..."

    Ha ha the family that ziplines..SO NEAT that everyone did it.

    I love that you are doing stuff like this and I'm so excited for/about the new Shelley. You can do anything you want to try now, no reason not to. You are fit, woman! I think this quote from Jillian Michaels applies, "When u see how strong you are physically, it is going to transcend into every other facet of your life."

    Happy, happy anniversary to such a cute, radiant couple, ma & pa.

  27. Yeah Shelley! Great pictures. I love the smile on your face. I did a zip line in the Dominican republic and it was awesome!

  28. Was wondering why your usually fast-loading site took so long!

    Good for you. I wouldn't have the courage but you look like you're really glad you did it, and that's all that matters. Vee at

  29. Shelley, I just found your blog and have been reading through it. I love this post, I too ziplined on Haleakala, this brought back such memories. We also biked down from the top at sunrise one morning, that was awesome.
    I'm really enjoying reading your blog, we have a lot in common. I used to run, and I love to bike. I hope I can also share your success with the weight loss, you have done an amazing job!


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