Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Mishmash - and Athletes Honey Milk Winner!

Before I announce the winner of the Athletes Honey Milk, I have to say that you guys made it challenging to figure out who entered, what with the people who commented to enter, people who commented but did not want to or could not enter (sorry Fran!), and who I was carrying on a comment-conversation with (only your first comment counted as an entry, Jennifer - but I really enjoyed our back-and-forth!). Anywhoo, long story short - the winner is:

Congratulations!!! Send me your info and I'll forward it on to my contact at AHM.


It's December. Which means that either the floaters in my eyes are getting worse, or there are a few bloggers out there who have snow falling on their blogs. (Considering that I read blogs first thing in the morning, I really did take pause the first time I saw the snow...rubbed my eyes and everything!)


It's December 3rd and I already have my Christmas tree up - look:
OK, it's just a tiny tree. It's in my office, next to the chair with Paco's favorite pillow. Oh, and it's turquoise! With a lime green tree skirt - I figured it should match my new running shoes. Yes it's crazy, but I have to say, the color really makes my tiny ornaments show up much better than they do in an ordinary green tree. And it makes me smile. :) Now I just need to get the rest of the decorations up...


Speaking of Paco and his pillow, he really, really loves it:
I lub my pillow. Now stop taking my picture so I can go back to sleep.


Since I've been working part-time again, Fashion Friday is back with a vengeance! First up is a summery dress:
I took a page from Kristen's style and layered a long-sleeved t-shirt under it so I could wear it during the colder days of fall. With black tights and boots, I think it worked!

My photographer (Jeff) got all artsy on me - so here's the back of the dress:
Not too exciting. Can you tell it's fall? This is the time of year when I regret our oak trees - I swear, they lose their leaves for months. Everything always needs sweeping and/or raking.

Next up is my favorite fall blazer (do we still call them blazers?). I got this last year:
Corduroy blazer and brown pants from Talbots, shirt from Ann Taylor Loft, camisole from Kohl's, probably.

Part of the reason WHY I love the blazer so much...
The lining is like a secret that only I know about!

I really like the brown top (also bought last year), but decided to add a little pop of color by layering a teal camisole under it:
I love the little ruffle-y detail on the shirt!

Of course, Miss Matchy-Matchy then had to carry that teal onto the socks:
By the way, these Born shoes are incredibly comfortable! I don't mind standing for four or five hours at work when I'm wearing them...wish I had a similar pair in black.

I've had fun dressing in my work clothes again - after a couple months of only wearing shorts and t-shirts or running clothes, it's been nice to rediscover my old favorites. I LOVED the next outfit - as soon as I put it on, I felt great - sassy, tiny and invincible.
Sometimes an outfit just WORKS.

I wore this the day after the red blazer outfit, so it's not like I lost 10 pounds overnight...but I sure felt that way!
Talbots shirt and pants, Target sweater, and I don't know where that little midsection came from, but I'll take it!

Hope you enjoyed the resurgence of Fashion Friday! Have a great weekend!


  1. Love, love, love all the outfits.
    I'm like you: everything has got to match so here's my question for you. How about your underwear? Do you wear matching underwear too?
    I do :) I've got a lot of lingerie sets in all colors and they always match with my outfits. Call me crazy but I think you will understand what I mean :)

    Love Paco and his pillow!

    Congrats to Helen for winning! My time will come someday :)

  2. LOVELOVELOVE the red jacket
    which is surprising to me as Im not a fan of red on me.
    I own nothing red.
    and I bought the child nothing red either (now that I ponder it. whats THAT about I wonder?)

    and the tree.
    how cute is that?
    and now Im mulling getting a tinytabletree like that here, too.

    I know my daughter would love it and, well, its not REALLY christmas'y right? :)
    it's blue!


  3. Love the blazer (I still call them that!). Red is my favorite color and that little item is a gem.

    Love your bold and blue Christmas tree, too! You are right the ornaments really show up nicely. Have a great weekend!

  4. You look gorgeous! I love the blue tree and that blue blouse on you. The color is perfect for you, but I bet you already knew that.

    I'm so glad you are enjoying your work experience. And those shoes really are the best, aren't they? I may never go back to heels again!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Shelley.

  5. Love the outfits! And I love Paco and his pillow, too :-)

    Danskos are also really comfortable shoes...worthy of their ridiculous price tag I think.

  6. Love the outfits! And I love Paco and his pillow, too :-)

    Danskos are also really comfortable shoes...worthy of their ridiculous price tag I think.

  7. Honestly - you look like a model!
    Wow.... I'm impressed!

  8. LOVE fashion Friday and ALL of your outfits, especially the last one.

  9. Love the outfits!

    Shelley, I'm having an Oh! Nuts giveaway for 25$ giftcard on my blog, if you'd like to enter! :)

  10. LOVE the red blazer the best. I don't really think red is the best color on me, but I love accents of it. Like a red woodstove, a red car ...LOL. You look fantastic.

    Love the picture of Sophie's cousin. She can't sleep when pictures are being taken either.

  11. The last outfit with the black sweater is my favorite. It looks like one that the hosts of "What Not to Wear" would put together for you and gush over after you picked it out after shopping on your own!

  12. I love the last outfit the best - but blue is my favorite color!

    I love seeing Paco - he's so fricken cute :D

    I love Talbot's because their petite length clothes fit perfect, but I usually buy them at thrift stores.

    Have a great Friday Shelley! :D

  13. My favorites are the last two outfits. You look fantastic in them. Can you dress me? :)

    Congrats to Helen. Guess I'll go out and get some Honey Milk to try. HEB, right?

    Have a great weekend. Hope your Saturday run goes great.

  14. wow you look better than ever! Jeff is getting to be a great fashion photographer too :)

  15. Guess what I just did? Clicked on the link to see "who" this Helen was that won. I am flabbergasted!


    I want you to have some red shoes to wear with your red blazer. Then you could pair it with jeans and and it would be such a cute look for going out on the weekend!

    You are silly - you do NOT look 10 pounds heavier in that outfit over the last one. I like that last outfit best too.

    I'm running tomorrow morning but maybe not "with" you... it's freaking cold here all of a sudden!

  16. You are rocking that last outfit! It looks fabulous!

  17. I love the last outfit... makes me wanna go get a cardigan sweater. I saw them on what not to wear and was tempted... now I am even more inspired.

  18. My favorite is the last outfit. It's all about that great electric blue and the great cut of the sweater. It follows all the rules: short over long over lean. I'm a huge fan of the bracelet length sleeve too. Why wear all that Pandora if I can't see it?

  19. Every single one of those outfits is PERFECTION, and all for different reasons. My goodness, Shelley, you are really coming into your style -- I love the confidence and sass in your poses. You know that you look good, and you damn well SHOULD be proud of that. It is hard-fought and well-earned, my friend.

    Outfit detail glee: YAY, the layering for the dress is great, and will definitely extend the life of it for you down in the warmer climates through the winter. Play with more of those -- wait till you get to add fun tights! :)
    Love the ruffled detail of the top under the blazer; the whole outfit and jacket is great, but that just gives it a final dash of polish.
    The black sweater and blue button-down -- this one is all about fit and where the lines and color contrasts of it draw your eye in. That's why you think you look thinner in it than the jacket. It's a fabulous, fabulous look for you.

  20. You are so cute! I love the dress with the boots, I've been into layering with long sleeved t-shirts too. You always give me some good ideas, thanks Shelley!
    Oh, and I love your blue tree, very cheerful...just like you!


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