Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday Workout Update

Now that I'm not sick and a little more coherent, here's a few more thoughts on the race:

When I had my mini breakdown? I felt so alone. I was nearly four miles from the starting point. No one was around. I was on a road where there was a lot of empty land and a couple of industrial parks , which of course were empty on a Saturday morning. I didn't have my cell phone with me to call Jeff to come and pick me up - not that he would have, but not having that option was a little scary. I felt like no one would be looking for me for a long long time, and I really had no other choice but to keep going. That was when the tears started. Luckily, I quickly realized it wasn't the end of the world and even if I had to walk the rest of the way, I could do it. I was talking with my friend Barbara about this on Sunday night, and said that in the race she and I did together, there were houses and people lined up the entire six miles of the race course - shoot, we could have asked anyone for help, gone inside their house and had breakfast, watched some TV - it was that kind of race. This one, I definitely understood that phrase "the loneliness of the long-distance runner" a little too well.

That said, YOU, my bloggy friends, were with me. Especially Laurie, Kate and Helen, who I knew were running that morning. But all of you were inside my head and I remembered your sweet comments on my posts all week prior - I had my own personal, private cheering section, and I thank you for that!


Can you believe that after running 10 miles on Saturday I actually had to get up and run on Monday?!? The nerve of my running club! Actually, the schedule for this week isn't bad, but there were four days of running before Saturday. Apparently they really think we can handle this - who am I to second guess? I still wasn't feeling very good on Monday morning, so I let myself sleep in. The weather here is gorgeous - it was 58 degrees at 9:30 am when I finally went for my run. That is something to be savored! Anyway, an easy twenty minute run was on the schedule, so I took it nice and slow, managing to stay right at the 12:00 mark. I ran through the subdivision behind mine and went to the parking lot of our local outdoorsman store - it is very smooth and flat and I thought that might be just the thing to keep my legs from hurting. They were ok, but my stomach still hurt with every step. I took a picture to show you how crappy I looked/felt after that run - but I am dedicated to my training, yes I am...
Barely smiling for the camera...

On Tuesday morning my stomach was much less hurty, plus I was going to run with Jenny - woohoo! It was cold enough that I actually wore my running capris, and I'm glad I was about 51 degrees when we started our 30 minute run. My legs were a little sore afterward, but nothing horrible, and after I stretched a bit they were fine for the most part. We ran a different route where the sidewalk was nice and wide and level - there was one slight hill each direction, so I'm calling that my "hill work" for the day. Seriously, I know that isn't hill work, and it is on the schedule for tonight, but I'm skipping it because I really wanted to run with Jenny and this is the only day we are able to do so. That's ok - the hills of Austin are quite a few months off. And I'm trying not to overstress my body with the running.
Feeling better today!

Tuesday evening I remembered to do my arm workout using both my 10 lb. dumb bells and my exercise tube. Yes, the Biggest Loser jogged my memory about this. I've been concentrating so much on my legs and how they are feeling that I forgot about my arms! I think I will have to put reminders on my desk calendar to work them every couple of days. No ab work, as my stomach was still a little tender from Saturday.

And speaking of my sore stomach, the consensus is that the sore muscles were caused from dehydration. I finished that race having downed only about 12 oz. of Powerade, plus a few sips of water at the water stations. Which was not smart - did you see how much I was sweating? Yes it's October, but it's still Texas, and we heat up pretty fast once the sun comes up. Anyway, combine that with a severely upset stomach (not going to go into details but I'm sure you can guess) and on Sunday morning, my hands looked like skeleton Halloween decorations - they were gross. You could see every bone in the top of them, they were Sahara-like dry, and when I did the "pinch" test on the skin, it stayed up. Not good. I drank and drank water like crazy on Monday, and it took until this morning to feel completely normal again. So I need to do a better job of drinking during these long runs. I will say that I got sick of the Powerade, but that was all I had on me. This Saturday, when we will run 9 miles, I'll have a bottle of water and a bottle of Powerade or coconut water. Hopefully I will have better results.

Today a 20 minute run was on the schedule - ack, three days in a row! I couldn't face running in my neighborhood again (boring) so I drove to the park I used to run at during the summer and ran there. It was interesting to see the foliage changes - yes, even in Texas we get a bit of fall, lol. I'll have to bring my camera next time...which will probably be tomorrow, seeing as there is a 30 minute run on the schedule. Anyway, I promised myself a reward when I was done:
Just a black coffee, but I love it so!


  1. Is that a timer chip on your shoe? That orange thing? Just curious. :)

    Girl, take care of that dehydration. You already know this but your body has to have water. Glad you are feeling better.

    I don't mean this in a weird stalker sort of way, but this morning while I was walking I was thinking about you and that race and thought, "I want to run like Shelley when I grow up." LOL

    Since you are in the know, how many carbs do your sharkies have? I'm trying to figure out a way to run without running my blood sugar into the ground but also not having too many carbs at once. Plus I'm supposed to have a protein with a carb. Yum! Beef jerky and sharkies!

    You are going to do so great in Novemeber. I'm already trying to think of some flashy signs to make to cheer you on. :)

  2. Smart lady - cheapest coffee Starbucks has!

    I've run 5k's where there were hardly any onlookers - it does make it difficult, but like you, I imagine my cheering section even if they aren't on the sidelines!

    You are going to like this comment: "you look so healthy!" (I was going to say skinny, but I like the word healthy better!)

  3. wow shelley that's an awful lot of running, can I say I 'm a tad jealous ;-).

    Shelley you look fantastic, just wanted you to know that!

  4. I'm usually always alone on the run, even with my running club because I'm so slow. But it's always the biggest blast when I see them waiting for me at the end with big smiles, waiting for me. That's what keeps me going sometimes. That, and I seriously think of you when I am struggling and know that you would be right there, encouraging me to keep going. I love that.

    And I love that even though you ran the farthest EVER on Saturday, you still are doing the training to keep on keeping on! WAHHHOOO!

  5. You're doing so awesome. Look at those skinny minny legs!

  6. Glad to hear you're feeling a little better every day. I felt so awful with my back hurting on Saturday but I couldn't give up running. In fact when I got to the 4 miles out point and realized I was still 2 miles from home I thought, "Suck it up girl, Shelley is running 10 in Texas heat!" So you inspired me too.

    BTW, it's almost impossible to keep up with hydration on long runs so you do the best you can while running and drown yourself afterwards. Sad to say, but I usually motivate myself to drink by promising myself some sort of a reward (martini, anyone? or a fancy coffee drink?) once I see my pee look properly hydrated again!

    So, is that shirt with the snail on it CoolMax/wicking? I want one. If not to run in, just to wear!!

  7. I don't know much about dehydration and running but I know a lot about feeling alone and crying. I wonder why our minds do that to us? And yet you were able to get it back together with the "not the end of the world" idea. LOL Thank goodness we're not completely crazy.

  8. I can't put into words how much this post inspired me. YOU inspired me. I look at your 2008 pic and see myself today. I wonder if I will look as fantastic as you did in your 2009 pic, then 2010. I pray I will. I am working toward that. I dream of running; feeling my body's strength and endurance, feeling the freedom and power. I will be looking today for a running club of sorts to join. I want to puke a little even saying that "out loud", but that's my promise. By the end of this week (Saturday), I will have joined some group that will help me stay active regularly. Right now, it's not-so-little-ol'-me...and that's just not getting it done. Thank you for the truth-telling and thank you for your amazing courage and tenacity. You're the best!

    All my love to you.
    Becky from

  9. Hi Shelley - I just read your recap of the run and this post. Just incredible! You are awesome, and you did it in the time you set as goal even with the occasional walking. And you look great. I did get a good laugh at the sweaty boobs - I'm always a ring around the neck that extends down to my boobs when I get hot!

    I'm glad you're feeling better. You must feel so strong and empowered after such a great accomplishment. I'm seeing a half in the not too distant future!

    Oh, BTW, you exactly described the weird blog roll thing I was having, but today all is well. I have no idea why. Anyhoo - have a great day.

  10. That's one thing I like about blogging. Even if bloggy friends are not physically there, you get so much support through the comments they leave on your blog. Bloggy friends, virtual friends, whatever you call it...they're still friends who say the best things when need be =)

  11. Wow girl you've really got some serious miles in this week already. I skipped my run today as I'm feeling terrible.

    Try to drink a lot of water the day before a run, it seems to help. The only thing I bring on my runs is water, I don't want anything else than that.

    I know the feeling of lonelyness. Where I live and run I hardly see people on my runs and the days that my runs are hard I often feel sorry for myself :) but like you I keep on going.

    We don't have hills here and I'm already nervous for my run on your half marathon day which includes 7 hills :lol:

  12. Its been a little bit since I've stopped by your blog. Holy Cow girl, you look FanTasTic! Your legs are ripped, your waist is so tiny, I am so so excited for you in your progress.

  13. Hi shelley. First, thanks so much for your kind words over on my blog about my race. It was nothing compared to what you conquered! But your words meant a lot to me coming from a runner!!

    You are inspiring me keep up the running. I am in New York so our weather is getting chilly about now and I dread the thought of running on the treadmill when the snow starts falling! But I do want to keep up on my running so I can do a 10k someday. and then maybe even 10 miles like you did!

    You wrote about feeling lonely along your run. I have to say that I am wondering how my next race will be. This was the Race for the cure with tons of people running (2200ish I think). There was no room(literally) to be lonely. Just a big crowd I felt like I had to keep up with! I find myself wondering how my next race will affect me, because I am sure it will be much smaller scale than 2100 people! I am proud of you for your accomplishments. And you should be proud of yourself for inspiring so many people along the way!

    Thanks again.


  14. You might want to think about amping up your water drinking for a couple of days prior to the long runs. That way your body will have a chance to hold onto that rather than trying just on race day.

    I like the look of your legs in that picture, too!

  15. Great job! I am totally inspired and hope to actually RUN a 5k in Spring 2011.


  16. I am so impressed with your running. You are just on target, not even a sick day when you felt so sick.
    And, what a hottie in those tight shorts and capris. I wish I knew you before, it would be so cool to have gone through the transformation with you. You are one skinny hot runner chick!

  17. Hey! I was rooting you on! I'm glad you did so well, even without the liquids. I'm actually kinda surprised you didn't take coconut water. Can you strap one of those water bottle/fanny packs on? Or do they move around too much and feel weird? I agree that drinking a lot before hand would probably help. But what do I know ... I'm just beginning my exercising and it's usually only exercycling. BTW: You're ROCKIN the legs! Vee at

  18. So glad your feeling better! Yeah, you sounded very dehydrated - it takes a bit to recover from that.
    You know, sometimes I get weepy at the gym?? maybe it's partly endorphins too. Very proud of you.

  19. Oh, what was I going to comment on this morning??? Oh, the dehydration. Is that why you can run for so long and not have to go to the bathroom? Sweating it all out?

    And I agree. I am pretty good at making my own coffee, but nothing is as good as getting a coffee at Starbuck's. Except it has to have some half and half and 2 splendas.

  20. ok I GIGGLE these are now my thurs posts my life is so up and GOGOGOGO.
    you rock.
    I hope my readers' tips helps some as Id hate for your running to be derailed.

  21. Oh my goodness, YES, you were dehydrated! Water is much more important than protein in races like that. Drink, drink, drink!

    I think it's fascinating how social running an activity is for you. I am the opposite; I like to put in my earphones and tune out the world. But you thrive when you have running buddies, and your moment of stress at being alone in the middle of the race wouldn't even have fazed me. I probably wouldn't even have noticed!

    I didn't really realize there were runners who preferred it any other way but solo. There's nothing wrong with it, I am actually fascinated by the difference!

  22. Great job on the runs this week too Shelley! You are officially an athlete!!

  23. Wow that's a lot of running after that tough race but you are doing awesome and looking great.

    Love the treat from fivebucks :)

  24. I know you weren't feeling well, but you def looked good. If you can look that radiant while feeling that crappy, you must be doing something right.


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