Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Mishmash

Hey - these visors match my blog colors!

I forgot to tell you that I found TWO colorful visors last Thursday! Although you might have already figured that out, seeing as I was wearing the turquoise one in my race recap post, and the hot pink one in my WWU post. My sporting goods store got in some more running gear, and guess what I discovered? The Nike "youth" size is the same as their "woman" size - but is a couple of bucks cheaper. So woohoo, I was able to get a bargain, at least on the hot pink one. Something to check out, if you're in the market for visors.


I made Helen's Roasted Zucchini Soup the other day and boy was it good! Super easy, chock-full of veggies and creamy without adding any milk or half and half. Really tasty the next day, too.
Make this soup - make it now! You won't regret it.


A ginormous new grocery store opened up last week - it's an HEB, for you Texans who are familiar with it. It's about 5 miles away from my house, and while there is another one that is much closer, it's right on the main street - very congested, plus most of the students shop there and I'm telling you, they regularly clear out the shelves, which is really frustrating. This one is on the south end of town, and it's just a hop on and off the highway for me. They had a bunch of grand opening specials, which is why I stocked up on this ridiculous amount of bars:
Crazy, right?!?

The Lara bars were the best deal at 50 cents each. I eat the Builder's bar in the morning before I go for a run (I used to do this before my workouts, too) - I can't stomach much of anything first thing in the morning, but I can usually choke down these pretty well. And actually, they are tasty - kind of high in calories (270 for the entire bar), so it's a good thing I only eat half at a time. Oh - the Almond and Coconut Kind bar? Amazing! Loved it - apparently I am liking coconut more and more (says the person who would spit out the See's candy if she bit into it and discovered coconut). I don't eat the Lara bars that often, but thought they would be handy to have while we travel later this month. Same for the Clif and Luna bars - sometimes I can go overboard with snacking on them, so I've stashed the extras away from my pantry - out of sight, out of mind, hopefully.

The new store has an amazing cheese section - I couldn't help but think that Biz would be in heaven if she could shop there. I don't normally sample food at the grocery store (just one way I try to not have extra calories add up) but the cheese samples were so good! I had my hands on a tiny block of German Swiss cheese, but finally set it down after deciding I didn't need to spend over $8 on less than a quarter pound of cheese. Glad I came to my senses in time!

Oh, and here are a couple of blogger-influenced purchases:
Sweet and spicy!

Jalapeno mustard after I read about Biz using it, and the chocolate chips after seeing Debby make her own version of the Oikos chocolate yogurt (not the mildewy mold kind, lol) by melting chocolate chips and stirring them into some nonfat plain Greek yogurt. She is a genius, I'm telling you! I think she actually added walnuts to her creation, but then again, she adds walnuts to just about everything. ;)


On tap for this weekend is the annual Crosstown Showdown football game between the two local high schools - this is a huge event and the game is held tonight at Kyle field. It's fun for the kids to get to play at a college stadium, and usually close to 20,000 people attend the game. Both teams are having a great season so it's anybody's game, but I just want to say GO TIGERS!!!

On Saturday I am excited beyond anything - it's the 4th annual Wiener Fest! And for the first time ever, I finally get to attend! Not working on Saturdays is paying off - woohoo! A day full of dachshunds? I am all over that! Jeff can't go, as there is also a huge boy scout event that he committed to help out with - apparently they are going to launch something like 3000 model rockets all at the same time. Should be wild. But I'm glad I'll get to be with the dogs (and no, Paco will not be attending as he is not nice around other dogs save for his best friend, Ginger).


I'm afraid I am a Fashion Friday Failure this week. What can I say - pretty much all I wore was running outfits, as evidenced by the five tech shirts I currently have hanging to dry after I did laundry. But I have to share one thing with you - I am going to be somewhere this afternoon that I need to dress nicely for, and I knew that I wanted to wear my black skirt, so I did a search on my blog to see what I had worn it with. I chose this option - it's still plenty warm to be able to wear the short sleeves and my awesome platform sandals. My CRS* may be acting up, but thanks to the magic of blogging, I can overcome it, lol!

Oh! I just remembered the new shirt I bought - I'll show it to you:
Pretty much says it all!

As soon as I saw this shirt, I knew I had to have it. Decided that it would be my reward for getting through that race last Saturday. Plus my new pink visor goes perfectly with it - I'll be wearing this at Wiener Fest tomorrow!

Have a great weekend!

*Can't Remember Sh*t


  1. YAYAYAYAYYAAAYYYAAA my post is up :)

    I have to say Im a wee bit jealous of your runs these days (now that Im inexplicably in injured reserve) and am SOOO READY TO START( something I never thought Id say).

    so Ill just add happy WIENERING and that this shall be the weekend I actually look for and cram a Lara Bar in my...lara-hole and see what the fuss is about!


  2. OMG - the wall of cheese at HEB. Fantabulous! We have Central Market (HEB's Ivy League Cousin) and I adore it, but Bick's mom has one of the super HEBs by her. Oh how I love a good grocery store.

    Love the tshirt! Enjoy weinerfest - I've always wanted to go. I've seen it on tv and it just makes me laugh. Have a wonderful time, Shelley.

  3. I so want to go with you to the Wiener Fest and bring miss Bella too. What a cool event. Damn why don't we have that kind of things in Holland?

    Damn: why don't we have so many options to choose from in bars in Holland?

    Damn: why can't I buy such a cool Nike shirt in Holland.

    Congrats: you got yourself a roommate, I'm coming over to move in with you! :)

    Have a great weekend my friend and good choice for your outfit this afternoon.

  4. Like the bagel I spoke about on Biz' blog the other day, I have absolutely no self control when it comes to bars either. There is no way I'd eat only half. Which would explain why, I finally bought and ate a couple of Larabars for the first time ever. I had the chocolate and coconut and pecan pie. The chocolate and coconut was so yummy!

    Jealous of your big grocery. While I have 3 options within 5 miles none of them are that great.

  5. CHEEESSSEEEEE! I stay away from the specialty cheese section at my grocery store for this very reason. I once spent $12 on some cheese I ate in like a half hour.

  6. your visors, tshirt and you are too cute for words ;-).
    Those bars in my grocery stores are so expensive we are talking $2.00 each this is why they are a once in a while treat ;-).
    Have a great weekend, something about weiner fest makes me giggle ;-)

  7. OMG. I*must*get*that*shirt. I didn't even know that was a Nike slogan? That's been my mantra for weeks now -and the entire premise behind my new blog name (


  8. Okay I am SO happy about the zucchini soup! Thank you for posting that! I have been looking for soups that are healthy and fit my eating plan and this one does. I am totally making this :)

    And... I love the shirt too! I want to find one for myself. People have been asking me a lot about my weight loss (96 pounds now!) and I think that slogan is inspiring :)

  9. Oh, Shelley? I hope you don't mind I put the picture of that shirt on my facebook page. LOVE IT.

    Lyn - it really is inspiring and congrats on your amazing loss. WOW!

  10. My favorite is the Apricot with Yogurt drizzle Kind Bars. Deee-lish! I love the Nike shirt. That's a great slogan, isn't it? Applies to anything in life. Hope you have a great weekend, you Hotshot Runner Chick!

  11. Poor wittle Paco has to miss the Wienerfest!! :D I don't know why but that just cracks me up. He is a little old curmudgeon!

  12. Weiner Fest? haha, I clicked on the link and it does sound like you aren't kidding. haha. And the pic of the dogs is soo cute. [Even though I have a hard time liking this breed, bc my BF's fam had one of these, and it peed on my leg. Yuck. I can't believe I still married that BF. haha]

    Helen's soup looks/sounds FABULOUS, & I thank you both for sharing it. I also have a dumb question, I'm guessin she means use an immersion blender, is that what you did, Shelley? I don't have one, so I was wondering if that was a big deal.

    Wishing you a super weekend, friend.

  13. 50 cent larabars? Go back and get more - a lot more!

    Love that t-shirt, too.

    Now to come up with a recipe that combines the chips and the mustard :D

  14. You are scoring bigtime with the turquoise and pink gear. I love the saying on that shirt.

    I saw they had a 'wanna be a weiner' race there--cracked me up. Pictures please!

    Oh, I will be curious to see if the ch. chip/yogurt combo is as good as your oikos.

  15. I made the soup too, but used broccoli instead. Pretty good.
    Laughed about the visors b/c you were so distressed about wearing a white one, and wonder how many people "are in the market for visors"?
    Love the outfit.
    My husband goes to an annual Weiner Fest put on by his friend named Bob Weiner. I'm suddenly craving hot dogs, except I have such bad cramps that I don't think they'd go down nicely. (the hot dog)(and I don't eat cow anyhow, so it would have to be a turkey dog.) I am babbling...

  16. Thank you for that soup recipe! I can't wait to try it. Copied it already.

    That's a lot of bars! Definitely a steal at 50cents each!

    happy weekend, Shelley!

  17. You REALLY have a thing for those visors, huh? They are great colors. I love the shirt. Where do I get one?

  18. I love that shirt! :)

    I like bars too, but for some reason, just cannot stomach larabars - they make me want to puke! Looks like you got a good stash to last you a few weeks though!

  19. Love the shirt, love that you completed your race and posted the sweaty boob pic :), love the necklace I won from your giveaway - thanks for hosting, and LOVE the idea of chocolate in my greek yogurt!

  20. Awesome t-shirt, and I think it's AMAZING that you wore running clothes all week. Doesn't that just say everything about the great direction you are going in right now?

    Ooooh, I still love that blouse and skirt on you, so I know you will look great!

    P.S. I read "weiner fest" and without clicking assumed it was about hot dogs. LOL!

  21. Hey girl, check out my blog for the virtual pink dress run. You have to participate, won't take no for an answer :)

  22. Gosh, I missed a few of your posts. Bad me! Congrats on your race, 10 miles! I liked your reward, yum.


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