Monday, September 27, 2010

Things I'm Trying Not To Think About

  1. That TEN MILE race I foolishly signed up for a couple of months ago. Which is now a mere six days away. Which, coincidentally, is the number of miles I ran on Saturday. Which is the most miles I've ever run at once. Sure, Shelley - of course you can go from six to ten miles in one week. Not a problem!
  2. A turquoise visor. Or a purple visor. Or a hot pink visor. Or a lime green visor. Not gonna think about any of those colors because they don't exist in my little burg. My race day outfit will be lacking...why did I decide at the last minute that I like to wear a visor more than a cap?
  3. That stupid number on the scale. Because I know what I'm eating, and how much I'm running, and that scale is just plain dumb. I knew I threw it in the closet for a reason - back it goes, until it learns to say something nice.
  4. The realization that hit me on Sunday...this upcoming race? Has both a 5K and a 10 miler. Which means that all the normal runners (i.e. people like me) will sanely be doing the 5K, and I'll be with the athletes once again, like I was in that duathlon that I did last April. You remember - the one where I was dead last for almost the entire first 5K? What in the heckfire was I thinking?!?
Now, I know that I can talk myself down from the ledge, so to speak, on the race stuff. Because ten miles? It's only coming up two weeks earlier than it would have, according to our training schedule. So it's not like I wasn't going to be doing it soon anyway. And I know that I don't have to run the entire time, nor are my running club coaches encouraging us to do the entire thing, I it is an out-and-back course, I'm assuming they would prefer for us to get back to the starting point, lol. It's just that I know there will be runner runners lined up for this race, as opposed to runners...ya know what I mean? Maybe I will start in the back - that way I won't get passed by everyone - they'll already be ahead of me!

And the scale. Why oh why did I step on it?!? Why do I want to have a stupid number validate me? If you could see my legs, how they're changing since I upped my running - my gosh, they are getting so muscular and shapely and firm and I'm really noticing a difference, which is thrilling! But then, I just had to check the numbers, and of course they were up. What was I expecting? The day after I ran six miles and hydrated like crazy - step on the scale? Dumb. And of course it makes me question everything I've been doing - maybe I should cut out that banana after my run...maybe I don't need as much protein as I've been eating. But you know what? I'm asking a lot out of my body with these miles that I'm running, and in return, I'm trying to give it what it needs to repair and build up my muscles. Still, it's hard to see the numbers go UP when I am doing something like running, which is still quite a challenge for me. Sigh.

As for the lack of colorful visors in this town, what is up with that? I got a super-cute new shirt for the race (going by my motto of I may not be fast but my clothes are cute) with slimming side inserts (obviously I went shopping after I stepped on the scale), but I will have to end up wearing my boring old white visor with it, instead of a matching or complimentary color. I know, this is a big deal in the grand scheme of things!!! (Much sarcasm there...but really, why can't the ONE sporting goods store in town have everything that I want?!?) do you think, now that I've written all this down, I can NOT think about it? Yeah, me neither.


  1. If I were there, I would sing you a little song.
    That would at least take your mind off it!

    You're doing just fine!
    What ever you decide -
    that will be the "right" choice!
    Sending happy thoughts your way!

  2. Whew! That's a lot of anguish and uncertainty for a Monday morning! :) Let me catch my breath so I can comment.... wait for it... Okay, ready!

    As for race-day outfit (and yes, it DOES matter! At least in my world, too! LOL), what color is the nifty new top? Do all the aforementioned visors match? Email me...let me know, would ya'?

    Now about the six to ten mile jump. Yes, I know you did your first 10-miler... Woo Hoo! You wrote about it *elsewhere and I read it. Way to rock it, girl! However... PLEASE be careful. It was this time last year when I jumped from the 5K to the 10K in very humid conditions and had a heat stroke, mistakenly thinking, "Oh, what's a few extra miles?" Can I just say DUMBEST THINKING EVER. Not a world-class athlete, here! So, take it easy, friend... yes, you CAN do it VERY WELL, but just listen to your body, please.

    And lastly, the scale and your body: tell the damn thing to shut up and play nice (the scale, not your body), and keep listening to that marvelous machine that gets you out there every day (your body, not the scale!). Wish I had more this summer, as you read last night.

    Thanks for the kind words... I'm getting back 'in balance' and sending you *hugs* from Orlando!!

  3. It is scary to see the numbers go up on the scale..make sure your not eating "junk" calories and maybe ask your coaches what calorie level they recommend and don't panic of course.
    Listen to your body and be careful uping your mileage more than 10% take walk breaks when needed. I use the Galloway method of walking so much every mile:)Lastly, trust your training and have fun!

  4. I wished I'd have known of your fashion dilemma, I could have helped as I was schlepping through sporting goods stores yesterday. I KNOW we have PURPLE visors in this town.

    You had this right - you are asking amazing things of your body and it's giving them to you. It's not "real" weight and it's certainly not a number on the scale. Let all that go. This is about being an athlete - and your body is still adjusting to this new regime. And I hate to disappoint you, but I've often heard that there's not really much weight loss when training for a big run like this.

    Chin up, buttercup. You can do this. You will do this. You will finish and it will be grand. Let's put this in perspective - did you EVER, I mean EVER in your wildest dreams think that you would even be attempting to traipse across town in a short skirt? Much less run TEN MILES! You are made of all kinds of awesome. Don't let your head get in your way now!

    Oh, and last but not least, congratulations on your big six miler. That is awesome!

  5. I'm with Robin and Susan. Moren than 10% increase in a week is too much. I would walk every mile for a minute if I were you and start right at mile 1 before you get tired. That way you won't be that exhausted by the end. And as Robin said: listen to your body, don't push it, don't overdo it. Because an injury is not something you want now. You can do it as long as you take your walk breaks and listen to your body.

    About the scale, it is a know fact that runners don't lose weight that fast. You have to be patient like I have to be patient. I'm sure you are building muscles which weigh more than fat as you know well yourself.

    Don't worry to much my dear friend, you can do it and I'm definitely sending positive thoughts your way!

  6. Love the other comments. Can't add much to them. Maybe the number on the scale is actually an okay number. You know you look fantastic. And you can RUN!!!!! Although... a hot pink visor..

    All I can say is, I can hardly wait for the race report. It is going to be fantastic!

  7. I love how you have already talked yourself down. You have much confidence, Grasshopper. You know within yourself that you are capable of this. Even if you have to wear a white visor. See, you can over come any challenge!

    I stand in awe of your 6 miles!

  8. You can think about all those things, just put a positive spin on them!

    My #1 rule when training for a race: STAY OFF THE SCALE.

    You'll know when to be concerned without ever stepping on the scale - it has to do with clothing not fitting.

  9. %@#$@% Scale. Concentrate on how good you feel, how your legs look, how proud you are about being able to run SIX miles.

    For the 10 mile race, I think you can do it. As the other commenters suggested, walk all you need to. If the day is hot or muggy walk even more than you feel you need to. Drink plenty of water--before, during and after. When I ran a 10 miler last year, it was an unseasonably hot spring day. I hydrated like crazy and never had to stop at any of the port-a-johns on the way. I was very slow (2:06), but I finished.

    Wish I could squeeze my pink visor through the computer cable--it's the same color as your bike.

  10. I love that your scale is in a time out until she says something nice!
    Can you order a visor online?
    YOU ARE AWESOME!! I am glad you know not to let the number define you.....if only you could not think about it.

  11. A boring old white visor needs a makeover too. A little fabric paint should help you make a motto that will get everyone focusing on You! Or not.

    You're doing great. You're really only in competition with yourself, right?

    Vee at

  12. You are so funny about having everything match! I'd be happy if my running outfit didn't have stains on it!

    Happy Monday!!

  13. Your fashion dilemma makes me sad for you. You know I like to look cute, too!

    About the "real runners" vs. what you think you are? Nonsense. You're a real runner, too. And don't ya forget it!

  14. I'd love to give you some great advice about the running issues, if only I had run at all in the past 20 years. (I'm assuming chasing my naked 3-year-old down the street doesn't count.) As for the scale, maybe you need to rough up the toaster a little, just to show it what you are capable of when it comes to small electronics. That should improve its behavior!

  15. Now I want a visor just to have. You got me thinking about it too much.

    As for the 10 mile run, sometimes it's best not to think about it. No doubt you'll complete it, so you'll get no good luck from me. :-)

  16. Stupid scale. I've got people who can go take care of it for you. That scale won't be talking anymore. It'll be swimming with the fishes. Forget about it.

    Sweety, don't you dare fret about this race. You just go out there, have fun, and get yourself a new tee shirt. This is supposed to be fun. Enjoy yourself and keep that beautiful smile on your face the whole time. I know you're going to do fine.

    News flash: you *are* a runner! :)

  17. The "scale universal" is a complete bastard. Hate that mofo bigtime. I loved this post - how interesting that a quick trip onto the scale sets off all kinds of mind chatter! You are amazing and fantastic and have accomplished remarkable weight loss and toning. You're one of my role models. And I have a feeling you're going to rock the 10 miles! Can't wait to hear about it.

  18. lol at #3 - stupid scale.

    It's always nice to stop in here and see how much further you've come. It's very inspiring.

  19. Have you kept track of your measurements? At this point, it may be a more reliable indicator of your progress than the stupid scale.
    Also, I'm with Vee you should Bejewel the visor.

  20. Breathe Shelley! It's so easy to get caught up in all the little things, when all you really need to do is rest up, show up and do your best that day (or any day, really).

    Grab a bottle of RIT dye and go to town on your visor. Just wash it really well after dying it so you don't end up with a lime green band going around your forehead after the race :D

  21. oh GIRL Im late to this because I was traveling.

    hows the brain now?
    slooooowed at all?

  22. Amazing weight loss transformation! Great blog! All the best on your run - enjoy!

  23. As everyone else said, forget the scale and look at 2 body parts to chart your progress: first your legs. You said yourself that you have muscle and strength. The second you probably can't see is your heart. With all that running, your heart must be strong as a bull.

    A scale doesn't know when to come in out of the rain.

  24. Do they make visor accessories? Pins or something to jazz it up? Lori's dye idea is great, or get crafty and get some fabric paints and glitter :) Maybe the glitter is too far, might take it from cute to tacky?

    Thanks for posting about the scale being up from running. I've been dealing with that all summer. This morning I was really thinking about that three pounds and wondering if it was fat or muscle. I've been running a lot farther and more days of the week. Hopefully it's muscle and water retention.

    You will do great on your race!

  25. Take it from me - the slowest jogger in Ellis Co! - that if you hydrate well & have laid a good base (sounds like you certainly have), you can go out & triple your average mileage w/out killing yourself!
    Notice I didn't say "run" - that means run/walking which is how I got thru my last half (3/10) w/out finding the time to do a single training run longer than 4 mi...

  26. That's what my first ten mile race last year was like. It's in the middle of no where on a chilly drizzly day. The only peeps who showed were the "real" runners and me. That was a tough race. I finished and was glad I did it. But never again.
    Good luck, honey. You'll be great.

  27. OMG, I *totally* thought of you today - I was over at our local Columbia outlet and they had a TON Of pink and light green visors!! (I actually bought a pink one...I might even post a photo of it when I run this coming week)

    You are going to do AWESOME.

    And if I can kick my scale in the proverbial "nuts" - so can you. You are a rockstar and don't you forget it!

  28. You are a braver woman than I, Gunga Din. I can't bring myself to step on the scale right now, and I am NOT exercising and eating right like you are. Don't let the number get you down; measure your body instead, and I guarantee you will like those numbers more.


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