Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Mishmash - Lift Your Sole Winner, Another Giveaway, and Squirrel!

The winner of the Lift Your Sole "Mind Over Miles - 13.1" necklace is:

Congratulations! Email me ( your mailing address and I'll get your pretty prize out to you!

But wait, there's more! For today only (I swear, I'm still channeling Ron Popeil), you can get 15% off of your entire order at Lift Your Sole - just use the code journeytofit15 at checkout - how cool is that?!? Remember, it's good for today only, so don't delay - get what your heart desires!


My friends at Oh! Nuts have teamed up with Warner Bros. Entertainment to promote the movie Life as We Know It - they are hosting an online sweepstakes where a family of four will win a trip to Hollywood, California! Click the banner to enter...wouldn't that be a fun trip to win?

In addition, they have created a very cute "Life as We Know It" baby gift basket, and have offered one to a lucky reader of this blog! U.S. only for this giveaway - to enter, just leave me a comment saying which color (pink or blue) basket you'd choose, if you win. Entries will close next Thursday evening and I'll announce the winner on Friday, 10/1, interwebs-willing.


Oikos Chocolate yogurt - have I mentioned how much I love this stuff? So much so that when I peel back the foil lid, I lick whatever bit of yogurt is stuck to the lid. Only the other night when I did this, I tasted mildewy mold. But I was standing by the dishwasher, which I had just started running, so I thought "you can't be tasting mildewy mold; that must be the dishwasher soap" - but then I thought "when did Cascade Action Pacs start smelling like mildewy mold?" and of course then I thought to look at the container of yogurt in my hand and what did I see but a green spot! In the yogurt! I DID, in fact, taste mildewy mold!!! Blech blech blech. Several rinses of my mouth later, I checked the container - expiration date was September 22, and it was only September 19th, so it should have been fine. ICKY. I tossed it into my kitchen trash can, and checked the rest of my stash - all of the rest had expiration dates of October 1, and they've been fine, so I'm sure this was an isolated incident.

You'd think I would be done with this story, but oh no, I'm gonna Paul Harvey it...cut to two days later, and I'm making my lunch. I toss the empty chicken can into my trash can and hoo boy, do I ever get a whiff of that mildewy mold smell - it was almost as bad as walking into our local Macy's or Dillards! (Back story for those of you lucky enough to not live in humidville: there is a distinct smell that you get upon entering many older department stores - they have two sets of doors, with carpet between the first and second set, and the dampness from the humidity settles into the carpet and just's really nasty.) Anyway, I had to stop making my lunch and take out the bag of trash even though it was barely half-full. And now I'm trying to convince myself that those mildewy mold spores have not taken up residence in my house, or lungs...moral of the story - look before you lick, and take out the trash!


Look at this squirrel, checking me out:
This little guy must have stared at me for a good ten minutes the other day - apparently I made a fascinating subject to him! I took the picture from my desk - it's always fun to watch the wildlife in my backyard...a little disconcerting to have it watch me back, though!


This picture of my dinner on Wednesday is remarkable for a couple of reasons. One - that it's not a bowl of cereal; and two - that there is an actual vegetable on the plate! Jeff has been out of town all week, and while my eating habits have not reverted back to the old days of laying in as much junk food and Taco Bell as possible, I have been a *bit* lazy on meal prep. I realized on Wednesday morning that I hadn't had a vegetable since Saturday's veggie pizza, so I forced myself to go to the store and not only purchase some, but actually cook them. It's interesting how quickly I can go from eating really well to pouring some cereal...shows me that if I'm not careful, I'm just a car ride away from the drive-thru, and that is not a good thing.
Zucchini pasta - this is two zucchini's worth. Frozen herbed chicken breast for protein. No carbs with dinner - I was saving them for dessert...
I actually made a blogger recipe! Debby posted this the other day - Breakfast Fruit Wrap - and when she mentioned that it would also make a great dessert, I had to try it. My verdict? YUM. Try it - you'll like it!


Fashion Friday is pretty boring - mainly because it's still hot here and I've been living in my shorts, which you all have seen many times over. I may have to put this on hiatus until the weather changes. But for today, it's my awesome pair of LOFT jeans - paired with one of my go-to patterned shirts, and my new shoes - well, I bought them last Spring, but they are still new to me since I haven't worn them yet.
I know - not much to say about jeans and a top...But check out the shoes! When I first saw them (on the sale rack, naturally), I was drawn to them. I was actually on the hunt for sandals - but I couldn't stop looking at these. I finally tried them on, hemmed and hawed for a bit, and left the store with them - but no sandals - story of my shopping career! Later on, I realized why I was so in love with these shoes...They reminded me of my favorite pair of platforms that I got my freshman year of high school! I wore the heck out of these shoes - even had the strap repaired on one shoe. Loved them so much that I saved them, even though they are a size 6 and my feet haven't seen that size in decades.Born shoes - bringing me back to my teenage years!

Alright everybody - I'll leave you with this rainbow that graced our skies Wednesday night - my neighbor Shelli took the picture (not to be confused with my other neighbor Shelly - yes, there are three of us, all spelled differently, living on the same street) - have a good weekend!


  1. oooh I LOVE THE SHOES!!
    Im heading out to typeamom conference in moments and was just having a WAIT WHAT DO PEOPLE WEAR WHEN SNEAKERS OR PLATFORM FLIP FLOPS ARENT APPROPRIATE WITH JEANS?!

    yes, ma'am.
    Im that much a texan (flipflops then right to cowboy boots :)) and that.unhip.

  2. Love the shoes! Are they comfortable? I'm on my second pair of "traveling shoes" and I just can't get it right. I'll need a comfort update on the Borns.

    Have a great weekend! Run lots and stay cool!

  3. Look before you lick, she says..
    I bought that yogurt because so many blogger raved and I didn't like it. I still have some in my fridge (hopefully not moldy), I wish I could get it to you.
    I think I'll try it again...

  4. Nice try. Your mold story is not going to stop me from stocking up on the chocolate greek yogurt. Sorry.

    Those shoes are SWEET. They look uber comfy, too.

    Oh, and I would take the blue basket. Because we're expecting a boy. :-)

  5. I LOVe Born shoes too. And I've never paid full price--usualy get them at Ross or Marshalls.

    How weird to have three Shelley's on one street. How weird that only one of you spells her name right LOL.

    The fruit wrap on a pink plate--I have pink plates just like that and I had a weird deja vuey moment there--when did we eat those wraps on my pink plates? Glad you liked--did you try it w/the chocolate oikos?

  6. OH SNAP! I want those shoes. Too bad. They reminder me of shoes I loved when I wa in high school. Where did you find them? You so are rockin those jeans.

    Ick on mold. I took a huge gulp of SPOILED MILK. Barf!! So I kind of feel your innner ICK.

    love your weekend!

  7. Love the shoes Shelley! You look fantastic in jeans.

    And that squirrel is too cute!

    What a story about the yogurt, iekssssss

  8. Congrats to Mo'Betta for winning the necklace!
    Okay, the yogurt thing was nasty! Poor thing. But then you have your little squirrel pal to cheer you up while you have your veggies and new dessert. (Don't worry if you see a big moose looking in the window -- he's friends with the squirrel.) And you're so cute in jeans and your new shoes!

  9. Loving the Mish of the Mash today. So random yet so informative.

    No chocolate yogurt for me. But then again I don't really like vanilla either. I only like fruit kinds and even then I'm fussy.

    Ok, I've been stalking the Lift your Sole site all week so I'm off to order.

    We're running 6 tomorrow, right? (And I'll have you know I already ran 20+ this week!)

  10. Shelly, you need to write Oikos an email! (God, I am my mother....) That's unacceptable. And maybe you'll get some coupons out of the deal, too. ;-)

  11. Um, hello?! Those shoes are AWESOME! I would have totally picked them up.

    I've never tried chocolate yogurt. And how do you make zucchini pasta? Do you have one of those spirulizers or do you just cut?

  12. I would love the blue basket! My best friend just had a baby and it would be the perfect gift for her!

  13. You are rocking those jeans today! That's quite a figure you have.

    I don't eat the chocolate yogurt (and now even less desire to). I have found I can handle vanilla yogurt, and sometimes honey, but most times they are just too sweet for me, especially the fruit ones.

    I ate a piece a bread a while ago and half way through noticed it had some mold on it. Yuck. I figured it was close enough to penicillin that what I had wouldn't hurt too much.

  14. Oh those shoes brought me back! You are too funny for keeping them all this time!

  15. A couple of things. When you get the book - there's a gift inside for you so make sure you take it.

    Also I could never show my ankles. You are so brave. Love the shoes though.

    The squirrel shot is adorable though he could be a stalker.

  16. The staring squirrel scares me, lol.

    Shoes are WAY too cute, and I'm a jeans and tops kinda' girl look oh so fabulous! :)

  17. I have a pair of Born shoes I wear every single day to work - they are so comfy!

    Love the last picture - so beautiful! Hope you have a great Friday Shelley! :D

  18. First of all, I love that you saved your favorite pair of shoes from high school! That's awesome!!

    The new ones are super cute though, I love them!

    This weekend is my volunteering at Gourmet Chicago at Millennium Park, I can't wait to tell you all about it! Have a super weekend!

  19. Hey Shelley - Like all your other fans, I love the shoes - fabulous. Also loved the whole post but am eager for the weather to break to see some more fashion Fridays.

    I was really looking at your side bar pics today, maybe for the first time (?) and just amazed and inspired by your metamorphosis. Your pictures really help me know that I can do this too, if I set my mind to it.

    I make peppers, onions and zucchini every single week! It's awesome heated up with a dollop of plain Greek yogurt.

  20. I haven't tried that choc yogurt but I make my own, chabani or fage plain yogurt with a spoon of nutella - ooooh yum, sometimes I add flax seed for some crunch.

    Love the shoes :)

  21. Congrats to Mo'Betta!!! Those shoes are all very kool!!! I love watching wildlife, especially when I catch them watching us.

  22. I adore that outfit. Really, that is so cute. And you look great in it.

    Also love the stalker squirrel. LOL

    Totally gross about the mold. Bleck! I've had that happen with bread before. There wasn't enough mouthwash in the house to correct the situation. :)

    Have a great weekend

  23. OMG! I just bought borns that are super close to that. I love borns. It's all I wear. They are the most comfortable cute shoes EVER!


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