Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Mishmash

It's our custom on Friday nights to go to our local hamburger joint, split a cheeseburger basket, then run to Sam's Club for fruit, veggies and yogurt (I swear, ours is usually the healthiest cart in the checkout line) and then we go to Red Mango for frozen yogurt. So yeah, we're kind of "regulars" there - think Cheers and Norm but without the beer (tell me I'm not going too far back). They change up the flavors every day, and list them on their Facebook page...imagine my delight when I saw this last Friday:

Red Mango College Station: Today we have Blueberry, Summer Melon, Pomegranate, Madagascar Vanilla, Cocoa, Original, Black Cherry, Cinnamon, Raspberry, and (since it's Friday) a certain customer's favorite, Coconut.
That's me! They know I love the coconut flavor, and the few Fridays that I've been there and there was no coconut...well, they got my sad face. I absolutely love that they indulge me like this!


I'm in California and missing Paco the Wonder Dog, so I thought I'd share with you one of his many talents - he brings in the newspaper every morning! And sometimes, if the neighbors aren't quick enough, he'll bring us theirs as well!
Paco the Wonder Dog earning his breakfast!
"Are you following me, Mom?"
"Open the door - I have a paper to deliver!"


The weather is so cool here - it gets down into the low 50's overnight! I went for a run on Thursday morning - my friend Matt drove over to run with me, which was very sweet as I had talked about how nervous I was for the upcoming race on Sunday. People, we ran four miles! By the beach! It was the best run I've had - that cool weather really made a difference, and Matt was a lot of fun to run with. Plus he kept me from being run over by bicyclists on the path - clueless Joe here had no idea that the little "ding" coming from behind meant that a biker was wanting to pass and I should MOVE TO THE RIGHT! There is a huge difference between running in a California beach town as opposed to a park in Texas. Glad I had a guide...thanks, Matt!

After the run, we went out for smoothies (of course!) - while we chose fairly normal flavors, there was one that we wanted to order for the grossness of it, but of course didn't - it was an Avocado smoothie. Ingredients: avocado, milk (could subsitute soy!), sugar and lime juice. You know you are in California when an avocado smoothie is on the menu!

I have a picture of Matt and I that I'll post next week, along with pictures of us as 14-year-olds. And just as I suspected, we haven't changed one bit. *wink*


Barbara and I have been going ninety-to-nothing since I arrived in California on Tuesday afternoon. It's been a blast, as usual, and I will share many pictures and stories next week when I'm back at my computer - Barbara's computer and Blogger are not getting along very well and the formatting is getting messed up, plus I couldn't move around the pictures I uploaded. So no Fashion Friday this week - but we HAVE been shopping and I've gotten some super cute things - can't wait to show you!


OK,that's it for this mishmash. Next time you hear from me, I will have run my longest race yet - the Wharf to Wharf 10K on Sunday!


  1. YAY!!
    my post ;)
    Im so excited for your race this Sunday, Shelley.

    and due to that excitement I shall forgive the lack of fashion friday.
    (and even in typing that I start thinking I need to do a fashion friday. ONE FRIDAY. in your honor...)

  2. Good luck Sunday, you're going to be great, I know it!

    No you're not going to far back with Cheers. Actually they rerun it right now on Dutch tv so I've seen some of it yesterday :)

    If you get back don't forget to check out my post where Bella goes to doggy day care: you're going to love it, I know.

    Now tell me how you learned Paco that trick, I need Bella to get the mail for me too :)

    Have fun the rest of your stay and again: good luck Sunday.

  3. Good luck on with your race. Should be fun.

    I'm with you in the coconut. That'd be my fav too

  4. I am so jealous of your celebrity status at the yogurt place AND that you get to run a 10K in less than 100 degrees! I can not say enough how HARD running in the heat is! Good luck,can't wait to hear your race stats!

  5. Well bless my soul, if it's isn't the Princess of Yogurt! How fun...

    Your beach run sounds just amazing. There really is something to running in cooler weather - it's like getting an extra lung or something! Have a fabulous time on your 10K (say it again) 10K run. I look forward to hearing all about it - complete with pictures. Have a blast!

  6. A run along the beach with an old friend sounds like heaven. How nice that you got to have that experience.

  7. Can't wait for next week's pictures of your new duds! I love your Fashion Fridays.

    Sounds like you're having a fantastic time. Temps in the 50s overnight sounds lightyears away from the fiery furnace that is the whole Eastern seaboard, including my neck of the woods.

    An avocado smoothie actually sounds pretty divine, as I'm a major devotee of that "fruit". Still seems wrong that it's a fruit. Enjoy the rest of your vacay, and good luck on the run!

  8. I know that that the heat messes me up when I walk. Cooler makes all the difference. Running by the beach, too fun.

    Glad you had a nice visit with Matt. Can't wait for pics. I'm with Miz, missing your fashion Friday, but excited for you and the race!

  9. Good luck on your run! I can't wait to hear all about it!!!!

  10. As a fellow Texas I would love to experience the wonderful temperatures you are in California. Looking forward to hearing about your upcoming race. Good luck and more important...HAVE FUN!!

  11. OMG! Wharf to Wharf! You're in the big time now! I'll be in Santa Cruz next week, riding the Dipper and having cocktails at Ideal. :-)
    Have a great time running! You won't even notice the distance, since you'll be enjoying the weather and the view so much! I hope you win the random runner drawing for the trip to HI! That would be a real reward!
    (PS... while in Capitola, it's not a good idea to stop at Margaritaville mid-race. I think they frown on that.)

  12. You are going to rock that race! Can't wait for the recap :D

  13. Cheers is NOT too far back. I still love that show.

    And Paco is so cute!

    Good luck in your race.

  14. I would never drink an avocado smoothie unless it was flavored chocolate.

    I'm going to Pacific Grove tomorrow with two friends in the afternoon.

    My sister and her husband went to have dinner with a friend by the yacht harbor last night (Thursday) and changed their minds with all the traffic and commotion. Ended up in Rio Del Mar instead. Their gf is running Wharf to Wharf too.

    Still waiting to see when you're going to have a moment of free time. You can meet my attack dog. Highlight of your trip. I promise. She draws blood.

  15. Enjoy!

  16. Cheering you on from the other side of the country!!! You are awesome.
    p.s. I'm in love with Paco

  17. Hi! I've never delurked before, but I feel strongly enough about avocado shakes to come out of hiding. :)

    They are so good! IF made correctly, they are smooth, rich, creamy deliciousness. When I lived in Brazil, I used to get them all the time. Along with corn ice cream, which sounds equally nasty but is also very good!

    I'd love to go somewhere in the states where they offered avocado smoothies. I tried making my own, and they were ok, but a little too rich. Maybe I used too much avocado.

    Anyway, enjoy your vacation!!

  18. I can't wait to hear about the race. It is so nice to hear from you. You sound like you are having a blast!

  19. You're going to do great on the race - can't wait to hear the recap!

    And I am SOOO jealous of those temps. They sound wonderful.

  20. So glad you are having a great time! Good luck on Sunday's run.

  21. You must teach me your sad face skills because mine don't work on our local creamery. I must get them to bring back their choco truffle raspberry yogurt. Help a sistah out!

  22. so excited to hear about your race!

  23. Shelley - loved reading this post and jealous of the cool Cali weather!!

    Cannot wait to see the pics from this week and I know you will kick ass on your run tomorrow!



  24. Can't wait to hear the Wharf to Wharf recap!! :)

    You are such a total inspiration to this SLOWLY getting back into shape 35 year old!


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