Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday Workout Update - Survey Says! Edition

Sunday: Usual early morning run - I started on the wooded side of the park, and except for running into nine gazillion spider webs (obviously I was the first person of the day on that path), it was pretty pleasant. And that's when it hit me - hey, I'm running in shade! I should keep doing this! So I made a few laps around that path and then I crossed over to the sunny side. Why? Because I am dumb. I got hot really fast - my face started burning up, and I ended up taking a couple of short (less than 30 seconds) walking breaks. I ran 3.1 miles (5K), which was good. Next time I'm going to stay on the shaded side, even though it will get a little boring. Why has it taken me so long to realize this?!?

Brad was out as he is helping to care for Kara, their newest daughter, Ellie, and their other children. So it was all Linda - and it was tough! We did "anti-Tabata" sets in the cardio room, where we went at 80% for 20 seconds, then all out for 10 seconds...then rested for 30 seconds. Eight times per machine! The craziest was on the treadmill - I ran at a 6.5, then Linda upped it to 7.5 for 10 seconds...after a few rounds of that, she had me at a 7.0 and sprinting at an 8.0! That was really fast for me, but I felt good and I think my running is improving, bit by bit. In the gym, we did more Tabata sets - just regular ones, though, that targeted our arms.

Tuesday: Jenny and I met at our usual park, where I had a plan for this run - to stay in the shade as much as possible, and to run a mile, then walk for 30 seconds, times three miles. I got Ricky Bobby programmed and off we went. The first mile went by pretty quick - we clocked in at a 12:02 pace. The 30 seconds of walking went by like it was nothing, and we were off for our second mile, which we did at an 11:47 pace. During that mile, I also realized that Ricky Bobby was counting down the mileage, which was a great emotional boost when I read "40" and first thought we had only run for four-tenths of a mile when in actuality it was six-tenths - woot!

By the time we finished our next 30 second walk, we were pretty hot, even with the shade (we just kept looping around the park) and we stopped talking, except to encourage each other with "we've got this" and "run to that light post and then check Ricky Bobby" - but you know what? That was our fastest mile of the day! We hit an 11:24 pace for mile three! I have to say that the tiny little walking breaks really rejuvenated us for the next mile. It was a good run, and mentally, we both needed to see that we could go a decent distance again. I'm wondering if next week we should pace ourselves slow for the entire run - like in the 12 minute range - and try to run for four miles...runners out there, what say you? Also, I need to email tech support (aka Helen) and find out if it's possible to do the mile/walk alerts AND a pace alert at the same time.

Wednesday: We were in the gym with Linda for the entire hour with a "destiny" workout, which means that one person holds everyone's fate in their hands - that person had to do 50 burpees while everyone else was either on a machine or doing something fabulous with dumb bells - the machine people couldn't stop until the burpee person was about pressure! We hit our abs, quads, calves, arms, back - pretty much everything. I did my set of burpees in five minutes, 30 seconds which was pretty good for me. All I can say is that it felt a heck of a lot easier doing them without wearing the 20-lb. weight vest, which is how I did burpees last week!


And now, a survey. Are you getting bored with these WWU posts? Except for the running, which is fairly new and keeps changing, the workout descriptions are kind of the same week in and week out. Should I stop writing about them? Sometimes I bore myself when I read these posts - unless it was a particularly hard or crazy workout (like tire flipping). What do you think? Should I:
  1. Stop with the WWU already - we get it, you exercise!
  2. Keep writing about running, but not the workouts.
  3. Maybe write about the workouts if they were particularly interesting .
  4. Don't change a thing!
I'm interested to hear what you all think, so please let me know in the comments. But be kind, as I cry easily, and you don't want to see that, do you?


  1. My vote is to write about what helps and encourages you. It's your blog, your thoughts, your desire to write - it's not about us. I'd read anything you wrote - you are the success I long to be.

  2. I love reading about your workouts, so my vote is to keep posting them. It's very motivating to see your progress.

  3. I have learned about new equipment and techniques from your WWU posts so my vote is keep them.

    I like Dawne's comment :-D

  4. #4...I like it...motivates me! I am about 10 years older than you and your blog is what got me to thinking "If she can do it, I can try" Keep up the good work!

  5. I like your posts about running. You are my motivation and where I would like to be in year if at all possible. So keep it up.

  6. You write about what *you* like. It's your blog. You aren't here to entertain us, you are here to create an online journal to help yourself (which helps us on the side). I like the variety that these posts bring into a week. Plus, I am dorky enough to love reading other people's workouts to see what I can incorporate into my own.

    As far as speed versus distance? Which do you want? I know both is the answer, but you really work on one at a time. Either do speed work training and get your 5K pace down faster, or go slower and work on endurance and distance. It all depends on what your end goal is.

  7. I like what Dawne said, do what makes you feel good.
    My favorite is the FASHION FRIDAY! Don't change THAT!

  8. Keep writing girl - about all of it. There are people out there who need to know what is possible!

    The answer is yes you can do time and distance intervals but do email me so I can sit in the quiet at home and answer you.

    And my opinion is yes, the best way to run longer is to run slower - at first. Most people who say they "can't run" say it because they try to run too darn fast!

  9. I agree, whatever works for you and keeps you going!

    Also, like OP, I LOVE Fashion Friday!

  10. I'm always interested in other peoples's workouts, and I think I'd miss it if you were to drop it. But, if you were to drop it, I'm sure you'd replace it with something equally inspiring, entertaining and informative :)

  11. I wouldn't change anything you are doing now. If you want to spice it up, maybe highlight a particular exercise (kinda like Lori does @ Finding Radiance). I learn from all you superstars!

  12. Of course write about what works for you. But, since you're asking, I'd choose #3. I love hearing about the running and would like to hear about interesting workouts. You write about what motivates and seems interesting to you and we'll read all or part as motivates and interests us. How about that?

  13. #4 because this is your blog. You should only change something because you want to. And since you've put some choices for change, maybe you are ready to change something. And you can only decide what it is. You can't write a blog to please everybody, you write it to please yourself. And hope that others will be interested in your message.

    I am interested in your message.

  14. I like reading everything you write.

  15. Ok...I may have to come up with a name for my Garmin too...

    I also may need to work up some of the "workouts" or the "virtual partner" to get more value out of it.

    I think its AWEsome that you kept increasing your pace throughout the runs...very cool.

  16. Your workouts make ME cry. Oh, that wasn't the question.

    I love that you have a format, and I can rely on you being here M-W-F and I kinda know what you're going to talk about and I can look forward to that.

    If something else strikes your fancy, you can change. Otherwise, it seems like you have a lot of happy customers!

  17. I'm a brand new blogger, and I just happened upon your blog. It is great! Cool bike, too! With regards to the question you posted today... I say, write what you want! It's your blog, and you need to write what makes you happy and helps you keep on track with your new healthy lifestyle! I must say your progress photos are inspiring! Go girl! Finally, gotta say I love your acronym "C.R.S."! LOL! I plan to use it from now on when referring to my ever more frequent 'senior moments'!

  18. I like all of what you post. I'm a recent reader, but I keep coming back every other day. Please don't change a thing.. #4 it is!

  19. Its your blog write what makes you happy to share. I love how you have it formatted but if your ready for a change then go for it.

    I like that your doing negative splits starting out slower and getting faster! You have to decide if you want to be a faster runner or go for more distance. Most people work on distance the first year and endurance then work on speed:) Thats how I did it. I like the 3-4 mile range myself perfect for me.

  20. This is your blog, you should write about what you want. I read every post you write and comment on almost every one too. This means I'm a fan!

    I like your WWU every week because it inspires me.So as for me: keep on writing about it.

  21. I think the workout editions are probably really helpful - many of us are exercise challenged, and it is interesting to see at what level a person really needs to work to achieve and maintain what you have, especially over the long term.
    I particularly like it when you talk about things that have been particularly challenging for you, and which you have (or have not - yet) overcome. It's good to know that others struggle too. It's also good to know what you enjoy, and to hear your personal perspective on things.


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