Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Mishmash

But first, I want to thank you for all of the perspective on Wednesday's post. I guess sometimes I doubt everything I'm putting out here...but I started this blog as a way to remind myself of all the hard work I've put into losing weight and getting fit, and I truly believe that in order to keep on with my new lifestyle, I have to be able to look back see how far I've come. So I'll keep things pretty much as they are with regard to the WWU. And now, on to the mishmash!


Sweet potato fries - who knew? Certainly not me...until recently. How weird was it for me to look forward to a dinner of baked sweet potato fries and a black bean chipotle veggie burger? (Answer: very!) Sometimes I still surprise myself with my healthy taste buds.


The strangest thing happened during my workout on Monday - I was doing bicep curls with an exercise tube, and Linda turned me to face the mirror - she wanted me to see how defined my arm muscles are getting. But as I did the workout, I saw something on my left cheek - like a smudge. When we finally finished the eight sets, I dropped the tube and said out loud "what is on my cheek?" as I moved closer to the mirror. Um, there was no smudge - it was indented. Kathleen said "oh, you have a dimple!" - but where the heck did that come from??? It was a freaky enough that Linda tugged on my cheek (gently) to get it to even out! She said that I must have just lost the last bit of body fat on my face - so weird, because it practically happened right before my eyes! Gah - if I could only get my belly to disappear like that! A couple of hours later it wasn't as noticeable, so it must have been due to a bit of dehydration. On our run the next day I was telling Jenny about it and she said "I see it now!" - which leads me to believe that I may be the first person on earth to have an exercise-induced dimple - LOL.

Has anybody tried Method laundry detergent? I will admit, I bought it completely for the bottle - I was intrigued by the pump. My verdict? I love it! No messy cap, no spillage - you just pump the detergent directly into the washer (in my case, the pull-out drawer). Don't tell the Method people, but I plan on refilling the bottle with my Tide detergent until I use it all up. Still, very cool product packaging, Method peeps!


OK, it's getting real now. One month from today is the Wharf-to-Wharf 10K race that I will be running. And while I'll be at the starting line with my best friend, Barbara, she will be walking it due to the knee pain that she gets while running. So that means not only will I be running a race without a buddy, I'll be running a 10K (6.2 miles) - which I have never done! Sure, I ran that distance during the duathlon, but that was two 5K's and I had a 45 minute rest break in between each one. EEK!!! I have one month to step it up and get my running distance up to at least 5 miles without stopping (I figure the excitement of the race will carry me through the other 1.2). I think Ricky Bobby and I will be spending a lot of time together in the next few weeks...


And now, it's time for another exciting installment of Fashion Friday! (cue soap opera voice over) When we last left her, Shelley had finally bought some cute shoes...what will she wear them with today? Let's eavesdrop as she chooses her outfit...
Hmm, today I want to wear one of my standbys - a print shirt and bermudas. Oh cool - this shirt goes with my new birthday heritage necklace! I'll be daring and pair the shirt with my khaki bermudas so I can wear my new bronze BOC sandals. (Gets dressed, sits down to put on make up, goes to take picture for FF) What the hell??? How can these shorts stretch out so fast? I feel like a fat cow in them. Not going to go through today feeling like that...what else can I wear?
Well, I never thought these capris would fit! Mom gave them to me last October - won't she be surprised to see I'm finally wearing them. I like the color - this feels much better. (Tosses stupid bermudas into Goodwill bag).
It's supposed to rain today and I better throw on a sweater in case the A/C at work decides to freeze me out. Cool, this sweater that I bought months ago on the 70% off rack at Macy's is the perfect color! But huh...I went from feeling great a minute ago to feeling like a fat cow again.That's better - button it up and I'm feeling back to fabulous!

OK, this was a little silly, but I wanted to show how much clothes affect me. For example, I've figured out that printed shirts like this one hide my belly roll. If I were to wear the same style shirt in a solid color (especially a lighter color), I would be miserable because the roll would be so noticeable. And the pants - after pretty much only wearing black pants or jeans for decades, it's a big deal for me to wear khakis. So when I saw how quickly that pair of bermudas stretched out, I knew I couldn't go all day wearing them. (Seriously, Target - what is up with that fabric?). The second pair of capris? I resisted wearing them because the waist is a bit higher than what I've been buying and they really cut into my stomach - belly roll was made worse. But I was getting desperate - the clock was ticking and I was going to be late for work if I didn't get it together quickly. Luckily, the last five pounds that I've lost has made the waistband loose and I didn't have the belly roll issue.

I always thought that once I lost weight, dressing would be a breeze. Not so...I am still dealing with the aftermath of decades of obesity and I think there will always be parts of my body that I will have to work hard to conceal. I'm getting more comfortable with what looks good on me, but it can be a challenge. Still, as long as I don't let it get to me, and go with the attitude of "these clothes aren't working for my body" rather than "my body looks terrible in clothes" I'm ok with trying things until I hit on something that works.



    I totally pretend these post at the crack of dizzawn just for my reading.

    loved the whole post and the best part for me was the last part.
    the realization that its the CLOTHES NOT YOU.
    it always was.

    and Ive more thoughts but those shall probably be email ;)


  2. You make me laugh so much! Happy Friday to you. And for the record, you grew 4-6 inches when you went from the Bermudas to the capris. Usually that doesn't happen but apparently capris are the perfect length on you!

  3. Dimples McGee! How fun is that Carla! As she pointed out, what a wonderful realization - it is not YOU, it's the clothes.

    And Rachel was right on about the capris - and that almost never happens. You've got a good eye!

    Have a wonderful weekend. I'll wave in your general direction as we are passing through your town. Next trip? It's you and me - meetup!

    Good luck with your training run. You've got the 10k distance in the bag.

  4. Hi Shelley,

    I came over especially for Fashion Friday. Yeah, I know about that Target fabric. It does that because of the cotton combined with the stretchy stuff. If you sweat in 'em, they expand by two or three sizes....

    Congrats on the dimple! That is so funny, and cute!

    It is the clothes, not you. At my lowest point (we won't talk about how many years ago) which was probably about where you are now, I still couldn't wear everything. Some items of clothing are just meant for a specific body type that possibly only exists on Venus. Not our problem....

    You look great! So fun to get into the capris that Mom gave you. Flaunt, flaunt, flaunt. Enjoy!

  5. I have found my dimples again myself. Sometimes I cup my face with my What is the deal with pants.

    I was having a knock down drag off with 2 pair yesterday myself. they are either to high or too low. I really am loving Fashion Fridays! I know what you mean about the belly roll. I have to find the right shirt to hide it. I do wear my spanx to hold everything"firm".

    Have a great weekend! Run, Shelly, Run!

  6. Something weird happened with blogger it ate half of my post. and moved it around. When I cup my face with my hands, I can't believe it's my face. Seems boney to me. IT's not, but compared to the mug I was carriying on the top of my head 2 years ago, it's boney.

    There, I feel better.

  7. First, Sweet Potato anything rocks...I just had 1/2 of a potato last night with some asparagus and butter, no sugar, justed nuked and enjoyed.

    Second, your dimples will be proudly displayed as you run each mile of your'll do great.

    Last...with your new life, smile, energy, etc., you'd make wearing a barrel look good. It is your beaming presence that flatters any ensemble, not the other way around.

  8. You really ARE learning what looks good on your body. When I saw that first photo, I was like, "Hmm. Not so much those shorts." And then the next one down and I was, "PERFECT!" And then you added the sweater and I thought, "Meh." but when you buttoned it, YEAHHH! You may still struggle with what you want to look like in your clothes, but you're experimenting, which is half the fun.

  9. I like the capris more than the shorts. I looks good on you.

    I don't eat that much sweet potatoes but I do like them a lot.

    As you've noticed I'm back and I missed your posts so glad I've catched up on them. See my blog for my vacation recap.

    I missed you my dear Texas friend.

  10. Hmmm. I liked the shorts when I saw them! What do I know? But I know what you mean about how the clothes make you feel. It doesn't matter what anybody else says if you don't feel good. And the belly roll. On certain cuts of pants, 2 pounds can make the difference for me.

    Love checking out your Friday mish mash.

    You have that 10k down already. Can hardly wait for our meet-up!

  11. Yeah - that clothing thing. It doesn't change no matter what your size. When Lane Bryant is the only option, that is what you wear. However, being smaller - a whole new world of fashion and different styles is out there, and finding the styles that fit your particular body type. Just because a style isn't flattering on you shouldn't reflect any negativity to *you*, just that you need to find something different. Good thing there are different styles, or it would be like those old sci-fi movies where everyone in the future wore the same sliver jumpsuit.

    I just can't get capris to look good on me. With my height, they either look like high waters or just plain frumpy long (and I do do tailoring, especially on Target/K-Mart clothes). Plus the material does bag really funny by the end of the day, what is up with that?

    Yet again signing off from another novel here..... I am naming my long comment issue: commentomegaly

  12. auh Dimples ;-).
    Love your outfit Shelley. Because of YOU I did what you asked and there is a fashion Friday for you over there. I must say, my hair was a disaster, the things I do for you ;-).
    Have a great weekend my friend.

  13. I once had a therapist who told me to buy what fit and looked good on me then cut the size out. Because it wasn't ME! So glad to see you are getting there because you really are looking great these days Dimples.

  14. Be proud of your dimple...the only ones i have are on the back of my thighs...

  15. You are so great! I felt exactly the same way the other day. I was getting dressed and when I look in the mirror, I had a MUSCLE in my arm. An actual muscle you can see when I move, despite the remaining fat and flab. It's so cool and I can't stop looking at it. I can't wait to see what else is hiding in there. Hee hee! I loved your outfit. Thanks for helping me stay on track!

  16. The capris look totally great on you!! I love them!

  17. I'll look into the bondi band this weekend and email you.

    Thanks for the compliments on the outfits. I've been thinking about taking a daily picture of my outfit but have to buy a good mirror first which I can put on my door to make a good picture of myself. Would you like that idea? I love your stylish Friday's too.

  18. Look at you on the sexy catwalk! MEOW!! That sweater buttoned makes you like TEENY. I personally, keep my dimples well-hidden on my bum. :) Hugs, Kirsten

  19. Ha - I smiled when I read that you had an exercise induced dimple!

    I am with you on the belly roll - some pants are too short, some too high, etc.

    But your belly roll is tiny compared to mine - you do look so small with the sweater buttoned too!

    Have an awesome weekend Shelley!

  20. I love the shirt. I have those same "dehydration dimples" on my butt so I know exactly what you're talking about.
    Im going to go thru my closet and gather up some things that you can wear. I'm sure by the time you get here, i'll have tons of stuff to give away.


  21. When I was in 8th grade I went to my first WW meeting and didn't really go back until 2 years ago (not because I wasn't dieting, just not that specific corporate weight loss program). I remember the leader had us (me and the old ladies, that which I am now) stand up in a circle and say "AEIOU" multiple times as a facial exercise. I wonder if you have been secretly doing face exercises to get that FAB dimple?
    As always, I LOVE your threads. You keep looking adorable, I really like the color of the darker khakis, you go girl, losing 5 lbs and fitting into them.
    Oh, and I wish I could be your running buddy for the 10K, I wish we lived closer, that would be FUN! I'm there in spirit.

  22. The sweet potato fries and veggie burger sounds devine.

    Loved this post!!! You are an inspiration to me, Shelley.

  23. I am loving sweet potato fries too! Are you making your own, and if so, please post how. I've been buying them from OreIda, but I'm less than pleased after I went to a restaurant and got these lovely crinkled ones
    I am particularly getting into them since I figured out how to make my own ranch dressing (can't eat commercial, MSG), which is so good nobody would ever go back, given the option, and particularly good for me since it make it with My Own Mayo, which I make with grapeseed oil, and which will become even healthier when my chickens start laying!

  24. I get it with the changes in eating and I can't believe I would ever eat spinach right out of the bag or in my protein shake! Times have changed but for the better!

  25. I still have lots and lots of body issues that if you would have asked me at 190 how I would have felt at 135 I would have said AWESOME...and in a lot of ways I do, but I'm still not magazine or TV skinny and I think unfortunately that has always been my goal...must work on new goal!

  26. Yep, love the longer olive clamdiggers over the bermudas! Compare those two shots again; see how much longer and slimmer your whole body looks with the longer length? The bermudas chop you up and don't highlight the curve of your calf as nicely as the longer clams do. Glad you tossed them out!

  27. I want a dimple!!! I'm thinking I'll lose the weight in my face first, then the belly then the arms then the legs then the butt ... huh? What? Can't plan it? Fine!

    Back to blogging about my health again and thought I'd catch up with your blog. Good to see you still around. Vee at

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  29. Luv, luv, luv baked "fries" and my family even gobbles them up. I haven't tried sweet potatoe fries - I'll have to give that a shot.

  30. I love FF.

    Just thought you'd like to know that. :)

  31. I just read an article about Method laundry detergent and was going to try it when my Cold Water Tide (huge jug) runs out! Thanks for the review. I'll be trying it soon.


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