Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday Workout Update - Redneck Edition

But first...(Any Big Brother watchers out there? Chenbot reference.) As I was saying before I so rudely interrupted myself, I want to thank everyone for their comments on my belt post - you guys are great! There will be a belt update on Friday, interwebs-willing. OK, on to the workout update...

Monday: Long sets in the cardio room - I did ten minutes on the (dreaded) stepper, roller coaster style. I was happy with my endurance during these sets - I think the extra cardio during my non-workout days is helping. We did upper body/arms in the gym, with part of the workout being prison curls and the chest press - I feel like a badass whenever I do these. Yeah, yeah, I'm strange...but it entertains me enough to get through the workout, lol!

I have a friend - Kate - who is doing an exercise boot camp and getting into running. She wanted to try running with me, and of course in my book it's the "more the merrier" when it comes to running (or is it "misery loves company" - hah!). We agreed to meet up at our local park and run - unfortunately, the only time that worked with our schedules was Monday afternoon. In case you have forgotten, I live in Texas. Ladies and gentlemen, please mark your calendars, because on May 3, 2010 at 3:30 pm, I officially became one of "those" people. You know, the ones you see running during the heat of the day, as you drive past them in your nice air-conditioned car? The ones whom you question their common sense and sanity? Yeah. That would be me (and Kate). It was 92 degrees when we started running (but the humidity was low!). I actually did pretty good - but Kate took a beating with the heat and kept having to stop and walk. We covered about 1.5 miles but about half of it was walking. I wonder how long I could have lasted? Not that I'm planning on finding out anytime soon...

Tuesday: Miracle of miracles, I made it out for a two mile run in the morning. I woke up, hemmed, hawed, drank some reheated day-old coffee, read some blogs...and finally talked myself into the run. Boy, will I be glad when Jenny is back from her vacation - I miss my running buddy! I was pleased with my run in that my pace seems to be consistently around the 11:40 mark, so I'm getting faster. Who knows - maybe by the time the Fall racing season rolls around, I will run a 5K in 30 minutes!

Wednesday: It was Brad's turn on the driveway - he had a crazy workout planned, with us partnering up (sorry, Kathleen) where one person did, say, long jumps down and back up the driveway while the partner had to hold a wall sit (sorry, Kathleen). Then we switched. Kathleen got the short end of the deal - she is very tall and her long jumps cover a lot more ground than mine did (again - sorry, Kathleen). We also did this with walking lunges (partner got to hold a squat), and then we did fun things like skip down the driveway (making your knees go really high) and sprinting back. More combos like that - it was kind of fun, actually, although I am not a sprinter!

Then the redneck part of the workout began...otherwise known as tire flipping. Now, last week was the first time I EVER flipped the tire, and I had a partner to help me. Today, Brad told me I was on my own...that thing is almost as tall as me and must weigh about a million pounds! I squatted down, tried to lift it - and nothing. Couldn't budge it. Brad got next to me and with one hand gave me enough assistance to lift the tire. Flipped it - woohoo!!! Then again - Brad helped three more times, each time using less and less fingers to lift the tire. Finally it was all on me - and I did it! I flipped that dang tire the rest of the way down the driveway and then back up!!! That was amazing to me - having the strength in my quads to lift that thing up really shows me how strong my muscles are...I guess I have made more progress than I realized! Pictures will be edited in as soon as Brad posts them to his Facebook page (and I steal them).
See? It really is almost as tall as me!

So, would you believe that was not the cardio part of our workout? It sure felt like it! But no - Linda took us into the cardio room, where I got to do the "Three Fifty" workout - run for 50 calories on the treadmill, then do 50 push ups, and then do 50 butterfly sit ups. Then do it again, and again. For time. You know what was the hardest part? The sit ups. The running just took time, and the push ups were ok (yes Linda, I could have gone a little deeper, but when you are trying to knock out 50 in a hurry...) but the sit ups were tough. My abs are sore and my tailbone (no idea how, but I hurt it a few months ago) is tender. I finished that workout in 29:40...and then I laid on the floor for at least five minutes, trying to get the will to live back.
None of us had found our will to live at this point...


  1. Wow! Just reading about the exercise you've done the past three days made me exhausted!

    I loved the redneck workout! Funny, but it sounds like it did the job!

  2. Ok...impressive as usual...when you go from flipping tires to flipping a rolled over jeep back on its'll graduate from redneck bootcamp!

    So great what you are doing!

  3. I always enjoy reading about your workouts. Way to go with that tire! I bet you feel like super woman.

  4. hey girl, let's see a May 2010 picture!

    Grueling workout - par for your course.....and speaking of redneck, I want to see you in a belt with a buckle big enough to serve supper from! WWF, my behind!

  5. It sounds to me as if those training folks are deliberately trying to kill you. I don't know how you do it. (without wanting to kill back) And, uh, too hot to run. Duh.

  6. LOL...trying to get the will to live back...I feel like that after tricep dips and crunches :-)

  7. Please, please get a pic of the tire flipping!

  8. did you pivot when you said "But first"? The Chenbot does that great pivot!

    (Man, I stopped watching BB a couple of years ago but I still remember the pivot. LOL!)

    Looking forward to the belt post, you crazy workout girl.

  9. I hope Brad doesn't have you out in the pastures tipping cows....

    You are the super-uber-workout woman. No wonder you look so good in a belt.

  10. THis was a HYSTERICAL post! Flipping tires? Long jumps on the driveway? I want to workout with y'all in Texas! I love it! What a great way to have fun while working out. Brad's a smart guy :)!
    I'm sure you're back on your feet by now, what a great effort, Shelley!

  11. I am using the existence of your post to confirm that you did indeed find the will to live again, lol.

    That whole tire flipping things looks outrageously impossible. I watch them do that crap on the biggest loser and I'm like DANG-GONE! Props to you sistah!

    Thanks for the update. Still not enough to be catchy, but the guilt to move more is growing...

    Hugs and thanks, Kirsten

  12. You amaze me with the workouts. Great job!

  13. Are your trainers related to Jillian Michaels?

    I think you're trying to take the Badass monikor back what with the running in 92 degrees and all...

    Amazing as usual Shelley!

  14. I'm tired just reading about your workouts.

    And running in Texas. I"m trying to remember what crazy things I used to do in the Texas heat. Running was not one of them.

  15. You always impress me. :)

    Good runs. I was also out there this week in the heat. I learned that running in the heat is not fun at all. I think we've finally reached the time of year when we can only run in the early morning or late, late, late afternoon (like 9pm).

    Great job on the workouts as usual. :)

  16. you = super impressive.

    Where in Texas do you live. I'm vacationing there at the end of May.

  17. I almost didn't even read your post because I have done NOTHING since Sunday. There's some sort of tired bug going around and I am just plain exhausted by the time I get home from my part time job. Sigh. The spring weather is dreary and well - I have a ton of excuses. I want more stickers. I better get going.

  18. Oh my gosh Shelley!

    Awesome job on lifting that tire. I've seen them do that on The Biggest Loser and it always looked near impossible!

    You are so strong! You go girl!!

  19. That tire is so impressive!

    Girl are you insane? I looked up how hot 92 degrees is and that's hot, hot, hot!!!!! I would never run on those temperatures, I would faint :lol: So even more impressed now!

  20. That is awesome! I love me some redneck working out!

  21. Wow, that is some kick ass workouts!! Great job Shelley!

  22. Holy JackSh*T! That tire is HUGE!

  23. Shelley - you are my hero!! I love the tire flips - RAWRRRRRR!!!

  24. Shelley- You look so awesome flipping that tire! You Go Girl!


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