Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Catch Up

Caution: I am a Wordy McWorderson today...

I edited in some pictures into Wednesday's post, so please go check out A) my awesome headband/Olivia Newton-John look; and B) my newfound tire flipping skilz, yo. And also naptime at the gym (lol).


I am not a fan or believer in most 100-calorie packs, but the other day at the grocery store (HEB to my fellow Texans), I discovered the GREATEST 100-CALORIE PACK EVER. Ladies and gentlemen, I present...Wholly Guacamole's 100-calorie packs! Perfect for a turkey/guacamole sandwich, or for topping a turkey burger...really, the possibilities are endless! I love these because it's a decent amount of guacamole (2 oz.) and since you use the entire pack, you don't end up with brown guacamole (or waste part of an avocado). Now this is a 100-calorie snack pack I can get behind!


Oh, and speaking of turkey burgers, I made some the other day using my running buddy, Jenny's, throw a package of fresh mushrooms in the food processor along with some celery and a handful of cilantro, then mix everything with two pounds of extra lean ground turkey and add whatever seasonings you like. Mine came out pretty good, despite the fact that I bought flat-leaf parsley and not cilantro, and didn't discover my mistake until I was about to make the burgers. So I just used the parsley...not bad! Next time I will pay more attention at the grocery store and actually buy cilantro, as I love it and I'll bet really makes a good addition. I used a quarter cup measuring cup to make the burgers and froze them...they cook up really quick right from the freezer. I've had a couple for dinner, and topped them with the guacamole - yum. To save on calories, I've eaten them "fork" style - no bun. Pretty tasty!


OK, the belt. To everyone who commented or sent me an email, thank you! I appreciate your ideas, suggestions and of course compliments! I played with the belts a bit more - moved them higher, lower and tried the silver one with a different outfit. Still not sure about the silver one - it may be going back. Oh, I returned a cute white t-shirt (decided it was too big) and bought this berry camisole, so now I have a brighter color to work with. And I'm wearing higher heels as some of you suggested. Let me know if you think any of these are better:
Belt is higher than I would normally wear it, but I think it looks good here - thanks, Kristen, et al, for that suggestion...feels a bit weird but I guess I can get used to it.
Belt at my "pants waist" (thanks for that term, Tina!) - I see what she means...not flattering at all - my belly is really showing.Buttoned boyfriend sweater - I love this look - slightly librarian, but fun. Not digging the shoes - I normally only wear them with pants, and I think I'm right about that.
Silver belt worn higher (wrong shoes).
Silver belt lower in the front - meh.
Silver belt on a boring black dress...I kinda like it. Dress still needs a pop of color - maybe a bright camisole? And of course some jewelry! Bad shoes.


Finally, this is for Kristen - she bought a bunch of, as she puts it, "Kick-Ass Kohl's Dresses" and I loved one so much I went and bought it for myself! This is what I wore to work yesterday - we had one of our biggest receptions of the year and I wanted to look dressed up.
Thanks for all of the great ideas, Kristen - keep 'em coming so I can keep stealing getting inspired!


  1. I love the new looks! The silver belt looks great with the black dress. And BTW, you look 10lbs lighter in that first picture with the belt in the right place...and you don't even need to look 10lbs lighter!

    I will have to check out the 100 calorie packs of guacamole. I love my avocado and it pains me when they turn brown.

  2. I like the dressed up looks. You look really nice in both the black dress and the dress you bought at Kohls those are my favorites.
    Any races planned for this weekend? Will the boys be home for Mothers Day? My son is coming by and I am cooking lol even on Mothers day.

  3. Great pics! Love the new camisole - that's a great color for you.

  4. OMG, we are dress twins! How funny is that?! On your dress debut day, too! LOLOLOLOL!

    You look awesome in it! the shape is great for your body, and I love those sandals with it.

    Okay, onto the belt critique, picture by picture:
    1. YES. YES YES YES. That is totally the sweet spot for belts on you. Look at how long your legs look and how it shows off your nice strong shoulder line. Get used to that spot (it's called your natural waist, as Tina said), because it is PERFECT for you.
    2. Yep, wrong spot. See how it changes the emphasis on your shoulders and legs that the first look had?
    3. Really cute with the boyfriend sweater! That's a fun alternative to #1. I agree, the shoes are better for pants. I would like to see you in a shoe that doesn't have a dark strap across the top; I bet along with the belt it would really lengthen your legs even more. (How do you think I do it? :))
    4 and 5. I find silver belts to be tricky in general, because the weight wants to sling down, but for most looks it's better for the belt to be held up more firmly. I also have big problems belting button-downs. The best and easiest look I have seen for a button-down is a skinny leather/patent belt.
    That said, of the two shots I like #4 best.
    6. Silver with the dress. AWESOME. KILLER. KEEEEEEEP. This is how a silver belt is supposed to look; look at how it brings the whole LBD look to life! Fabulous. You can do so, so much with a look like this. Even just plain with metallic or nude shoes would be fab, or you can add color all over the place with a cami, or colorful necklace or scarf, or even red shoes. Those funky sandals you have in the other pics and a pretty colored clutch, and you are set for a nice dinner out! God, Shelley, this dress and belt combo is just hands-down my favorite. You look stunning.

    GO YOU.

  5. I feel silly commenting after Kristen so I'll just say I think you look beautiful.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  6. You look beautiful!! gosh, you look so skinny! I like the boyfriend sweater/belt combo a lot. And I had no idea where you wore a belt would make such a difference. Wow, I got a fashion lesson this morning. :)

  7. First, you are rockin that black dress...looking good Shelley!

    I've become a big fan of the guac...something I ran like hell from all until the last couple years. I try and add extra lemon juice and press plastic wrap right down onto the surface to keep it from oxidizing too rarely lasts long enough for it to be an issue.

    I like the idea of the 100-cal pack, though, because it is automatically portion controlled.

    Oh..and that was one big tire!

  8. Black dress and belt? Winner!!! I love that look on you. You look sophisticated and fresh.

    You could go out at night with a colored shawl or scarf around your shoulders and look hot!

  9. Love the little black dress with the silver belt! You look HOTT! :)
    Wholly Guac is one of my favorites! I'll be on the lookout for the 100 cal packs. Thanks!

  10. Look number 1 and the black dress are my two favorites. Mix up the black thing with cool accessories. (pink, pink, pink)

  11. Holy Guacamole, you look fabulous! :-)

  12. I don't know anything about fashion, so I won't be much help here. I'll just say "you look pretty, lady!" :)

    Oh, and I miss HEB! 49cent peaches in the summertime. Oh Texas :(

  13. You look fantastic, I love the dress.

    As for the silver belt, it looks very good on the black dress and I would wear both belts higher: you can definitely wear it that way. Show that waist of yours.

  14. You are really turning into a fashionista!! I love those shoes by the way, and the picture of the black dress is my favorite - with the right neckless, it would be a great dinner outfit! :D

    Happy Friday Shelley!

  15. I like the black dress too. I think some big chunky turquoise jewelry would look really pretty.

  16. I saw that dress on clearance at Kohls 2 days ago and wanted it!!! They only had it in a small tho. Funny, I coulda been your twin!

    I love the berry colored top and I also love the plain black dress & belt. A bigass colorful pendant would look great with that.

    I also love your 100-cal pack! Great idea and it fits in well with my post today. Question though... what's in it besides avocado? No sugar I hope?

  17. You do look simply gorgeous, m'dear :)

  18. Ok...this is so weird. I just boght 3 kick Ass Kohl's dresses myself. For $10 each! Because of Kristen! I love her blog and her style.

    You should do a fashion day like your Workout Wed. You have a great sense of style. I would love to see up you com with!

    Happy Mother's Day to you too!

  19. I like that Guacamole too.

    Do you have those snack packs of humus in your grocery store? They sell them with a few crackers. In the place I go they're usually close to the guacamole packs.

    They're great for the same reasons - enough for two people to share, or one person to spread on sandwiches for a week, but not so much that it gets moldy before you eat it all.

  20. Love that new cami! Looking good! Don't you love it when you try something "new" fashion wise and it works?

  21. I agree with the vast audience - the silver belt with the black dress is smokin' hot. you are ready for the catwalk! and am i the only one who is seriously jealous of that closet space? sheesh!!! btw, wrote about the sisterhood in blog world and mentioned you. try not to drown in the consequential fan mail, lol. :) Hugs, Kirten

  22. The black dress with the silver belt looks great! You look so tiny in it.

  23. wow, what a difference belt placement can make!

  24. Love that pkg of guacamole!
    What's not to love!?
    And you look great!

  25. I've never seen the 100 calorie guac packs! Interesting!

    Also - LOVE the pink ruffle top.

  26. Happy Mother's Day Shelley! Hope you are having a great day!

  27. 100% ditto to what Kristin said!!!

    Kudos to you for making all these attempts. It's the best way to get a feel for what works with your body.

    My faves on you are #3 with the cardigan buttoned on the bottom. You look impossibly tiny!! And totally "sexy secretary" which I dig.

    And the silver belt is a keeper! It's gorgeous against that black dress (keep it as a contrast to darks rather than letting it blend in with the light colored shirts).

    Way to go!!


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