Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday Workout Update

It was Tabata week.


For those of you lucky enough not to be familiar with Tabata, it's where you do one exercise for 20 seconds as fast as you can, then rest for 10 seconds, then repeat...eight times. I did not think there were enough different exercises to merit three days' worth of Tabata, in both the gym and cardio, but apparently there were. Here's just a partial listing:
  • flat bench press
  • leg press
  • calf raises
  • squat thrusters
  • seated rows
  • crunches
  • dumbbell curls
  • ab dolly crunches
  • box jumps
  • kettlebell swings
  • tricep dips
  • mountain climbers
  • boxing
  • spinner
  • rower
  • ball slams
I'm sure there were more; my brain is fried. Three days in a row of Tabata. In the gym, we would keep track of our reps and the lowest one is what counted, so you tried to never have a bad set. Most of the time I would pick a number to hit depending on the exercise and if I had a couple of seconds left before time was called, I got a little extra rest. I did ok for the most part, but guess which was my worst? Yep, those dastardly box jumps. They get me every time! I did a couple sets of four (I know, impressive, lol) and then had a mental breakdown and only got one in. At least I recovered and went on to finish the rest of the sets with four each, but ugh, that one just kills me!

I went into Monday's workout feeling really good, considering I ran a 5K the day before. Jenny and I got to talking before the workout about how we need to get our running speed up a little, and she suggested that since we would already be sweaty after the workout, why not go for a quick run? Sounded like a great idea to me, so after the first day of Tabatas, she, Jeri and I headed out the door to see how fast we could run a mile. We started out at a pretty good clip, but when I asked Jenny to see how long we'd been running, and her watch said only a minute and a half, we quickly revised that mile to a half-mile. Hey, we were tired! Anyway, we ran a half mile in 5:05, which was good...but on that day, I don't think we could have kept up our pace to hit a mile in 10:10. Still, it will be a good goal to work toward, as there are more races in our future!

Yes, what a lot of you told me is true - once you run your first 5K, you get the bug! In fact, while we were doing the GLOW run, Jenny told me about an upcoming duathlon, where you run a 5K, bike 12 miles, and run another 5K. The cool thing is that you can do it as a team, and she and her husband are going to do it - so I talked to Jeff about it, and he's in! We ladies will run both 5Ks and the men will do the biking. I've already told Jeff that he has to get that bike ride done fast, as the race is only open for 2.5 hours and god knows I will need a lot of time to get that second 5K done! Hence the need for speeding up our running times.

Jenny and I are also going to do a 5K on March 27th, which should be fun and also some good practice for the duathlon, which is April 10th. And if we can swing a free hotel room (Jeff accumulates points for all of the travel he does through work), I will sign up for the 6K that Kelly and her family are doing on April 18th. If it weren't for my work schedule, I would sign up for more, but with me working on Saturdays, it really puts a crimp in running these 5Ks.

I have never been a participant in sporting events - I've always been a spectator. I've willingly and happily cheered on my sons in soccer, karate, baseball and football, and have gone to more high school football games than I can count. So for me to be the one doing the sport is just such an amazing thing...and it's fun! Why did I not know how much fun this could be?!? I guess maybe I'm making up for lost time, or on a pink cloud of running - but either way, I'm going for the gusto!


  1. Awww our Shelley is becoming an ATHLETE!!! I'm going to say it: I told you so about the racing :-)

  2. Tabata sounds like it should be called something else, like "Tryin' to kill ya"!

    I've never done box jumps, but the thought terrifies me. I have short legs, and I know where my shins would land...right on that edge! You're a brave woman!

    That 5K/12K/5K sounds fun...and lucky you, you have someone else to do the biking!

    I'll bet you could do all of it all by yourself in 2.5 hours!

  3. Tabata should be the name of a Japanese food restaurant.

    And I'm glad you're no longer just a spectator of life, but a zealous participant.

  4. Go for the Gusto KID! Good for you. From "athletic supportor to athlete! Way to go.

    Keep inspiring me!

  5. I came across your blog and I love it. You have done great. I would love to start riding a bike, and I love the pink one that you have. Can I ask where you got it.

  6. Great work Shelley! Working out is always better when you make it fun and it would appear that is exactly what you are doing!

  7. Duathlon! Yay - I am jumping up and down for you! You should shoot for a whole one for yourself some time.

    It is so different being on the participant side of races now. You know what will be even weirder? After you run a bunch of races, if you go to watch one, it will feel strange being back on the sidelines LOL

  8. That's so great Shelley! It is so fun to be in the event and get medals and collect all those bibs!

    So proud of you! The dualthon sounds good too!

  9. Wow Shelley: running has finally got you :)

    What a great events that you have planned to do, especially the duathlon.

    I'm looking forward to your stories about it and will be here cheering for you!

  10. Just reading about Tabata makes all my muscles ache! And then you went out and ran a 1/2 mile after, impressive! That is really exciting about all of your 5K events.

  11. Woo to the Hoo! Your group dualathon sounds fabulous. You are rocking this whole athlete thing hard!

  12. I'm tired just reading everything you did! You must have been exhausted.

  13. Go Shelly Go! You inspire me and many others I'm sure!

  14. I would be so confused with all those different exercises and work outs but I'm sure it is SO good for your body and for switching things up! Do I see a half-marathon in your future??

  15. I learned about Tabata from Steve ( seem so intense!

  16. I want to be like you when I grow up.

  17. The duathalon sounds COOL!

    Is the 6K, a water for Haiti run? They are doing one in Atlanta that same day that I am considering doing...I don't love the idea of the drive, but I have a friend in the hospital there and I would be able to spend the day after the race with him.

  18. I love how excited you have become. I told you it was addictive!!

  19. Wow, that Tabata sounds intense!! I did a triathlon once, but won't do it again - not much of a swimmer! The look on my husband's face was priceless - pure relief I made it out of the lake!

    Hooray for Jeff to do this with you!!!

  20. You are AMAZING Shelley! I am so proud and happy for you!

    I love the post divider with the little pink bike! That is so damn cute!

  21. Your workouts are more than a little scary. You're one tough lady after being able to do all of that. Glad I'm on your good side. :P

    I'm scared to even get excited about the you-know-what. I dreamed about that medal last night. If I were as fit as you it would be a no brainer. I bet the feeling of finishing would be beyond description.

  22. You continue to amaze me...on a DAILY basis! You go, girl!!!

  23. We did a lot of Tabatas in my Boot Camp class - tough for sure!

  24. Let me get this straight--you did each of those exercises as a tabata interval??? The most I do is 2 four minute tabatas, and on most days, I can't force myself to even do that!

    So excited about your running! Isn't that something, how your life has changed in just a few years?


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