Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Randomness

My husband Jeff has been bicycling in preparation for our upcoming duathlon and this morning he wanted me to unearth the scale from its hiding place so he could weigh himself. This was AFTER he'd showered, dressed in jeans, ate breakfast and downed several cups of coffee. I was all "that's not how you weigh yourself" - but then got to wondering...IS that how you weigh yourself when you're not a chronic dieter? Hmmm...


On Wednesday night, when I was preparing everything for our "big salad" dinner, I had the brilliant (if I do say so myself) idea of prepping extra so that I could have a salad for lunch at work the next day. Witness the beauty of a traveling salad:
Ready to assemble:
Romaine lettuce, turkey, marinated asparagus, cucumber, strawberries, mushrooms, green onions, toasted pecans, Gorgonzola cheese, Newman's Own Lite Balsamic vinaigrette

Ready to eat!A forkful of goodness!
(Yes, I eat lunch at my desk - that way I still get paid!)


Both Sunny and Barbara gave me one of the funnier awards that has been floating around blogland lately - the "Creative Writer" award. The general rules are that you have to list seven things, with only one being true, and let your readers try and guess which is the truth. Here goes:
  1. I was in a Trident gum commercial when I was in college.
  2. I dressed in the Humboldt State marching band uniform, carried cymbals, and marched with the band into a football game at San Francisco State to avoid paying the $2 entrance fee.
  3. I marched in the Capitola Begonia Festival parade dressed as Raggedy Andy when I was a teenager.
  4. I had my own sailboat as a teenager.
  5. My favorite books as a child were the Anne of Green Gables series.
  6. My first "real" job (where I got an actual paycheck) was at Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors.
  7. I piloted a Cessna airplane all by myself as a teenager.
I'll reveal the one true statement in my next post...can you guess which one it is? Thanks, Sunny and Barbara, for giving me this award - it was fun! I'm supposed to choose other bloggers to pass it on, but I hate to leave anybody out, so consider it open to anyone who would like it!


Finally, I'd like to leave you with an image that has been seared into my brain since Sunday's 5K:
Kelly and I referred to him as "Santa Claus"


  1. huh.
    at first I thought the photo was a joke....and then I wondered if that strap (heart monitor?) chafed him at all.

    ANYWAY :)
    still smiling about your email.
    I am sooo uncoordinated, Sister.
    and afraid of traffic.
    I shall leave the biking to you two.

  2. My husband is like that too weighs in after eating and having all his clothes on not afraid of the number. Your salad looks yummy, and oh my on the picture of "Santa Claus" at least he's exercising.
    I'll say the true statement is the one about your first job being at a ice cream shop.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. I guess he's not wearng a shirt because his beard gives him enough "coverage." LOL. And I'll guess that the true statement is the one about Anne of Green Gables books!

  4. I'm somewhat ashamed to now admit I own a pair of running shorts just like Santa's. I'll not be able to run in them anymore without that image burned into MY brain. Thanks, Shelley.

    I am thinking ice cream shop.

  5. My husband weighs himself at the end of the day, fully dressed, with steel toed boots on. Honestly, I have to leave the room it annoys me so much!

    Love the photo - isn't the running community great?

    I think you owned a sailboat.

  6. Ow - my eyes! I wish I didn't see that picture.....

    Still better than the image of Karl Rove rapping in my mind, though....

  7. Haha, only in Texas would someone turn the state flag into short shorts! Gotta say I miss that Texas Pride though!

  8. I was thinking the same thing - you need to be stark naked, already gone to the bathroom and not a drop of liquid or food consumed before stepping on a scale!

    I am going to say that the airplane one is the lie! :D

    Happy Friday my friend!

  9. I'm just outside of Austin.

    I'm not released to run yet (although I'm hoping the physical therapist will do that next week), but if you're close I'd love to meet up. You can shoot me an email:

  10. Anne of Green Gables or Baskin Robbins. I'm going ice cream. LOL

    Great looking salad!

  11. Oh, gawd, my eyes, my eyes!!!!


    I'm thinking Anne of Green Gables is a bit old for a first set though I don't think you owned your own sailboat. Lots of choices like the piloting thing too.

  12. Why, Oh Why did you have to remind me about that sight?

    It's Basken Robbins!

  13. Hmmmm...maybe the marching in the band to get out of paying the $2? LOL Just guessing.

    I will never forget Santa Claus or how fast he actually was. I wonder if he sweats through that beard. What a fun race. :)

  14. You make me laugh, and of course love the first job!!!!! You rock! and so does Baskin Robbins!

  15. Even Santa "should" run! By the way, your salad looks so delicious and healthy! Do you not weigh yourself at home? It's great learning more about you!
    Guess what? It's spring break and my son isn't homing home from Humboldt! He's off to Washington with the band, his "other" family. Boo, hoo!

  16. I'm guessing #6, although you've definitely got some other believable stuff there.

    Santa needs that salad. And a serious trim of that beard. And a shirt.....

  17. My husband does the same thing. Usually, it's when we're giving The Small One her bath. To get her to step on the scale, he'll do it first. Fully clothed, with shoes sometimes!

  18. Oh, I know which one is true! Your first job was at Baskin Robbins! I read that in your blog and rememeber it because MY first job was working at Baskin Robbins too!

  19. I don't want that Santa shimmying down MY chimney!

  20. Umm... Santa couldn't put a shirt on???

    Biz and I ran the Shamrock Shuffle in Chicago one year and this guy by us had rainbow tights, yellow shorts, pink shirt, suspenders and carried a tiny dog the whole way! People do the craziest things at races.

    My favorite was this guy at the Chicago Marathon in 2005, he was dressed as a bride and had a sign on the back of him that said "run away bride!"

  21. My hubby will also weigh with his shoes on. Any good dieter knows that's good for at least 50 lbs!

    The traveling salad is great. I've been packing individual containers of veggies and salad fixings so I can grab and go in the morning. I keep a bottle of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and Penzey's Greek Seasoning (my fave) in my cabinet at my desk so I don't have to worry about leaky containers of salad dressing.


  22. aaagh! My eyes, my eys!!! lol...

    but yeah, that salad looks AWESOME.

  23. Baskin Robbins!
    And that picture of Santa, the lady on the left - her look says it all. Plus, don't you think my Dad would totally mug that guy for his shorts? Except maybe they are a little too long for your Uncle Phil.


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