Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday Workout Update - All Things Burpee

I go to my workouts to get fitter and stronger and lose inches and pounds. I go to my workouts to get fitter and stronger and lose inches and pounds. I go to my workouts to get fitter and stronger and lose inches and pounds. I go to my workouts to get fitter and stronger and lose inches and pounds. I go to my workouts to get fitter and stronger and lose inches and pounds. I go to my workouts to get fitter and stronger and lose inches and pounds. I go to my workouts to get fitter and stronger and lose inches and pounds.

Sometimes, I need to keep reminding myself of this, especially when these workouts are really hard. And I am tired. And it's raining. I need to remember that I CHOOSE to do them, even when I am questioning why in the world would any sane person willingly push themselves like I do. And then it comes back to me: I go to my workouts to get fitter and stronger and lose inches and pounds.

Monday: I ran 3/4 of a mile on the treadmill at a 5.2 - 6.0 level...took me 9:18 minutes. I felt good, which was a relief after Sunday's suck run. The rest of the workout was hard - we hit lots of muscle groups in the gym, and worked with partners (yay Jenny!) which always makes it seem more fun.

Tuesday: Linda was our afternoon trainer!!! She hasn't been able to work in the afternoons since last Fall, so it was like old times to see her at 4:00 pm. She came up with a new workout based on the Uno card remember playing Uno, right? That fun game with colors and numbers? Yeaah. For Linda's Uno rules, Red = Burpees, Green = Ball Slams, Yellow = Push Ups and Blue = Mountain Climbers. So a red nine would mean nine burpees. If the next card drawn was a "plus 2" - well, we did two more burpees. Add in the reverse card and we repeated the previous exercise. It was crazy! We actually got through the entire deck in 30 minutes on Tuesday - I was spent...and then had to go to the gym for fun with Brad.

Wednesday: Different group from Tuesday (except for me), so we got to play Uno again! At least Linda took pity on me and let me do high knees and squats in place of the burpees. We didn't quite make it through the deck before it was time to go see Brad in the gym. In honor of Spring Break week, he had three brightly-colored beach towels folded in the middle of the floor. We, as a group, were to choose one towel, and whatever exercise that was written on a piece of paper and hiding within the towel would be our destiny for the day. While several of us were attracted to the polka dots (I know for me Twister came to mind), we ultimately choose the green-striped towel because it was St. Patrick's Day. Then Brad played Monty Hall (anybody remember Let's Make a Deal?) and showed us what we didn't pick. Polka dot towel contained Speed Tubes. Orange-striped towel contained the Chief (3 curls, 6 push ups, 9 squats) - whew! Dodged a bullet with that one!!! Then came the winner, and I say this loosely...if you are familiar with Let's Make a Deal, we got the goat. Or, in our case, 20 minutes of BURPEES!!! Linda fell on the floor laughing at our luck - after being killed moments before with a mega-ton of burpees during Uno, we now had more.

I did 107 burpees. In twenty minutes. After doing at least 60 the day before. And for the rest of the day, I will do whatever I want, because I did 107 burpees.

I go to my workouts to get fitter and stronger and lose inches and pounds.


  1. Ha.. Ha.. You blog me me laugh, for a second I thougt I was reading the same line over and over again. I love the work out thing and that would be my luck..

  2. Burpee hell. That's no way to spend a holiday! LOL

    Your workout sessions remind me of the challenges on Biggest Loser. The contestants show up and never know what's in store for them. Linda and Brad make it very interesting with all of their ideas.

    Glad your burpees are finished. You are a strong woman. If you can survive that many burpees you can do anyhing!

    Good job!

  3. I don't know how you do it, woman. You are a tough lady!

  4. I hope they were patting you on the back to get all of those "burp"ees out of you!

    Sorry...couldn't resist! :)

  5. I couldn't begin to pull off what you do, exercise well. You AN-NEE-MAL! LOL

  6. are really becoming my fellow 40 something hero! 107 burpees? Mine would have to be called barfees, because that is exactly what would have happened.

    Oh...I had a crappy C25K W8D3 run yesterday...felt wrong from the first few strides...maybe a cold or it does happen!

    Your trainers are so much fun!

  7. I love it how Brad and Linda make your workouts different and fun every time!

    Thanks for you kind words on my blog. Really means a lot to me.

  8. OK, so when I saw the title I totally thought you were going to talk about gardening. You know, the Burpee catalog?

    I would love if you could videotape a session with Brad and Linda. I've never known anyone to have as much fun working out as you do. We could all use a little Brad and Linda in our routine!

  9. I've never done a burpee but after reading about them from you and others, I'm not sure I ever want to. They sound awful!

  10. I don't know what a burpee is, but you are my heroine for doing 20 minutes of 'em. Way to go!

  11. Shelley,
    You continue to be my inspiration! :)

    HUGS from Orlando...

  12. Over 100 burpees? *gag* I just started doing these post-pregnancy this week. Two sets. About 1 minute each. I've been walking like a virgin cowgirl for the last 2 days. You continue to amaze me with what you can accomplish.

  13. You are too cute! Congrats on the burpees!! You are a beast.

  14. I love your mantra! Whatever gets you through it, keep saying it.

    I so admire your dedication to regular exercise. It's still too easy for me to skip days here and there; I am hoping with the lighter days it will be harder to blow it off.

  15. I love your mantra Shelley!! And I hate burpees too - they are on the Jillian DVD tape I do and I dread it when that part of the tape comes on.

    107 though - that was the score of my bowling game - too funny!

    Happy Thursday!!

  16. I have no idea what a burbee is? Your workouts are just awesome as uusual....

  17. What did people do before burpees became the big hot exercise? What will all the burpee doing do to your knees? Can you afford knee replacements?
    I'm such a whiner today. waaah


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