Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Follow Up to Yesterday

Thank you so much for your advice regarding my post yesterday. I was really having a rough time, mentally and I think the bad run just was the capper on some negative thinking that had been brewing in the back of my mind for a while now.

I am going to change up some of what I eat and see if that helps with the extreme hunger AND keeps me on a healthier track. For example, instead of having half a cup of Kashi Golean Crunch cereal with my Fage yogurt and fruit (blackberries at the moment), I had a quarter cup of raw almonds, coarsely chopped.

The stats before:

250 calories
41 grams carbs
3 grams fat
22 grams protein

The stats after:

325 calories
27 grams carbs
16 grams fat
24 grams protein

I'm hoping that the addition of the "good fat" will help keep me satiated longer; plus, even though the Kashi is whole-wheat, it does add a lot of extra carbs to an already carb-y breakfast, thanks to the fruit.

I also had some avocado on my turkey sandwich yesterday at lunch - again, adding some healthy fat to keep me full longer. I really feel so much better when I eat good food. And if I can get some more weight off, while feeling less starving-like, well, then that would be a nice bonus.

Couple of other things that helped get me out of my funk...I made it through a tough workout on Monday morning, and even ran 3/4 of a mile on the treadmill at a 5.2 pace, which is fast for me. I felt "normal" while running - whew! I also ended up doing something that really helps remind me of where I am with my weight - I went out and tried on clothes. Fitting into size 8 shorts and capris reminded me that I am smaller and two years ago would have killed to even entertain the thought of wearing that size. I bought two pairs of Bermuda shorts (which fit this short person perfectly - to the top of my knees) at Target - Target, where I never used to be able to shop...even their plus-sized clothes were always too small for me. I know it sounds funny to be thrilled to buy clothes at Target, but the "normalcy" of it is what made my day.

Between my hot run on Sunday and another hot workout on Monday, I finally decided that I might need to ditch the workout capris in favor of some shorts. I went to my local Academy and pulled tons of sizes and styles off their racks - my gosh, some of the shorts looked really really short - were these adult sizes? Apparently they were...but not for me, lol! I found a style in Academy's brand - so yay, reasonably-priced! Kind of loose and baggy, but when I practiced doing squats in the dressing room, they felt comfortable. And, on the advice of Linda and Jenny, I also got the compression shorts to wear under the shorts, which I can see is necessary for some of the positions we get in during our workout (modesty, thy name is Shelley). I can actually run in these shorts, although I don't know how that will feel as I am used to wearing compression capris that hold all of my jiggly bits taut.


Here are the answers to Friday's "Creative Writer" award - no body guessed my one truth!
  1. I was in a Trident gum commercial when I was in college. I auditioned - at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, no less, but wasn't chosen...it was one of those things where you were supposed to say what chewing sugarless gum meant to you, and the only thing I could come up with on the fly was "it doesn't rot your teeth" - gee, I don't know why that didn't make the commercial!
  2. I dressed in the Humboldt State marching band uniform, carried cymbals, and marched with the band into a football game at San Francisco State to avoid paying the $2 entrance fee. Nope - it was a basketball game.
  3. I marched in the Capitola Begonia Festival parade dressed as Raggedy Andy when I was a teenager. Truth! Barbara and I were candystripers at Kaiser Hospital in my hometown, and our Director of Volunteers had a huge outreach program where we would dress up as Raggedy Ann and Andy and visit children's wards, do parades - all kinds of things. As Barbara and I were usually paired up, I had to be Andy because, as she put it, her hips wouldn't fit into the costume. I can assure you that they would now! Anyway, the Begonia Festival was always a lot of fun...good memories!
  4. I had my own sailboat as a teenager. Well, my dad would say no, but I liked to think that it was mine. Again, lots of good memories sailing as a kid.
  5. My favorite books as a child were the Anne of Green Gables series. Nope - I loved the Laura Ingalls Wilder "Little House" series of books.
  6. My first "real" job (where I got an actual paycheck) was at Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors. A lot of you guessed this one and you were close, but actually it was at a discount clothing store where we had to cut out the labels of the clothes - anybody remember when that was common practice? Anyway, BR was my second "paycheck" job.
  7. I piloted a Cessna airplane all by myself as a teenager. No, but I did get to steer the plane while my friend flew it...it was fun until he needed to practice "touch-and-go" landings, and after a few of those, I got motion sickness so bad that as soon as he landed the plane, I opened up the door to vomit on the runway. Good times, lol!


  1. So glad you are feelig better. :)

    Could you wear the compression shorts under the running shorts to keep the bits still? Just an idea.

    Love all of the neat trivia about you. That's so cool! I got to fly a Cessna once. They let me take off but I chickened out when it came to landing. It was over the freeway. *gulp*

    And a big congats on getting in to all of those size 8s! Girl, you are HALF my size. LOL

  2. Glad you are feeling better! I am a nut lover - they make great snacks :D

  3. Reintroducing fats into my daily menu was so, so difficult. But once done on a regular basis, the anti-fat panic attacks went away and my hunger actually subsided, with no ill-effects on the scale. You made some good add-on choices!

    Glad you're feeling better. You managed to put things in realistic perspective pretty quickly.

  4. I loved the truth questions, I did not guess though. I still am in love with your bike and I have been on craigslist hunting one. I am going to add good fat to my meals also and see if that will help. Thanks.

  5. Would you be so kind (after I called you a liar) to write up a typical day's menu plan including your good fat choices? Thanks!
    I'm looking forward to reading and employing your menu/diet and I know this should be easy to do for me.
    And yes, we can get together in July! I can hardly wait. Where will you stay?

  6. Oh it's so good to hear you're feeling better....you're always so upbeat and positive, so when I hear that you're down or out of sync it makes me sad!! lol Glad to see good ol' Shelley's back! :)

  7. Good food changes, Shelley--I made some of those, and when I stick with that kind of diet, I am much more satisfied and actually want to eat less often.

    And YES. I avoided Target too because their plus sizes were too small!!!

  8. I think you are making good choices regarding your food. I've been thinking about that the last couple of days too but that's more due to medical problems. And I'm on a plateau right now and have to make changes if I want to lose more weight. I will blog about that later.

    Good for you that you've bought the shorts!

  9. So glad you are feeling better! Eating the MUFA's should definitely help. ;)

  10. that change would be TOTALLY WHAT I NEED.
    I love things like the kashi and vitatops :) etc but they only serve to ignite my hunger.

    keep me posted.
    US POSTED :) I mean...
    I like to pretend you write this just for me.

  11. I could not agree more with adding almonds and avocados in the mix - almonds keep me full for a long time!

    Target is my daughters favorite store, and while I mostly buy more clothes from thrift stores (because I am frugal!) I may have to check their clothes section out.

    Happy St. Patty's Day!


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