Monday, March 29, 2010

Downtown Derby 5K Recap!

My third 5K race is in the books and I have to say that I'm getting better - what is fun about being so new at these is that I'm pretty much guaranteed to get a new PR for each race, lol! This one was no exception: My finish time (according to my Nike+) was 35:49, which is just about 3 minutes faster than my first 5K!

This was the first-ever Downtown Derby 5K, put on by the Junior League. Considering that it was their first race, I think they did a pretty good job with everything. It was easy to get to, parking was plentiful, there was fun music playing before the race, the starting area was clearly marked, and there was a lot of bottled water, fruit and bagels afterward. I will say it was a nice change to run a smaller race - we actually started running right away, instead of shuffling through the crowds. I heard there were anywhere from 150 to 200 runners/walkers/strollers/dogs (no unicycles this time). The race course, which looked like it was going to be a crazy mishmash from the online map, turned out to be fine - there was a railroad track separating the two sides, and they had people and signs at every turn so it was very easy to follow.
The race route didn't end up being as crazy as it looked on the map, thankfully!

Jenny (who was running on a sore foot) and I started out a little fast - our pace at one mile was about 11:38. We slowed it down a bit and did well - I felt fine...I know her foot was bothering her, but she kept on going - yay Jenny! We were coming round the bend to the home stretch - I think we were at 2.75 miles - when Brad, who finished the race in about 23 minutes, came back to run us in to the finish line. It was great to see him and very comforting to hear his encouragement! We really picked up the pace at that point, and just like in the GLOW run, Jenny kicked it into high gear and took off! I was sucking wind and about to die - I really have to get a handle on the whole "breathing" thing. While I was a little discouraged to once again crash so close to the finish, it was so helpful to hear things like "there's the finish line" "look at the crowd" and my favorite "ten more seconds and you're done!" - so THANK YOU, Brad - you really kept me going!

Thanks also have to go out once again to my pit crew - aka husband, Jeff, who got me to the race in plenty of time, held my warm up top when I shed it right before the race, and took lots of pictures so I can share my memories with you all! I should have a pit crew t-shirt made for him.

Oh, and here's something fun: We made the local newscast (this really is a small town). You can see the backs of Jenny (pink shirt) and me (lavender shirt) as we go running by the cameraman, and what I think is cool is that we really are running! I know that sounds strange to say, but having only seen pictures of myself running, and knowing how slow I run, I sometimes wonder if I really am moving very fast. Well, I got my answer with that video - good to know!

OK, enough with the words - here's the pictures:
Brad (with his neon new shoes!), Jenny and me (in my supah-cool new sunglasses, which worked perfect for the run!)
One thing about running a race with your trainer - when he suggests warming up, you do it. Here we are walking to a street behind the starting area to do a few warm up laps. Luckily the race announcements started after we only did a few - I didn't want to use up all of my running before the actual race!
My new shirt from One More Mile - I got a few laughs from it...mostly as people were passing me!
Starting clump line...
And we're off!
Here comes Brad - I wonder, what does it feel like to be so far ahead of the pack?Brad, running for the finish!At this point, sweat was pouring into my eyes, which then made them tear up and it looked like I was crying - I wasn't, I swear - but I need to address this issue. Maybe wear my Olivia Newton-John sweatband? Or my Bondiband, even though I look kinda goofy in it? Anycase, it's only going to get hotter, so I need to figure out what to do.So funny - Jenny's friend was running and taking pictures of her!
This is where Jenny left me in the dust...look at the determination on her face - I love it!!!Brad is saying to me "ten more seconds and you're done!"Finished!!!Table of goodies waiting for us!Me and Jenny - sweaty, happy, done!
(P.S. It was so nice of the race organizers to give put our ages on our bibs. What?!?)


  1. you make me laugh and long to DRAG YOU TO AUSTIN for coffee
    love the recap
    adore all the onemoremile tees too.
    I wore my IF FOUND ON GROUND PLEASE DRAG ACROSS FINISH LINE YESTERDAY and it made me grin all day.

  2. Awesome race! Yay for you! Go Shelley Go!!
    Thanks for sharing with all of us. I think its cool how your trainer does races with you guys.
    Hope Jennys foot wasn't injured worse running on it. Maybe you could practice doing pick-ups in your runs(short sprints)to help with your endurance and to not get left by Jenny at the end!

  3. Yay! Just reading and looking at your pictures, it just makes me want to go out and run!

    I can't to do my first guys make it look so fun!

    Great job!!!

  4. Congrats on another well-done race! I think you should totally go for the Olivia-Newton John headband...too bad you can't get away with leg warmers too. That would be a sight to see!

  5. awesome! Love the t-shirt and the glasses too!

  6. Now you are understanding: to be a better runner, you have to run. Even on bad days.

    Love the recap, felt like I was trotting along with you!

  7. Great race recap and I love, love, love the Tshirt! I'm so glad you posted all the pictures and the video! Awesome.

    You are doing so great and I'm so happy for you....

  8. Awesome race! I like those routes where you turn a lot because then you don't see this long drawn out road in front of you. (Guess that is a mental thing).

    My favorite saying on the back of a shirt: "If you can read this, I'm not in last place". :D

  9. Congratulations on a great race! Great pictures :)

  10. Love the race reports! And yes, get you a supah-cool sweat band--there must be one out there somewhere!

  11. great work, sounds like a fun run and love your shirt!

  12. Good job honey!!
    Sounds like a great race. I do believe that you are addicted by the way. :)

    Bondi bands dearie. I'm sure you look much better in them than you think. I always feel like LouAnn on Real Housewives of NYC when I have one on.

  13. Shelley - that is a kick ass time!!! My fastest I think is 38:10.

    Ha, gotta love the ages on the bib right?!

    Thanks for the great recap and for continuing to be an inspiration to me!

  14. YAY!!!! I'm so proud of you. You look fantastic and you're having a great time. I'm very impressed with your time!

    Must get the tee shirt. If I can't be a winner at least I can be a motivator. :)

    Looking forward to seeing you next month.

  15. I'm having trouble today with pics on blogspot blogs so I couldn't see them all but I could see the one with the shirt: love it!

    Great job Shelley! Didn't know we were running on the same day again. How fun!

  16. Great job! You are a true inspiration. That is great you have friends to run with and inspire you.
    I totally want a one more mile t-shirt. I have to decide which one to buy!

  17. Love your shirt and your age I mean number on it.
    What fun and good job on your race :)

  18. Yay! You are ripping up these races...and so exciting for the continual improvement. I'm sure you'll have to hand over your shirt to someone else, though. Maybe one that says "Get outta my woman running through"

  19. Great pictues, Shelley! I loved the one with your "ages" on your bibs. That was so smart of them.
    You just keep getting fitter and fitter and you have so much wonderful support!
    Wonderful race, girl!

  20. Great run! The time doesn't matter - the fact that you did it does! Good job.

  21. That last line made me LOL. Too funny.
    And yes, come in July and we can meet at Peet's for a coffee and take the photos by the ball.
    We could go on a ball tour. It would be a very short tour, not even a three hour tour. waaaah

  22. You are SO inspirational. I have been lazing about since my last 5K, but now I am revved up to sign up for the next one and keep on running. Thank you so much for leading the pack!

  23. LOL!!! Well done!!! You look really triumphant in your last photo!!!


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