Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday Workout Update - Snow Edition!

Well, I only have one day to talk about because we got snow in south Texas - what is up with that? I have lived here for over 17 years and never experienced as much snow as I have in the last couple of years! Any case, it was lovely - giant flakes of snow that fell after a lot of sleet, which made the roads pretty icy, and since we Texans can barely drive when it rains, ice and snow are out of the question! Thus, my Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning workouts were canceled. Which may be a good thing, because both Brad and Linda tried to kill me on Monday!

First Linda had me do the "350" cardio workout - pull 50 calories on the rower, then do 50 push ups, then 50 butterfly sit ups. Then do it all over again, and again - for time. I tell you what, the last 25 sit ups were so hard - Linda was holding my feet down for me and I was doing them in slower-than-slow-motion! I did it in just under 30 minutes, which was a great improvement from the last time I did this - I think I was in the 45 minute range.

After that, I got to go to the gym, where Brad had us doing "negatives" on the leg press and T-bar row. It is a real challenge for me when it's time for negative leg presses - half is mental, because I know I will be sore afterward, and half is physical, because the muscles right above my knees get shaky and it's just plain hard to do. I don't know why I feel like my legs are not as strong as my arms - the T-bar row negatives are hard but I'm not afraid when I'm doing them. Ugh - I hate having a mental workout along with my physical one! We ended the session with leg tosses, which really work your abs, which of course were about spent after the 350 I did in cardio. We had to do 50 each with Brad and Linda, and if we rested, our count started going backward! Toward the end, mine did - I could barely lift my legs! When I was all done, I just laid on the floor. If someone would have brought me a blanket, I think I might still be there!

I know it seems like I complain a lot about my workouts - really, they are fun and I wouldn't keep going if I didn't enjoy them. I pay a lot for Brad and Linda to beat me to a pulp, and I get my money's worth, that's for sure!!!
Paco and I out playing in the snow - he loved it!

And now for the running update:

While I was running on Saturday, my sock got kind of bunched up under the ball of my left foot. It bothered me the entire run, and I should have stopped and straightened it out, but of course I didn't - once I get started, it's full speed ahead...don't want to lose my forward momentum! By the time I was finished I could.not.wait. to get that shoe off and FIX my sock! While I was complaining about my dumb sock, Jeri showed me her cool new Thorlo Experia running socks, so I decided that I should try a pair - don't need any bunching on my first race, you know! I went right to the store she got hers at and happily plunked down an exorbitant amount of money for a pair of socks - but hey, if I run more comfortably, it's worth it, right? Besides, look at the cool color - they match my green running shirt! Anyhoo, after I got them home and tried them on (and yes, snapped some pictures, lol), I decided to look them up on the interweb. Imagine my surprise when I watched this video, where a floating head basically told me that I'm too old for these socks! Really?!? That is the weirdest marketing strategy I've ever seen! Now I haven't worn them yet, but I'm really hoping to prove them wrong...I don't know, I guess I consider this a challenge now.
Top view of my supercute new running socksSide view - look at the technology...I'm sure I will run faster while wearing these socks!

Anyway, even with the sock issues, Jeri and I managed to get our run in. Another 3.1 miles - this time we ran the entire distance of the park trail, which ironically goes right behind our local Sonic...we joked about stopping for a burger, but in the end kept on running. I had a bit of a hard time on this run - don't know if it was the combination of warmer weather plus a little humidity (68 degrees), or the PB&J that I ate about an hour before the run not sitting right in my stomach...or the bunched sock, but I felt like I was going a lot slower. According to my trusty Nike+, I was about 2 minutes slower than my last run, which, considering we had to wait for the signal to cross an intersection twice (coming and going), that wasn't bad.
Seriously, do we look too old to wear those socks?!?

Two more days until my first ever 5K Fun Run - eeeek!


  1. Weather? Craziness. It's like we've moved to Minnesota and no one told us.

    You are not to old for your running socks. They rock - I love the green color of your gear. I never read you as complaining about your workout. My take on it is that you are still amazed that YOU are doing THIS! And I think it's awesome, both the workout and your enjoyment of it.

    What you do here, sharing your story and inspiring us all, is great work. Happy Wednesday.

  2. Great Blog! Your before & after pics are amazing. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Glad you enjoyed the snow! I look forward to reading about the 5K.

  4. I was watching the weather map last night and saw that y'all were getting snow. Unbelievable! We never got any but it is COLD and last night it was rainy and nasty. I had the fireplace going. mmmmm

    You must have running socks. They make a world of difference. I need some more. I love your green ones. NO you're not too old. Stupid socks don't know what they're talking about. :)

    I laughed when I read about your leg tosses. I figured it just meant that you tossed them aside because they weren't working after a workout like that. LOL

    Can't wait to hear about your first race. The feeling of crossing that finish line is hard to put into words. It's great. :)

  5. Your workouts sound a lot like the Saturday morning boot camp class I've been taking. Every week I think, "I can't believe I paid extra money to let them do this to me!" Of course when it pays off well that's a different story. Thorlos are my FAV running sock. They make all different kinds so you might want to try some of the other models too. I've never heard of this one so off to investigate...

  6. I always feel like such a slug after reading Workout

    Cute socks, and no, you're neer too old...for anything!

  7.'re never too old....proof read much, Dana

  8. Old, is there such a thing? Never
    Good luck on your first 5K, it is so cool when you cross that finish line.

  9. Too old to wear a certain kind of sock? Are you kidding me?? I'm so totally confused. Guess you can tell I don't own any supercute running socks, lol.

  10. Most certainly not too old to wear cute socks! I didn't know there was an age limit on SOCKS or CUTE!

    I love Paco!

    Good luck on the 5K. That is really something!

  11. I guess as far as exercise activities go, running is really inexpensive for the most part. Nothing wrong with investing in your most critical tools, your feet.

    So excited for your 5K! I'm hoping that I'll be ready for my March 7th Fun Run too.

  12. how odd... you will have to let us know how the socks go... I have been looking lately at tri socks.

  13. Your socks are super cute. Like you, I love (?) a hardcore workout.

  14. You are so gonna kill that 5k! You'll probably end up wishing it was longer. I'm proud of you.

  15. Gotta love what global warming does. It means more snow for everyone, ironically.

    Who the heck puts an age value on socks, anyway? Phphtttt........

  16. poppycock about being too old for SOCKS. Jiminy christmas! LOL

    p.s. did you know Sonic sells DIET cherry limeades?!?!! :O

  17. That is horse manure - you being too old for the socks! Add them to your list of letters to write - LOL.

    I am so very proud of you for doing the 5K! I can't wait to hear all about it.

  18. I'm so excited for you: two more days to go!

    I'm happy that the snow has finally gone here :) Temperatures are higher than last week too, it looks like we're heading for spring and I can't wait.

    I don't see talking about your workouts as complaining. I love to read about it and wish I had such great trainers to work with.

  19. With lymphedema, if you were to wear your socks like that, you could cause an infection and end up in the ER. Be careful with your darn socks. You are getting up there in years. Don't cause any unnecessary pain or damage.

  20. I can't believe you got snow!! That's so crazy. Love that paco likes it!

    I LOVE your green coat in that picture too! So cute!

    Poor marketing strategy for sure - I think those socks will work for you - I have a similar pair and its like having a second skin, you don't even know you are wearing them.

  21. That marketing campaign sounds a bit CRAZY!!

  22. ha ha! u can have the snow. Here in Michigan it's been fairly mild this winter. I like it that way too!!

    nice socks!

  23. good lord you are cute.

    and I cant believe it is only 2 more days and I am so thankful you go before me ;)

    my race is 3.7 and Im not ready and Im ready as Ill ever be!


  24. Sorry you're getting all our weather and we're getting yours. You and Paco are so cute, altho I can only see his head against the snow. Glad you're making the best of it.

    Missed commenting on that sh*thead of a doctor from your other post. You can do a lot better than that guy! Just another example of how book-smart doesn't translate into people-smart - not to mention he doesn't sound all that book-smart to begin with (but we all know he THINKS he is). Just keep doing what you're doing!

  25. I think everybody's sooo ready for spring.

    Great socks. Too old for socks? I never heard of such a thing!

    I don't always have a chance to comment but I read your posts every time.

  26. Hey Shelley, it's Tracy from Thorlo/Experia! When I read your blog on the lime Experia, I was compelled to explain the method behind our marketing madness! Here, in lil' ol' Statesville, NC (where the bobbing head resides) we've got some pretty clever folks.

    When we introduced Experia to the market, we wanted to make sure that the people who were already wearing our thick Thorlos understood that Experia is totally different and they would not get the same experience wearing Experia as they do with Thorlos. Thorlos have more cushioning, and when someone is accustomed to that much cushioning, they would probably not like the thin cushioning of Experia. But, even with all our "warnings", some of our Thorlo customers bought Experia, and what do you know? They didn't like it! Now, if you don't wear Thorlos and really don't have any foot issues, then Experia is the sock for you.

    When a person does have foot issues, that's when we recommend Thorlos. That the reason for the age reference. Generally, as we age, our foot issues show up. The fat pads on the bottom of our feet break down and so our own natural cushioning is gone - thus the need for Thorlos.

    Now that I have bored you with all the stuff on foot health, are you ready for your Experia challenge? I must say I loved reading all the comments on socks! Who would have thought socks could generate so much excitement. And I think you are going to look great in those lime Experia as you blaze through your first 5K.

    For the challenge: give your Experia a good test run and write a review. Then, there will be a brand new pair of Experia sent right to you (bobbing head not included). I can see in your picture you are wearing our sock size 10, so I can assume you wear a shoe size between 7-9. I'll surprise you with the color!

    Shelley, it has been fun and inspiring reading your blog. Keep up the hard work and best wishes on your 5K. Who knows, maybe I will see you in Boston at the marathon!

    Tracy Harris

  27. Paco is so cute! I had BIG sock problems yesterday and on Sunday. Ouch, one of my toes hurt all night long! I'll look into the ones you photographed. Thanks!

  28. Dumb question...what are butterfly situps?


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