Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Catch Up

Deep breaths. Deeeeeep breaths...inhale...exhale...

So yeah, this was pretty much me all day on Thursday - I am so excited and nervous and just on this side of freaking out about the GLOW run tonight! I've been checking the weather - supposed to rain this morning, stop around 1pm, and then the temps will drop and the wind will kick up - really? For my first ever 5K? I suppose it could be snowing, but still! I have my list of gear for the run - want to see it? Of course you do! Here goes:
  1. Nike+ Sportsband, so I can keep track of my time
  2. Visor (only if it's raining, to keep most of the drops off of my glasses)
  3. Black long-sleeved wicking shirt
  4. Purple workout shirt (our workout group will be all matchy-matchy!)
  5. Long workout pants or capris - not sure which I'll wear; depends on how cold it really is
  6. Black vest (again with the cold)
  7. Gloves (sense a theme here?)
  8. Ageless lime green socks*
  9. Shoes
  10. Camera
  11. Water bottle
  12. Coat
Am I forgetting anything? Jeff will have a backpack to hold my race t-shirt, camera, water bottle and coat...and we were dorky enough to go outside Wednesday evening and practice with the settings on my camera so he can get my picture as I cross the finish line (my neighbors were in their garage as we were doing this - and yes I was running about twenty feet toward Jeff, he would snap the picture when I got close, we would check it, adjust settings, and repeat...and repeat...and repeat) - dorrrrk alert! Our little group is going to meet up and carpool to the race because parking can be an issue on campus. Um, what else, what else? Oh yeah...inhale....exhale...

*I have been issued a sock challenge by Tracy Harris of Thorlo - seriously, go read her comment in my last post! So be sure to look for my review of the hopefully Ageless Experia socks (yes, I have renamed them...and you're welcome, Thorlo) next week. Y'all know me - I will tell it like it is - but I'm hoping that I do like them as they are so cute and athletic-looking!

In other news, I actually ended up working out on Wednesday - I was able to do a make up session with a group at 5:30 pm. More negatives! This time with our arms - I was doing push ups (from the knees, thankfully) and Brad was pushing between my shoulder blades as I was on the downward movement! A couple of times I nearly bit the dust and smashed my face onto the floor, but I was able to catch myself. That was CRAZY! I also got the giggles...I guess the absurdity of what I was doing cracked me up! Anyway, I'm glad I got that workout in.

And my last bit of excitement: Kelly from Happy Texans has made her hotel reservations and registered for the Armadillo Dash - she will be running the 5K with us on March 7, otherwise known as Blogger Run Day!!! Fun times - can't wait to meet her and her sweet husband, Chuck.

This is going to be a long day, waiting for 9pm to get here. Cross your fingers for me that I don't hyperventilate before then!


  1. Good luck on the run, can't wait to hear how it goes!

    And you're one of the giveaway winners for the Sparkpeople dvd over at Cranky Fitness, but today is the last day to claim the prize--just get email me your name and address and I'll get it to the sponsor ASAP.

  2. Ears? Are your ears going to be covered? Ears and hands are my "cold points" when running in cold/wind.

    Yay Kelly - you guys are going to have so much fun.

  3. Good luck at your 5K tonight! I'll be thinking of you. Pin your bib down with four safety pins so it won't blow up in the wind. Post pictures!

  4. Good Luck on your race! Trust your training and have fun! Can't wait to see pics and a post.

  5. Here's what I predict:

    Once you start running your nerves are going to calm down and by the end of the race, you'll have run your fastest time ever and be hooked! So excited to hear all about it.

  6. How exciting!!!! Can't wait to see the pics girl! :)

  7. You might want to carry your Ipod and put just one side in. It helped with my nerves, and you can still talk with the others. And yes, ear muffs of some kind. Good luck, you'll do great.

  8. I know it's scary. And you will be just as nervous tonight. But as soon as that race starts you will be in your groove and doing your thing. It'll come naturally and all of that nervousness will disappear. You will do just fine. All you have to do is put one foot in front of the other and repeat until you reach that finish line. Enjoy the experience! :)

    I think the thing that was most interesting to me at my first (and only) race was that at the drink stations you grab a drink while you're on the run and then just throw your cup on the ground. It was a new experience for me. You mean it's ok to litter this one time?! And there were people there to pick up your cups. Don't know why that stuck me like it did. LOL

    Have fun!!! You'll probably be signing up for every 5k you can find after this. :)

  9. So cool for your 5K tonight!!! You are prepared and will do fab.

    I still plan on doing some kind of a fun run for March 7th too.

  10. Eeeeeeeeeee!!! I am so excited for you! I vote for capris, as you will feel 20 degrees warmer than the outside temperature, so it's better to be a little chilly when you first start.

    Have you practiced a water stop?

    I almost never stop for a drink during the 5K. It interrupts my rhythm, and I still can't get the hang of the cup pinching and drinking without making a mess :D

  11. I love your "little kid" excitement. Just so happy for you.

    Laughing at the dork alert. Have a great time! I will bw thinking about ya!

  12. Shelley, you are going to do GREAT! Don't forget to have fun and enjoy the experience! You are a RUNNER, my friend!

  13. I'm soooooooo excited for you!!!! Enjoy every moment of it, even the pain. (then again, you are in such great shape, might not be much/any pain. LOL) YOU RAWK!!!!!

  14. Good luck and have fun!!! Let us know how it went.

  15. Have a wonderful time tonight! I absolutely love how you and your husband were staging your picture!

  16. Good luck tonight sweety, you're prepared and you are going to do this. I'm so excited and can't wait to hear your report of your race.

    THANK YOU! For the sweet gift I received in the mail. I love it. I've got my keys attached to it right now so you're going with me everywhere I go from now on. Thanks, really really sweet of you.

  17. I am excited and nervous for you! You will do fine and have some fun while you do it. Can't wait to see the pics.


  18. I am so excited for you Shelley! You are going to do awesome, I promise!

    I did one 5k, where there was literally a 12 year old girl in front of me, I decided to catch up with her towards the end of the race, we were talking, when she said "Ummm.. I was going to sprint to the finish, so bye!" and she took off as fast as she could, it was so funny. She was probably like who's this crazy lady talking to me!

    Can't wait to see your pics tomorrow!

  19. Congratulations and good luck! What an exciting accomplishment!

  20. Ha - love that you changed the name to ageless socks!!

    You were my inspiration at lunch today Shelley, without knowing it!

    I did Level 1 and Level 3 of Jillian's 30 day shred - I did the push-ups not on my knees for the first time. I wanted to quit but then I said (outloud because I was by myself!) if Shelley can jump on a box, I can do a fucking push-up!

    YOU ARE GOING TO KICK ASS! Yep, my potty mouth has returned - sorry if I offend any of your readers!

  21. You are forgetting your meals first of all. Don't you need 3 well balanced meals for that length of a race?

    And don't forget your rocker!
    I'm so glad you're doing this so I can sit back and watch.
    You'll be great!

  22. Chuckling about the practice finish line photo.

    Good luck.

  23. When I do my 2.5 miles on my treadmill in the warm house while watching What Not To Wear, I'll think of you! Crossing that finish line! No Stacey & Clinton makeover will look better than that. Picture practice, LOL.

  24. GO SHELLEY GO! I am so excited. For some reason, I got all confused about your race, and thought it was only next weekend--so you are doing two races? Woo Hoo!

    Plus, that was fun having Tracy contact you about the sock review. I am going to check out the Thorlos, because more cushioning is a big deal to me!

  25. Good luck, good luck, good luck!!!

    Can't wait to hear more about it!

  26. Fingers crossed, prayers said, lucky German Shepherd's paw rubbed... yep, I've got you covered. This is going to be fanTAStic :)

  27. I know the run is long over and I'm sure you rocked it! I hope you weren't too cold and that you had a great time -- congratulations!!

  28. Yay for lime green socks! I'm sure you'll do great! Hope the weather isn't too bad.

  29. Blog looks great!

    I know that 5K was a piece of cake for you.

  30. I hope your run went well I can't wait to hear how you did!


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