Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday Workout Update - Girl Scout Cookie Edition

No, I have neither bought nor eaten any Girl Scout Cookies - rather, we've been working off the calories in those.damn.cookies this week at my gym. And it's been tough! Did you know that a serving of Thin Mints is four cookies and contains 160 calories? Peanut Butter Patties are 150 calories for two cookies! Combine those and we got to do a team workout of pulling 310 calories on the rower Tuesday and Wednesday - one person on the rower, everyone else on other machines or doing ab work - the rowing person would row until they couldn't anymore, and then we would switch machines. Just so you know, pulling 310 calories on the rower takes nearly the entire 30 minutes of cardio, so you have to work pretty consistently to get it done. And then, we got to go to the strength room and work off MORE cookies! Believe me, I will not be eating any Girl Scout cookies this season! Brad said he wanted us to be aware of how high the calories are in them, as it's not unheard of for someone (*looks around innocently*) to polish off an entire sleeve of Thin Mints in one sitting. So, when I'm approached by the cute little Girl Scouts this year, I'll just give them a donation and let them keep their cookies!

My triceps are pretty sore, thanks to doing 80 per arm push ups where one arm is on a 12" high box and the other is on the ground - so you are doing them at an angle. I also did 150 tricep pulls with an exertube, and 150 bicep curls, again with the exertube. At this point, I'm lucky to be typing! Of course there were a bunch of other things included in my workouts this week, but the one that stands out is burpees - yes folks, it's February, which means that my burpee exemption is over. I did 45 of them today. And as my form is not perfect, I'm sure there will be bruises on my knees tomorrow. Oh well, the exemption was fun while it lasted.

One thing that made my workouts great this week is that I had Fran with me! OK, not Fran in person, but I was wearing the black sports bra that she sent me all the way from Holland! Or is it The Netherlands? Aren't they one and the same? Anyway, a couple of weeks ago she offered to send me one and I gratefully took her up on it - and I have to say that while I'm still wearing a pullover sports bra over this one, it seems to hold me tighter and there is a lot less bounce. Plus I'm having fun knowing that I'm wearing something that my friend picked out for me - thank you, Fran!

And now onto the running update, or, as Roxie likes to call it, "Adult Onset Athletics" - I love this term and am totally adopting it as the perfect description of my new lifestyle!

Here is a picture of my calendar for January (please note it's a desktop organizer, hence the coffee ring and other smeared stuff on it):I kept track of the days that I ran by scribbling the word "run" along with the time and or distance, if I knew what it was. I meant to do this with cute stickers, but obviously I forgot to buy some. The important thing, for me, is that I ran 16 times during the month of January! And on Sunday (although I messed up and put in on 1/30 instead of 1/31), in the cold temperature of 38 degrees, Ironwoman Jeri and I ran, ran, ran - all through her neighborhood - for a total of 3.2 miles - yes, we covered a 5K distance! Now, before you get too excited for me (and I just know you are!), we did stop and walk a few times - but at least we covered the distance! And then the next day I ran a mile on the treadmill at my workout! Funny, but that mile seemed to take forever (in actuality 12 minutes) while running a mile outdoors goes by pretty quick. I guess what they say is true - having some constantly changing scenery make the run go by faster. We have another run scheduled for this Saturday - go us!

Oh, I added one more thing as a goal for this year - to run on the first of every month. So far, so good...just a little goal, but a fun one.

All right, I'm going to leave you with a before picture that I hadn't seen until a couple of days ago when my dad emailed it to me...this was taken June 3, 2008, when I was about two weeks into my diet and had already lost around 13 pounds.
Riding with Paco the Wonder Dog around my street - I was probably up to four whole laps before I pooped out. This was also before I got my gorgeous pink cruiser that is shown in the pictures on my right sidebar. Dang, I have come a long way!

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  1. It's the same: The Netherlands is the offical name and Holland the more popular name.

    I'm so happy the bra fits and that you're enjoying it.

    I'm so amazed every week again what you pull of at your workouts. I know I'm far away from you when it comes to fitness and I admire you for all the things you can do.

  2. You are so amazing. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I'm reading your workout routine and I know my jaw about hit the floor. Wow! You're lik Xena the Warrior Princess or something. how in the world to you do all of that? Seriously?!

    I would love to have a personal trainer to push me to the outer limits. maybe one day. Is this at a gym or what? And I LOVE the way they make up themed workouts. Makes it fun. Well, as fun as torture can be I guess.;)

    I love that picture of you. It shows how far you've come. You keep it up girl. And I LOVE the Adult Onset Athletics title. LOL Brilliant

  3. Ok...I will take my two sets of 8 repetitions and slink away in

    Adult Onset Athletics, I think it is Adult Onset Animal!

    So great!

  4. WOW! Once again, you amaze me with the workouts that you do -- and keep going back for more!! I'd feel guilty if I hadn't done some very good (for me) strength training today. Reading about it will definitely make me think twice if an opportunity comes to buy the dreaded cookies.

  5. erm, Girl Scouts have a new reduced fat cookie. 5 cookies equal 100 calories. Called Daisy Go Rounds. :: whistles to self ::


    You go, girl!!!!

  6. Holy Burpies, Batman! You workouts are incredible....I am slack-jawed.

  7. It's hard to believe you were such a larger than life person in that photo.
    If that were my desk calendar, it's be dripping wet with coffee or something. Not Dove or See's or GS cookies. I have been paying much more attention to the calories one has to burn in order to make up for a small snack. It is amazing. I thought it would be an interesting if not impossible endeavor (for myself) to spend the day eating good foods (wholesome) and then spend the in between meal time exercising off what I had eaten. I suppose I'd have to eat while exercising to exercise enough.

  8. Shelley,

    You sure have come a long way..I bet sometimes it feels like a dream and your waiting to wake up. You look are a great inspiration for sure.

    Second Journey

  9. You look so different, isn't it funny? I was trying on old pants today to paint in and I haven't been nearly as stupendous as you (only 10% of my body weight down), but those pants were so comically baggy in the thighs and seat. And those were my skinny pants. The power of NOT eating Thin Mints a sleeve at a time!

  10. Love the 'adult onset athletics' - I still have a ways to go and can't believe I waited so long to get the bug :)

    You have done amazing with the running and gym.

  11. Man, I have sooooo far to go before I catch up to you with the workouts. But the exciting thing is, if I keep pushing, one day I'll be as awesome as you!!

    I love that before pic really is a great reminder of just how far you've come. Very proud of you girl. :)

  12. That is a really inspiring before picture! You HAVE come so far!

    The push ups sound absolutely killer. I cannot even do one girly pushup yet. You should post arm pictures :)

  13. You are awesome Shelley. I really look forward to these Weds. updates because I always gathering inspiration from them to keep on my own exercise track. I can't believe that is you in the photo. You really are a new woman!

  14. Boy Scouts sell popcorn. Just sayin'*

    *sometimes it's covered in chocolate. Sorry.

  15. I am always amazed when I compare the calorie count of "treats" like GS cookies and the amount of work it takes to burn those calories . . . it really puts the decision in perspective!


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