Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wednesday Workout Update

First things first. LINDA CAME BACK TODAY!!!!! Ahhh - all is right in my little corner of the world! Her mom is tolerating chemo very well, so Linda is easing her way back by working one day a week - Wednesdays just became my happy day! Not only are we friends, but she knows me and my limits (and how far I actually *can* go) and she really pushes me to do my absolute best in the cardio room, even when I am thinking "there is no way I can do this" - but guess what? I can.

Today, because Linda knows I would like to run a 5K someday (she thinks I am a lot closer to being able to run it than I do), the treadmill was all mine. Can you believe that I jogged for 14 minutes?!? That's how long it took me to hit a mile (apparently I need to up the pace just a bit) - I haven't run a mile since early October, before we left for our vacation and Linda left to care for her mother. She says that when we run together outdoors, my pace is faster (my last mile came in around 11 minutes). I am really surprised that I had it in me - and this was after the gym workout, no less! So yeah, feeling pretty good about this.

The other cool thing I did this week was a circuit workout - Monday and Tuesday concentrated on the lower body and today worked the upper body. I don't know why, but I like doing the upper body stuff a lot! I did a ton of triceps dips, chest presses, curls...all sorts of fun things. And I felt so strong while doing them - it really is empowering to me. After a workout like I had today, I feel ready to conquer the world!

Ok, see these cool new running shoes? I bought them in October when we were visiting my parents before we went to Maui. They have the greatest outdoor/fitness/shoe store in their little town, where the owners measure your feet nine ways to Sunday and then choose the shoe for you - there is no "oooh, that one looks cute, let me try it on" in this store, lol! But I have gotten several pairs of shoes over the years from this store and they all have been supercomfortable, so I don't mind.

Well, I bought these shoes for running. They have a solid sole and while I tried wearing them one time to my workout, they didn't have enough flexibility for all of the crazy things Brad has us do, so I went back to my Asics for those days. And with Linda being gone, running wasn't stressed as much as it is when she's in charge of cardio. So the new shoes have stayed in my closet.

What I want to know is why the heck haven't I put the darn things on and gone for a run in my neighborhood? Why can't I get myself to (apologies to Nike) JUST DO IT?!? I am reminded of myself in the very early days of my diet, when exercising consisted of riding my bike a couple of laps around my very long cul-de-sac. It took so much mental preparation to actually get on the bike - I had to psych myself out of the thoughts that my neighbors were watching, judging and criticizing me. I was so embarrassed to be seen exercising - I just knew that people were thinking "who does that fat woman think she's kidding - a couple of laps isn't going to help" (why yes, I am very good at putting words into other people's mouths, tyvm). And I kind of feel like that with regard to running in public - I'm not fast, I end up taking walking breaks, I'm panting like a dog on a hot day, and I still look all jiggly-like when I run. I just wish I could break out of the self-conscious trap I let myself get stuck in and go for a run. Any suggestions (besides the obvious "go for a freakin' run, already!")?


  1. go for a freakin run already! lol I had to say it.

    Congrats on running that mile. That's tough. By the way, you look fantabulous. Way to go. :)

  2. I too share your fear of exercising in public! I make a point to go running early in the AM a few days a week while it is still dark out, hoping that none of my neighbors see me!
    Although, really, we shouldn't be so hard on ourselves...I know I never think critically when I see people of any size working always makes me feel happy for the that they have discovered the joy of exercise!

    Congrats on running a mile:)

  3. I, too, was freaked out by the whole running in public thing. Then, what I realized was that most people are not running. Don't get me wrong, I sure some are, but if everyone was running, we wouldn't have an obesity epidemic in this country. Now, I look at it like, yea, I may be running slow and I may be jiggling, but so what? I'm freaking running.

    And, besides, this isn't about anyone but you and what you want to do and accomplish for yourself.

    Go for it and just run your butt off.

    A side note: I live 2 blocks from a university, so I have a lot of the college kids running through the neighborhood. So, it wasn't easy for me to take this step, to be out there with them. But, I am and it makes me proud to be.

  4. I think the thoughts going through most people's minds when seeing someone else job, jiggling or not, is..."Oh, if only I had that discipline and motivation!" You continue to inspire me...thanks.

  5. I"m always delighted to see people out exercising, especially those who have a lot to lose because they have the most to gain from the process. Well done to anyone who gets off their couch and gets out there running, walking, crawling, whatever.


  6. I saw a program a few weeks ago (can't remember what it was) and they showed an overweight woman exercising at a park. It seems more interesting than just running and they indicated it increases weight loss in addition to being a good cardio workout. You could schedule it for mid-morning when the parks are usually empty.

    Hope this helps.

    Hoosier Mom

  7. I am the same way! I don't want people to look at my jiggly parts bouncing but if I really think about it - they probably could give a rats patootie.

    I read on one of the blogs that they exercise at night so there is less people out to spot them...

  8. What are you self conscious about? Are you still the fat person running in your skinny (ass) body?

    I heard someone say that we always think people are looking at us when in fact, if they are, they spend on average 20 seconds. Are your arms flailing? Are your pants still up around your waste? Are your teeth in?
    Why would anyone look and why do you care? You've made it so far with all those folks starring at you constantly. (kidding!)

  9. DO IT!!! Do walk/jogs until you build up your jogging stamina...this time a year ago, 60 seconds was all I could do, and you know the rest!!!

  10. I think it is so cool that you are willing to forget about what anyone else might say and go for it. We have a bike path that runs through our neighborhood and every morning while I'm making coffee I see the same two women walking. Since this summer they both have gradually slimmed down. I'm always so tempted to run out some morning and tell them how great they look. I just don't want to embarrass them. Have you thought about getting a running partner-it's working for my unknown neighbor ladies.

  11. Imagine them in their really, I've got nothing.
    BUT, have you thought about/tried C25K? Did it and loved it. I was self concious, but I had signed up for a 5K as a runner after week 1 so that I had a goal and wouldn't give up.
    You CAN do it. Now go do it.

  12. I'll be totally honest - I still have those feelings when I am out jogging in the streets. But you know what? It's your body and you do what you need to do to make it healthy. It doesn't matter what other people think - because they aren't the ones living in your body.

    And truthfully, most people don't even notice you. You'll find that as you try to cross a street when cars are coming LOL.

    It's so much nicer to run outside than on a treadmill. Except when it's raining....

  13. No other suggestions except FOR FOR A FREAKIN RUN ALREADY, MISSY!

    :: thump ::


  14. I can relate to the self-consciousness thing because I used to struggle with that when I was trying to learn race-walking. It made so much sense as a form of exercise (aerobic but much less impact) yet I had the damndest time getting over feeling like an ass.

    But a few minutes in, I'd always forget about it and just tune into my music and go about my business. So it's any help, you look Great, no one would think for a second to judge you for running other than to admire you, and you'll look a heck of lot cooler than I did doing the dorkwalking thing.

    Have a great time with it!

  15. Hi Shelly,
    I am so inspired by those pictures of you and your pink bike. What a difference a year makes! I too have those same "what will the neighbors think" moments. But I also know that it's true that most folks really don't pay that much attention to other people anyway. Have you tried listening to music (Ipod or whatever) while you jog? If anything your neighbors should be impressed with your progress thus far and your determination! You go girl!


  16. Congrats on the mile! If I go outside to walk/run it's always in the dark. I'm not a pretty sight huffing and puffing.

  17. A. A mile is just a smidge less than halfway to a 5k. Everyone else on the planet has it easy because they can measure things in k's which are much shorter than mi's.
    B. You can do anything for 15 minutes, which apparently, for you, means 'run more than a whole mile!!!!!" Awesome.
    C. When you catch yourself thinking other people are thinking mean, fat-girl, jiggly-thighs thoughts about you, give yourself a mental spanking for judging those poor people so harshly, and then imagine them encouraging you. Because they probably are.
    Either that, or they are jealous, and mentally beating themselves up because they aren't as awesome as you because they are still sitting in their homes, driving by, etc. while you are obviously, dedicated to increasing your awesomeness. So there.

  18. Just do it! I am "jiggly" too, but found a new sports bra that is a top too - and its tight on my body, so I just tuck that into my sweat pants and put a shirt over it - it keeps all the jiggly parts in and I feel comfortable running.

    That being said, I don't run outside in my neighborhood - not because I don't want to, but there are too many hills! :D

    You look awesome Shelley - just do it!!!!

  19. I find it much easier to run outside when it's night. That's how much the 'neighbors snickering' thing bugs me. And of course I know that the neighbors could care less -- they have their own concerns to deal with -- but I still prefer it at night. So long as it's a safe neighborhood that has street lights.

  20. I remember when I first started jogging I would think that people who saw me jogging past would really think that jogging must be a crap excercise if I was jogging AND still so fat...

    I think you just have to make a plan to just go out and do it, the first time I went jogging I could only jog one mile and that was with ugly panting, fat jiggling, and horrible side cramps. The thing I read that helped me was GO SLOW, as slow as you can and still be technically jogging, you will feel stupid but it is the best way to get started!

  21. I figured out that people are probably talking about me less than I really think they are - but this can be hardwired into the brains of our self-conscious selves. Remember too that you're 100 lbs lighter so I don't imagine a whole lot of snickering is going to go on. Plus, once you do it for the first time, it'll make it so much easier every time after that. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

  22. About a couple minutes into it, you won't even be self-conscious about it. Running is so empowering that you'll be nodding at passers by with a "Yeah, that's right, I'm a badass" look. Watch the knees, tho. Ouchie!

    Your posts bout Linda always make me excited...I want a trainer like her!

  23. First of all: I'm proud of you for running for 14 minutes straight!

    Don't care what other people think Shelley. I'm a slow runner too, I lost count how many times someone passed me by who was faster than me. And my face is all red by the end and I do walk sometimes during my run. I don't give a sh*t: I'm running for me and no one else! I listen to my music and run at my own pace. I finished almost last at my first 10K which had about 6.000 participants and did I care at that moment: no. I did it, it was my victory!

    So go outside and try it and I promise you: no one will look at you and if they do they're probably jealous because you are a runner and they aren't!

    I hear you about the shoes, when I bought mine they were orange with white and I asked if they didn't have another color. He said to me "do you want shoes that fit you well or shoes that have a nice color" :lol: so I ended up with the orange/white.

  24. I've got loud clapping and slapping noises that go along with my jiggling from my low-haning, flabby stomach slapping against my thighs. I went to Walmart and bought a sports bra, and a tight more noise!! The most I can jog at one time is about 6-7 mins straight right you're doing great!! Strangle yourself with some undergarments and get out there and do it! :)

  25. Oh...and make sure you've got an Ipod or MP3 player to listen to...get lost in your favorite music and the time just flies by. :)


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