Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Catch Up

I forgot to mention in my Thanksgiving post that when my sons walked through the door, seeing me in person for the first time since July (not August as I'd originally thought), they were shocked, amazed and dare I say it...proud at seeing how much weight I'd lost! That was fun! In fact, while I was talking to my older son, Sam, he interrupted me and said "Your glasses are huge on you now!" - confirming what I pretty much already knew, although in his frame of reference, I looked like Rita Skeeter from Harry Potter.
Really Sam? Rita Skeeter? Whatevs, dude.

On Sunday, I was telling my mom about their reactions and she brought up an interesting point: they have never seen me this thin. In their entire lives. HOW FREAKIN' SAD IS THAT?!? You know, I could really go down a self-recriminating road thinking about this...but I won't, because what can I do about the past? Absolutely nothing. Well, except learn from it. So I may not have been fit and thin when they were kids, but by god I will look good in their wedding pictures! Not that that's happening any time soon...but better I said that than "in pictures with my grandchildren," right? TOO SOON! (Says the woman who made her own mother a grandmother at the age of 45, hehe!).

The other interesting thing that happened on Thanksgiving is that while I spent the same amount of time on my feet in the kitchen as I have in years past, my feet didn't hurt! I always blamed the sore feet on my tile floor, but I may have to rethink that (and replace the blame) - chalk up another bonus for taking off major poundage!

When I posted this cryptic entry, Camevil commented that she had balloons and male strippers on standby, and I called her out on that in this post. Well, color me red-faced, surprised and inordinately pleased when I found THIS on her blog! Thanks, Cam - you are so sweet!

If you look on my sidebar, you can see a new award there - the Atta Girl, given to me by Diane! Thank you, Diane - I really appreciate it! Click on the award to see where it all originated.

And now, my hair. I went to my regular gal, Mika, to get my hair cut on Wednesday. I kinda thought she was doing something a little different while she was cutting it, but as I always like what she does, I just waited to see how it would turn out. Well, not only did I love it, but the funny thing is that I had cut a picture out of the newspaper last week of a hairstyle I really liked, but didn't bring it to show Mika - I don't know why, exactly...just thought I wasn't ready for it. So here's the picture that I cut out:
While I can't wear bangs like this lady's (too many wayward cowlicks), I loved how the sides flip out!

And this is what I ended up with - again, all without saying anything to my hairdresser!
Please excuse my washed-out look - this is me with no make up. This should serve as a reminder to me to NOT leave the house without putting some make up on!

How funny is that? She said that since my face is so thin (!!!) now, I needed to have the length hit where it wasn't "pulling my face down" - I think it's hilarious that I ended up with the hairstyle I had been secretly considering! She's good, I'm telling ya!

Alright, I think I'm all caught up - hope y'all have a great weekend!


  1. What an awesome feeling that must of been for your sons to see you. BTW, your son is right the glasses are way to big now. Time for a reward and get a fancy new pair! Congrats, you are beautiful (even without makeup)! cdmom

  2. Your hair looks so cute! When I first saw the post before reading it, I thought the picture that you had torn out was a picture of you without your glasses. You do resemble the model in the picture! It must have felt amazing to have someone tell you your face was "too thin"!

  3. That must have been so nice to hear from your sons - you raised some good boys to treat their mama so well. Your face is skinny! Definitely time for new glasses. Have you done a before and after of just your face? That would be fun to see! Have a great day!

  4. Wow, that hair stylist really understands her clients!!!

    You should get some really funky tiny glasses...lime green or red! Like a little piece of jewelry on that thin face.

    You give me hope that my day IS coming!

  5. Laughing at your surprise gift!

    You really should get yourself some new glasses. I know they are expensive but you are so worth it.

  6. Your face IS thin!!!! YAY you!

    And that is so awesome about your sons...on SO many levels!

    Have a marvelous weekend!

  7. love the hair!

    and rita skeeter is fierce, so i wouldn't worry too much lol

    one of my favorite parts of losing weight is the shocked faces. unabashed staring by strangers? i accept!

  8. LOVE your new hairdo!!!

    When I get to under 200, I am going to get an actual hairstyle for the first time in 20+ years. (I hate getting my hair done.)

  9. Love the new 'do! It's cute :D

    What a great thing for your sons to notice, too (and that they say it to you!)

  10. Love the new doo! Look the new well. Took a look at the naked man holding the hubba hubba

    My mother loss alot of weight when she was about 40. I had never seen her was weird.

    HAve a great weekend!

  11. Holy cow, Shelley - you look like a college coed with the new doo and body! Way to go!

    Camevil leaves the most wickedly funny comments - I always look forward to them - not to mention her funny blog.

  12. I loved reading this post Shelley! It's funny, I lost my 70 pounds in 1999, when Hannah was 7 years old.

    We were looking at old pictures not too long ago, and she said "I never remembered you being fat!"

    LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!!!!! You are beautiful.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. I'm reading your blog for the first time (and I'm glad I did), so maybe you're even better-looking with make-up. I think you look great without it! Congrats on the compliments from your sons.

  14. The positively surprised responses from your kids is worth more than a hunnert male strippers and balloons!

    The hair is fab. FAB. That lime green diva dress would complete the look--taken in about, oh, 4 dress sizes first. Vavavoom!

  15. Shelley, Love the hair! Finding a good hairdresser is like finding a good either do, or you don't! Looks like you got a good one.

    And, what a gift you have given yourself and your boys when they saw you for the first time since July... how awesome...That must of been one of your top tens, in the best feeling in the world. :)

  16. That haircut is really flattering! You really look so healthy, even without makeup. Have you found that our complexion is better with the weight loss? That happened to me but I'm not sure why. Better circulation??

  17. New to you blog but you do look great! I lost a hundred pounds too, Feels great right? Keep up the good work.

  18. Hey - L-O-V-E the hair! Please go get new glasses immediately. Early Christmas gift or something. I'm sure those college students don't need to eat or anything.
    You know what else? In that picture, you look just like your mom, with blonde hair. Not Rita Skeeter. Well, maybe a little Rita, but without the whole coldhearted witch part.
    Last confession? blush blush. I tried to pop the balloon with my pointer. blush blush. Didn't work.

  19. I love your hair, looks really good on you. And I agree with some of the above: you should buy yourself new glasses, they're really too big for your beautiful face!

    Awesome how yours sons react. While reading it made me think that I've been together with R. for almost 17 years now, more than half of it I've had overweight. Funny if you think about it.

    Have a nice weekend. xxx

  20. I know what you mean about the feet, I keep finding all sorts of things like that, that I didn't realize were weight-related, thought they were shoe related, age related, or just human anatomy. It used to be half of all shoes hurt too much to wear (arch problem?), and that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Even some of them I couldn't wear, I now can.

  21. Wow -- a psychic hairdresser :)
    I love this concept! It would make life sooo much easier!

  22. What a great compliment from your sons. :) Your transformation really is amazing.

    I LOVE Cam's post. She's a hoot. I'm thinking the three of us would have a good time. ;-)

    And I adore your haircut. I've been thinking about getting some "flippies" done on mine. It just hangs there right now. I keep thinking it will eventually look like a supermodel's hair if I let it grow but it never does. LOL

  23. Oh - I'm jealous that you have a hairdresser who reads your mind and gets it right!! How fun and wonderful is that?

    I love Cam's post too!


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