Sunday, July 19, 2009


Today is my fourth day post-op and I'm feeling really good. I didn't take any of my prescription pain pills yesterday, which was my goal because three days of feeling woozy due to druuuugs was enough for me, thank you very much! I'm definitely sore, and my stomach muscles are very tender and let me know if I start overdoing it (like bending down to get clothes out of the dryer, etc.). Mostly I'm walking around - we even went out for a couple of hours yesterday. I wandered through PetSmart and played with the kitties that were up for adoption, but happily left with only some dog and cat treats for the current menagerie. Which, if you knew me, you would know is something of a miracle!

I have at least a week before I will go back to my workouts - and then I'll concentrate on the treadmill and bike. My surgeon said no lifting for 2 - 3 weeks...sigh. How will I EVER get my Samantha Harris arms?!? Oh well. I'm going to do what he said - I don't want to cause any problems that might delay my recovery.

As for body image, I'm doing my best to ignore my HUGELY BLOATED stomach right now. Logically I know it's a result of the air that they used to inflate it, and the swelling caused by the actual surgery itself. But it's hard to see after all the time and effort I've put into shrinking my body...time, hopefully not too much, will bring it back to normal soon.

Thanks so much for all of the encouragement and support - it has really meant a lot to me!


  1. Congrats on your recovery. Don't worry about that'll go down. I had the same surgery, so I know your pain. The best part is no more stones passing thru your bile duct making it feel like you're having a heart attack. No more!

  2. You are recovering so quickly - probably because you were so fit to start with. Keep on getting well, you are doing great!

  3. Yay to feeling better! Your stomach will get back to normal...lady you just had an ORGAN removed 3 days ago, go easy on yourself!

    Oh, and I love the new bloggy colors!!

  4. Glad to hear you're recovering nicely. The tummy will disappear on its own very soon.

    P.S. Am visiting the in-laws soon so if you're looking to get rid of those extra drugs.....

  5. Hope you are feeling better!! My co-worker just had that same surgery a few months ago.

    Just take it slow and easy :0)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  6. Glad you are feeling better! Don't sweat the belly bulge, you know what it is.

  7. I'm happy that you're healing so well, getting out and about, and off the meds.

    I have that bloat thing going on, too. Isn't it uncomfortable? It doesn't hurt, but it's uncomfy.

    Two to three weeks will fly by and you'll be lifting again. =)

  8. So glad that you're feeling well enough to be off the pain meds and out and about!

    Enjoy your time off from the workouts . . . you've got nothing to worry about weight-wise since you're so good about your intake, and when you're back to the workouts your muscles will really be ready to hit it hard after those weeks of complete rest/recovery.

    I LOVE your new blog header . . . it's gorgeous!

  9. You have a perfectly normal, GOOD reason for that belly now; like everyone has said, don't sweat it! Congrats on getting back on your feet so carefully...don't worry about Samantha-like arms until the doctor gives you the go-ahead. Then please, tell me what your plans are to get them, because that's gonna be a problem area for me. LOL Take care!!!

  10. Glad to hear you're doing well and on the road to recovery.
    We also have the problems at the pet store, which is why we don't even go anymore...we keep adopting more!

  11. Glad you are already having a drug-free day Shelley! I had a feeling you were going to do better than the average bear!! :-)

  12. Glad to hear you are recovering nicely. Don't try to do too much too soon. I thought I was good to go so I went back to school only a few days after my surgery. I ended up passing out in one of my classes!


  13. The before and after pics are TERRIFIC! Congrats on perservering for over 1 year! You look HOT!

    Anyway, if you know anyone that is $$ motivated to lose weight - send them my way. We have a B/CS weight loss challenge going on. It starts on August 1, has a $100 "entry fee", runs for 10 months and the winner takes all! We have about 12 or 13 people signed up right now.

    I'll email you our "contract" if you want to share it with anyone that might be interested. We'll track our progress on our blog


  14. Do you ever wonder why they don't take the air back out? Would that step cost extra or something?

  15. *snort* at Jill: Jeff mentioned that they probably pressed on my stomach while I was still under, kind-of like deflating a balloon (yes, nice visual).

  16. Wow - so glad you are able to get off the pain meds so quick!

    Don't worry, this is a minor set back and you'll be back lifting weights in no time!

    Happy Monday!

  17. I'm glad your recovery is going so well! Are you missing not working out, or are you glad to have a break? I'm not sure which one I would be...


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