Thursday, July 16, 2009

Do Not Adjust Your Monitor...

Yes, I'm hopped up on pain pills so now is the perfect time to redo my blog, right? I'll be back to check this in the morning to see if everything looks ok!


  1. fancy schmancy! looks nice!!!

  2. hopped up on pain pills.
    (why did that make me giggle?)

    sans pain pills here and it looks pretty FUNBRIGHTFANTASTIC.

    xo xo,

  3. Glad everything went well Shelley! Keep moving every once in a while - I think it will help.

    LOVE the new look! :D

    Happy Friday!

  4. Hey, I need to be taking what you're taking. Good job!

  5. Oooh it's so purty! Glad you're all hopped up on Goofballs Shelley. Have a wonderful and healing weekend!!

  6. I LOVE the new look! I can see where a few pain pills would improve the effect, as well. Hopefully I'll never have a chance to see if that works.
    Glad you're doing well - I've been thinking about you.

  7. Love the new look - even if it is Percocet-inspired.

  8. I'm new around here so I don't really know how it looked before BUT it looks great :)

  9. Looks good and get some good rest this weekend.

  10. This is really pretty. I like it. Where did you get this layout? I must know!!!

    I just did a little catching up.

    Sorry about the surgery, and i'm glad you are recovering nicely.

    Good for you on looking at your goals mid-year. Me? I'm in denial that I ever made any goals...

    I, too, love Fiestaware. I dont' have any, but if my daily dishes continue breaking - that is where I am going next!

    Happy recovery...and seriously, tell me about this layout.


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